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Wednesday, May 6

American Idol Catch Up:

It’s Been a While….

I haven’t written an entry in a while (I didn’t even write my rankings on last week’s Idol). Well I will go ahead and tell you that I wasn’t shocked with the elimination of my boy Matt, even though I think he should have out lived some of the remaining contestants. Last week I thought Danny and Allison did the best and the other three did good but not great! However I really hope Allison gets eliminated this week and then it will get interesting!!

American Idol Top 4:

I am starting to feel like I am repeating myself week after week I used to think this was one of the strongest seasons of American Idol but I am giving that a second thought. I still think last season’s group overall was better, and if not better more enjoyable for my taste. I have a CD filled with songs from last year’s contestants and I must say if I had to put together a CD of this year’s finalist I am not sure I could come up with 5 songs I really loved much less 12-15!

Moving on to last night’s performances, I wasn’t impressed with anyone really except maybe the duet with Adam & Allison. It was the only song I could see myself enjoying on the radio. The top four that are left are talented but I think maybe they all peeked too early?!?!? Not sure why they are such a lackluster group but someone is going to have to knock it out of the park to beat Adam because at this point it looks like he has it in the bag! I will go ahead and rank them but it is not going to be pretty (oh and I am putting the duets in there because they were judged so I think they deserve to be ranked).

1. Adam & Allison “Slow Ride” – This duet was the only real entertaining performance of the night and I probably should go back and watch it again because the two of them really feed off each other well and I think it helped Adam stay a little more “grounded” and pushed Allison to a new level. The pair were great.

2. Allison “Cry Baby” – I am not a big Allison fan and personally would really like her to leave tonight but I think last night was her night (other than her little rant with the judges, what was she thinking?). I thought Cry Baby was good, not GREAT but there wasn’t much else to hold on to last night and overall I thought her performance was the best. Could she have picked a better song, probably, but she performed this one really well.

3. Adam "Whole Lotta Love" – I know that everyone gasps either that he is not further up the list or not further down but I thought this was one of his worst, this time I really thought he screamed it the entire time. I know you can scream great Adam, I was wowed by it the first time but now it is just annoying I just want to hear you sing. He still out sang the other two boys and rightfully so since it was Rock n Roll Night.

4. Danny & Kris "Renegade" – Wow this is so far outside of Kris’ comfort zone, he was struggling the entire song, his voice is not big, hey let's face it his voice isn’t that strong at all. It is Kris’ “artistry” that makes him good and without that on such a big song he was lost. Danny however, shined during this song he out sang Kris and for most of the parts where they sang together Danny’s voice overpowered Kris to the point that you really couldn’t even hear him. This song fit Danny’s range and style much better than Kris.

5. Kris “Come Together” – The only reason I am giving Kris this spot over Danny is because Danny hit some really bad notes at the end of the song. Kris was ok he didn’t sound awful but he looked uncomfortable and this style showed how weak his voice really is… Here is a clip from Carly Smithson singing “Come Together” last season on American Idol:

6. Danny “Dream On” – Oh Danny why did you go for those high notes? Simon was right it did sound like a horror film, which is the difference in just screaming and screaming in key (like Adam does). It made me feel so bad for you. I really have nothing else to say but ouch!

I honestly think other than Adam anyone could go home it is nearing the end and every year this is when it gets interesting! I am routing for Danny or Kris to take it probably leaning a little more towards Danny but I will be happy if either of them win but after last night’s performance I have a feeling I may be disappointed!

What did you think of last night’s show?


Kent said...

HEARTBREAKERS in a rout tomorrow, bank on it!
Adam sucks by the way.