Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, July 23


I haven’t posted on here in a while and probably won’t be in the habit of posting a lot since these days life is CRAZY!!  However I get this question A LOT so I figured I would make a list of TV shows that a couple should watch together.  These aren’t necessarily my favorite shows of all time but they are the shows that both you and your significant other will enjoy together (I am not included sitcoms on this list bc honestly none have kept both of our attention that long):
1.       Lost – This is a commitment for sure but all the hype you have heard about the show is true, it is great and there will never be another show like it.  It pulls you in quickly and draws you close to the characters.  It keeps you on your toes with the plots, new characters, and the death of beloved characters.  However it is sci-fi (which I don't usually enjoy) but by the time they really get into those story lines you are pretty invested into the characters and can’t stop watching.  This is a MUST watch for any TV fans out there.  There are so many mysteries and secrets to this show it was hard to find a trailer that didn’t give too much away so here is a quick one to get you excited.

2.       Suits – This is my number two behind Lost just because it is pretty much the exact opposite.  This show is smart, funny, and just the perfect mix to keep you entertained and wanting more.  I honestly believe this is the show on the list that would be liked by MOST people. The seasons are short and you can get caught up pretty quick.  They just started season 3. 

3.       Homeland – This show has phenomenal acting!  The show is intense and like Lost will definitely keep you guessing.  The characters are intriguing and I really just can’t say enough about Claire Danes in the role of Carrie.  If you loved 24 then I think this is right up your ally.  Be aware this is Showtime series and there are scenes that are uncomfortable and hard to watch.

4.       Parenthood – This show is so wonderfully done.  The show has heart, is funny, and will seriously make you cry almost every episode.  There is a realness to the show that makes it different from other shows.  It really tries to stay true to life.  But when all is said and done everyone will want to be a Braverman.

5.       Friday Night Lights – This is just a feel good show about football.  It can be super cheesy at times and the amount these people care about football seems a little crazy (oh wait that is totally accurate).  Once again this is a show where you will be drawn into the characters so quickly you will feel like you know them.

Bonus: The Challenge (aka Real World/Road Rules Challenge) - Ok I am throwing this one on the list, but it is for sure the one I am least confident about.  This show is great bc it offers that cheap reality show drama that draws the ladies in but also has the hardcore challenges that excite the guys.  Once you watch a couple seasons you start to build connections with the cast and reoccurring characters on the show.  Plus it is a fun one to play games and “challenge” friends on who you think will win.  We use to do a Fantasy Draft each year and it was lots of fun.

Honorable mentions:
Mad Men – this is a great show, but I am not sure it will appeal to as many people.  The show is great, actors are great but sometimes it is slow, plot lines can be very strange, and I am not sure there is one character that I really love on the show.  Everyone is extremely flawed which I guess is true to life in some ways.
Prison Break- If you are looking for ONE great season of TV, season one of prison break might be my favorite season of any show EVER!!  After the first season the show dramatically goes down each year but season one is AMAZING!!!
Other shows Michael and I watched together that we BOTH got enjoyed: WEEDS, Scandal, The OC, The Good Wife, 24 (for a while but then it started to drag on).  We just started watching House of Cards and The West Wing which are both pretty good too.