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Tuesday, May 19

American Idol: Final Two

Sad news I am out of town and probably won't be able to do a run down on the contestants after tonight's performances, I may not even see the performances until after they announce the winner! However, I would love to hear all of your thoughts when I return so please comment on this post your opinions from the performances. Who do you think is going to win???

I will tell you my pre-performance thoughts. I think Adam pretty much has it in the bag unless TWO things happen. 1. Kris knocks it out of the park and gives his best performances to date (which is possible given that Kris is a smart contestant). 2. All the Adam haters come out and vote against him just to see him lose.

I don't think there has ever been a more controversial contestant on the show before Adam. There has been controversial things that happened but I don't think that so many people have ever been against such a front runner. It is possible that all the anti-Adam people will vote for the first time tonight to see him lose.

It will be interesting to see who wins, and the judges/America's reaction.

Happy Watching!


KBeau said...

Adam is very talented, but to me, a lot of the theatrics spoil the vocals.