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-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, May 14

I am so READY!!!

I must admit now that my favorites are gone from American Idol, I am ready for So You Think You Can Dance.

Let’s Get Ready (For Mary’s SCREAMS). Here are a few clips from last season to get you excited for this season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!

Twitch & Katee - Mercy

Chelsie and Mark – Bleeding Love

Joshua & Katee – Samba

Katee & Joshua – No Air

Joshua & Katee – Bollywood

Kherington & Twitch – Viennese Waltz

Katee & Joshua – Contemporary

Courtney & Mark – Jazz

Courtney & Gev – Contemporary

Katee & Will – Pas de Deux

Chelsie & Mark – Tim Burton’s Wedding

Twitch & Kherington – Contemporary

There were so many great ones last year, I hope these clips got you as excited as I am!!


Carrie said...

Oh Sarah Beth! I am so ready too!! I am so excited! I have already cried at the commercial and rewound it on the DVR each time I see it. I can not wait. Thank you for the clips!

Kent said...

Well, I know what Dana's going to be doing when she gets home tonight...watching dance footage on this site.

Areta said...

i am SOOOO excited for this season to start! SB got me addicted last summer when i moved to bham and it is game on this summer! Pretty sure I will watch all the episodes and then recreate the dances at work! Ha, now that would be hilarious!