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-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, May 13

American Idol Top 3:

I am not going to rank them this week because I don't want to but I am going to break down each performance. Let's get to it:

Kris Allen:

“Apologize” – I agree with Simon it was a copy cat performance that wasn’t as good. I feel like a broken record but Kris does not have strong vocals and when the song went up Kris lost it but the verses sounded good, not great. The MAJOR plus for Kris is that this song is AWESOME!! Apologize is such a cool song that if anyone did it I think America would like it, you have to feel good when you are given a song like that! I think the song is great but I am not sure Kris was.

“Heartless” – During the verses I thought this was the strongest Kris’ voice has ever sounded! I actually thought his voice sounded great during most of the song but once again he struggles when he reaches for those top notes. I thought the arrangement was cool but nothing extraordinary. I have to give Kris major props because he knows how to play the game and play up his talent. I think he makes smart decisions and a lot of times that is what keeps you in the game over your actual singing skills. It was a good night for Kris because he was given a great song and he picked a great song! SONG CHOICE IS EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME!! Side Note: It was NOT better than Kayne’s version that was a little ridiculous, if we are going to call out the judges on over praising Adam Lambert you have to call them out for over praising Kris on “Heartless”. Major Major Major props for even attempting this song!!!

Adam Lambert:

“Crying” – PERFECT SONG CHOICE!!! This is who Adam is, he should sing this type of music all the time. I see Adam as a Steve Tyler! This to me was Adam’s best performance to date not because of his vocals but because I think this is who he is as an artist. I see him putting out a record with this kind of music. I thought this was a smart and great choice for Adam. Side Note: The back-up singer during his performance was awful and totally took away from his vocals at the beginning.

“One” – I didn’t think Adam’s vocals were bad but I was turned off for one reason – his over the top dramatic interpretation. This song has such strong words and I believe this could have been a real moment for Adam on stage. I am sure Adam has been through persecution in his life and had many many people judge him and these words should have really moved him. Well let me give him a little credit that the words may have moved him but it got lost in his over the top performance. There was one brief moment in the middle of the song where I felt it but I was very disappointed that I didn’t feel the passion!!

Check out Mary J. bringing the passion when she sang this song on AI back on season 4. (Chills every time)

Danny Gokey:

“Dance Little Sister” – I feel badly for Danny because Paula choose a very interesting song for him. The song fit his voice great and his vocals during the performance were spot on. The problem is this is an old song, not very relevant, and hard for people to connect with. I thought Danny vocally blew Kris out of the water in the first round but I am afraid that people are going to walk away remembering apologize because it is such a great and current song. However I thought Danny did excellent!

“You Are So Beautiful” – My husband thought this was a perfect song choice for Danny I don’t know that I totally agree… I love the tone of Danny’s voice and he didn’t get to showcase that at the beginning of the song but he did good, not great… When he was able to really showcase his voice was in the middle of the song where he changed it up and sang it with a gospel twist. I thought he did a great job changing it up to fit his voice, major props for making it his own. However this song is iconic and I am not sure everyone is going to like the changes.

I think just because of song choice Danny might go home tonight but if you take into account the actual vocals and back story then Danny is back in the game!!! I will be very sad to see Danny go but I won’t be sad to see Kris stay! It is a win, win really. However it would be interesting to see the upset of the season and Adam get voted off and the two worship leaders go head to head.

Can’t wait to see the results… Oh and dial idol really has them too close to call but Danny is at the bottom!