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Thursday, May 21


Kris Wins!! I had written this entire post on who will win the show but I figured you may not want to read it after we already know who won! I am very excited that Kris pulled the upset last night and walked away the new Idol. I have alot of respect for both of their talent and the way the have presented themselves in interviews thus far. It seems the two had been close given they were roommates throughout the season.

Highlights of the Finale:

Bikini Girl Faces off Against Kara again: Kara won this hands down...I was so excited to see her blow BG out of the water. Also did anyone else think Kara had a better bikini body than Katrina?

Norman Gentle "Nick Mitchell" performs again: Norman Gentle provided so much entertainment this season that is was fitting to bring him back for one last performance. Saturday Night Live were you watching??? If SNL wants to pull in new viewers here is their many of you would tune in to see Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle on SNL??? I know I would.

Kris and Keith sing a duet: I thought this was a great song for Kris and frankly he out sung Keith for most of the song but they played off each other well.

KISS and Adam duet: I thought this was great! I know the Adam haters probably didn't like it at all but how normal did Adam look next to the members of KISS?!?!? Seriously he looked like the mellow one... Plus they kept sticking out their tongues and such and made Adam's tongue games look silly. I thought Adam sang the songs really well and proved he could be a rocker.

Queen, Kris and Adam: This was another great moment. Adam out sang Kris during the chorus but Kris did really well with the verses. The greatest part about the group number was seeing how well Kris and Adam got along, you could see their chemistry during the performance.

Other highlights: Danny and Lionel, Steve Martin's number, Santana and the group, Allison and Cyndi.

What were your favorite moments from last nights show?


Kent said...

Favorite moments:
1. Norman Gentle
2. Adam lost
3. Kris won

Areta said...

Way to go Arkansas boy Kris! I am so excited for his big win! I LOVED Kara facing off with bikini girl!