Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, December 10

The Bachelor - IS BACK!

Reality Steve is at it again, spoilers that is. So the Bachelor starts in January and RS (Reality Steve) is already busy giving away all kinds of details. Because neither my readers nor myself want to know the BIG spoilers (like who Brad will pick) I am trying to skim through his blog and just pick out the things that I think ya’ll will want to know without giving too much away!

Let’s get started:

DeAnna and Jenni are back!

Brad pre-taped a segment with DeAnna and Jenni a couple months ago as closure with the girls (and America) and it will air premiere night, January 3rd. Jenni is now married and DeAnna is engaged but this was meant to get any dirty laundry out in the open and allow everyone to move on with this season of The Bachelor.

The bachelorette’s honestly didn’t know 100% who the bachelor was until they pulled up in the limo. RS didn’t announce it was Brad until Sept 20 and most of the girls flew out for filming on Sept 21 and 22 (which means no more TV, Internet, Phones etc)…so even if they looked at RS blog on the 20th they still weren’t 100% sure it was Brad.

The slap is staged and fake, we all knew this, right?

I was scared to read too much more. The only other things I know are: there are 30 bachelorette’s, Ali and Roberto will show up in episode 2 or 3 to help Brad find out who is there for the right reasons, and there is no BIG dramas that will unfold in the house (no one has a boyfriend, no one leaves and then comes back etc.).

Apparently some of the girls do have some dirty laundry in their personal lives that might end up all over the tabloids but RS said he isn’t in the business of airing dirty laundry just spoilers.
So there you have it. I don’t know who gets kicked off when or who wins just a few little tid bits to get you intrigued on this coming season of the bachelor!

Oh and there will be a Bachelor Pad Season 2, they won’t be casting until after the three reunion parties (they have to see who will bring the most drama and interest to the show).

Thursday, November 11

Friday Night Lights, is that it?

(No need to worry Kent and Dana)

Friday Night Lights (FNL) was one of those shows that my husband and I started late because we were convinced by friends that it was a great show. This is how we come across a lot of shows we watch/watched (Lost, SYTYCD, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Glee, etc.). We loved season 1 and 2 of FNL but I must admit it has been slowly going downhill ever since. Friday Night Lights wanted to try to “keep it real” and when the characters graduated they moved on much like in real life. They didn’t have all the characters go to a local community college or follow them all to a far away college. We had to say good bye to our favorite characters and welcome in new ones. In theory this is a great idea, I know we always make fun of the shows that have all the prime characters go to a local college. However for ME this idea didn’t pan out well. The reason why most of us love shows is because we get attached to characters and their story lines…we want to see what happens to them! I digress, last season on FNL we had a few of the prime characters left and so it was able to keep my attention. The story lines weren’t great bc we had to settle for new love interests (relationships and activities). But this season we have said goodbye to ALL of our first group of high school students, accept Julie (whom we have followed to college where she is sleeping with her professor- that is an entirely different soap box).

So now that I have caught you up…This is the last season of Friday Night Lights and I ask Friday Night Lights, is that it? Have we seen the last of all our favorite characters? I know you pride yourself on being “real” but is this really how you are going out? We didn’t even get a proper goodbye for our boy Landry. What about Matt, was him driving back to college the last we will see of him? Lyla getting on the bus leaving Tim? Tim in Jail? SERIOUSLY is this it? I have been SOOOO disappointed with the last couple seasons of FNL but I thought for sure the final season would be good.

Here is what I need to make me happy:

Julie to freakin wake up and stop sleeping with her professor
Matt and Julie get back together
Tim to get out of JAIL and to go find Lyla
Landry to run into to Tyra at college and the sparks immediately fly again
I would also like updates on Smash and Jason
I might be harsh but I don’t care about Luke, Jess, Becky. I care a little about Vince.
This doesn’t seem like to much to ask for, does it? :)

So FNL, what’s it going to be? Are you going to try to keep it “real” until the very end or are you going to try to please your viewers?

Tuesday, October 19

Are there any good shows on TV?

Ok so it has been a while since I posted a blog so here I am trying to fill in some gaps. Fall TV is in full swing and I still don’t have much to talk about, I am not sure if it is the lack of good shows on TV or if it is me being lazy. I think it is a combination.

Shows I am watching:

Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Modern Family
Grey’s Anatomy
Private Practice
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
No Ordinary Family (I have been watching it online – it hasn’t made the DVR list yet)

Shows I am trying to catch up on:

The Event (I watched episode one and it pulled me in pretty fast, I am waiting on my husband to watch it so we can continue together)
Mad Men – We completed season 1 and now have to purchase season 2 (unless anyone has copy we can borrow)
Glee – we are about ½ way through season 1

Shows I am waiting on:

Friday Night Lights (final season)
American Idol (with the new judges)

General quick thoughts:

Brothers and Sisters: doesn’t have enough money to pay their full cast so they are getting rid of characters….which in turn is ruining story lines. They killed off Rob Lowe (that story line doesn’t bother me too badly). Then they say farewell to Rebecca….ok don’t get me wrong I really thought the Rebecca/Justin relationship was so icky in the beginning but they really made us want them to be together. They worked so hard for three seasons for us to like them as a couple and then in one fail swoop they tear them apart? I am confused, they both love each other and they are just going to part ways?? I hate this story line. Seriously there isn’t one story arch in this show that I like….but I keep watching.

Desperate Housewives : I only have one word to describe this show “desperate”….that is what the story lines scream…they are desperate to have ratings and desperate to keep the show alive.

Gossip Girl : I don’t like Serena and I believe this is another show that doesn’t think there story lines through. They have really messed up the couples on this show…The three big couples on the show (in my opinion) are Blair and Chuck (they will end up together), Lilly and Rufus and Dan and Serena…but how will Dan and Serena and Lilly and Rufus all ever be together when Dan and Serena are technically step brother and sister…WEIRD! I still love Chuck and Blair and they are the only good thing about this show. SERENA DRIVES BE CRAZY!!!!

90210: I don’t know why I watch this show, I started because I loved the original but now I still watch this show…Naomi is my favorite character and Annie gets on my nerves…I guess that is about right since last time I loved Kelly and hated Brenda.

One Tree Hill: Seriously have nothing to say about this show…I usually fast forward through most of it. OTH please make this your last season (even though I am pretty sure they are signed on for an additional season).

Grey’s Anatomy: the only things I care about on this show is Cristina getting better and Lexie and Mark getting together…the rest is mute. I still love Alex but they have totally screwed up his story line by removing his true love so I have no idea what I want for him.

Private Practice: This show is the MOST frustrating to me… Here is the original list of people I wanted to be together:

Addison /Pete

If you watch the show you see how none of these couples are together and it doesn’t look like any of them ever will be (nor do I want them to be anymore).

When Addison first stepped into Seattle Grace hospital she was a cheater, she cheated on McDreamy and all the TV world hated her…it took them a long time to make us like her and to accept her into our TV hearts….then we liked her enough to follow her to her own hospital (er…TV Show). NOW SHE IS SLEEPING WITH HER BEST FRIENDS EX HUSBAND?!?!?!?! WHAT ???? Writers why did we go down this road…I find myself not liking her again. I am so frustrated with this show because I have no idea who to pull for…

Now on to the shows I am actually enjoying:

Parenthood : this is my favorite show right now. I love this family. I love the dynamic between the actors. I love how true to life it feels. It is the perfect balance of comedy and drama. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!! (It is on the bubble right now for being canceled – which makes me VERY SAD – more about that in my next post).

Modern Family: it is a nice break of laughter for me each week. Perfect timing, perfect actors!

Cutthroat- RW/RR Challenge – I have no idea why I love this show so much but I do! I always have. If MTV would ever sell this show (or Making the band Season 2) on DVD I would buy them in a second. The only down side to the Challenge is that we are slowing losing all the original players and so far I don’t like the newbies nearly as much but one day I am sure I will.

Thoughts on the Shows I am catching up on:

Mad Men: I am still not sure what the draw is here…it is a very slow show and I still don’t like ANY of the characters. However I want to see season 2 – but as you can see from my list of shows above I am not one to give up on a show or not see it to the end. Therefore I will continue to watch this show but I have not seen what everyone loves so much about it.

Glee: I kind of feel the same about Glee as I do Mad Men. Accept I really like the characters on Glee but I find it annoying and cheesy 60% of the time…but 40% of the time it is entertaining and fun.

The Event: Can’t say much about it, only watching one episode, but if every episode has my attention like the first one did I may have a new addiction.

Ok so there are my thoughts thus far this Fall season. What are your favorite shows on TV right now? What shows are you about to say goodbye to?

Monday, September 27


Ok so Michael and I bought season 1 of Mad Men and started it this past weekend. Let me start by saying please please don’t give any spoilers or anything away. I do love to go read spoilers on shows from time to time but I hate when something is spoiled when I wasn’t wanting it to be. Understand??? Ok now on to the show. We are only 4 episodes in but so far I don’t get the appeal. I guess I can say it is well acted and well written but the plot lines, so far, are extremely boring. Not to mention I simply HATE Don Drapper. I think most women think he is an attractive Man but I always just thought he was ok and now I can’t stand to look at him. Not to mention PEGGY drives me crazy (I am not going to go into why because it would be too cruel). Anyways I can’t find any character to hold on to…I like Betty right now but I have been told I won’t for long…. UGH and when I just went to find out if I got her name right I read a spoiler that I didn’t want to know – see I am annoyed now!! Mad Men fans out there tell me, am I ever going to like these characters? Is there ever going to be more interesting plot lines?

Right now I am really wishing we started watching GLEE first.

Wednesday, September 22

New Judges on Idol

American Idol has officially welcomed two new judges to the panel: JLo and Steven Tyler have taken the spots sitting next to Randy Jackson this coming season. I must admit I am interested to see how these two interact with the contestants and what they will bring to the show but no one will ever be able to completely fill the shoes of Simon. I am more excited to see Steven Tyler then JLo.

What do you think of the new judges?

New Bachelor???

Remember him? Yes that is the Brad Womack the bachelor who chose no one. He left DeAnna and Jenni in the cold and said he didn’t want to continue a relationship with either bachelor contestant. I actually really liked him because I felt he was one of the more REAL people on the show. It is rumored that ABC is looking to re-sign him as the next Bachelor. As most everyone knows the Bachelor franchise likes to have “familiar” people take the spotlight each season. They haven’t had a “new” bachelor/bachelorette since 2008s Bachelor Matt Grant. If you remember since then we have had Jason and Jake. ALL the Bachelorette’s have been previously rejected women: Trista, Meredith, Jenn, DeAnna, Jillian, and Ali. Apparently ABC tried really hard to get Chris L. (runner up in Ali’s season) to be the Bachelor but he declined the offer. They are also rumored to be looking at Ty from Ali’s season but I think he would be boring. I say bring back BRAD! At least he might throw some curve balls!

Tuesday, September 21

Why I Won't Watch DWTS

I can’t tell you the number of times people have said to me “YOU DON’T WATCH DANCING WITH THE STARS??? YOU WOULD LOVE IT!” Last night my husband and I sat down and watched the last 5 contestants perform and I am sticking with my original decision to not watch this show. I know it seems like a logical choice for me to watch. It has two of my favorite things in the title “DANCING with the STARS” – if you know me at all you know that I LOVE famous people! It is a weird obsession of mine (don’t worry I am not a stalker or anything). I love keeping up with what is going on in their lives and I have a weird pull on my heart for them (I know that is weird) but it is true! I have met several famous people over the years and it has been AWESOME and I always exercise extreme class and grace in those moments (class and grace equals, grabbing arms, screaming, taking pictures, and telling them how much I love them, right???). I also love DANCING! I am known for being the first one on the dance floor. A girl from my high school (thanks Leslie) actually made me a tape (yes a tape) of our high school dance team dances. I wasn’t on the dance team just love to watch their awesome dances. I also love SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

With these two things clearly in the show you would think I would love it, but I don’t. Let’s review these two things again. STARS – the people on this show are barely stars (I know if I saw them I would probably get excited) but I don’t really care about what is going on in their lives. There have been exceptions over the years because of my love of TV they have had some people on that I would be interested in (Jeannie Garth, Shannon Doherty, Audrina Patridge) but overall I don’t care about these people. The only other draw to the people on this show is Chelsie Hightower because I LOVED her on SYTYCD but it was PAINFUL to watch Michael Bolton so I don’t think I will be sad to miss that. DANCING- The dancing is MEDIOCRE at BEST! Most of the dancing was extremely painful to watch and made me appreciate the contestants on SYTYCD that much more. I don’t enjoy ballroom dancing that much to begin with and this show is ALL ballroom and not even GOOD ballroom. My two favorite styles on SYTYCD are contemporary and hip hop. I am not impressed by this show and I don’t find their contestants amusing, more desperate.

On the plus side this won’t be taking up space on my DVR.

Other shows I am interested in trying:
Mad Men
The Event

I will let you know if they get added to my DVR

Happy Fall Watching!

Thursday, September 16

Fall TV is BACK!

And it has begun….

Fall TV has officially started back! I love this time of year for so many reasons, I love when the weather it starts to turn cool (not cold), I love ALABAMA football, the holiday’s are quickly approaching, and of course I love fall TV. I must say so many of the shows I watch are well past their primes: Grey’s Anatomy (for me the loss of George and Izzy was too much), One Tree Hill (this show pretty much ended after they left high school), Desperate Housewives (it feels like the same repeated story lines over and over), Private Practice (they have royally screwed up the couples on this show, I don’t know who to route for anymore), Gossip Girl (season 1 was great but it went downhill fast), and Brothers & Sisters is still hanging on but some of the story lines have been pretty icky (Justin/Rebecca). Lost was the only drama for me that fully kept my attention until the very end (but even it peaked in seasons 1-3). All that being said enter the best two new shows of last season: MODERN FAMILY and PARENTHOOD! If you aren’t watching these shows YOU SHOULD!!!! I know there are a lot of GLEE lovers out there and you have finally won my attention (I want to rent season 1) but it took me a while to have that desire. It looks like the cheesiest show on TV, almost like a High School Musical wanna be, BUT I am giving in and I will try to rent season 1.

Now let’s talk about Modern Family (Comedy) and Parenthood (extremely underrated dramedy).



  • It just won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. (Beating out The Office, 30 Rock, and YES EVEN GLEE).
  • Also the lovable character Cameron played by Eric Stonestreet won the Emmy for best Supporting Actor in a comedy series. All the other adult actors were also nominated for Emmy's except Ed O’Neil (who should have been nominated).
  • CAST CAST CAST – the cast is wonderful and the chemistry is simply brilliant.
  • The one-liners you will now have stacked up in your vocabulary is reason enough.
  • Laughing! The main reason you should watch this show is because it will make you laugh!

Here are some great clips from the show:


  • Seriously this show is extremely unrated, under watched, and under appreciated.
  • Loosely based on a great American CLASSIC - If you haven’t seen the movie you should!
  • I love the cast (Lauren Graham - Gilmore Girls, Peter Krause – Dirty Sexy Money, Monica Potter –ConAir Patch Adams, Head Over Heels, Dax Shepard – Punk’d, Craig T. Nelson – Coach, Mae Whitman – One Fine Day) Seriously you MUST see someone on that list you love!
  • The story lines are intelligent, new, funny, and entertaining. The story lines seem simple, believable, yet are very interesting.
  • The characters draw you in immediately; you care and feel for them.
  • The amazing foundation of a family that really loves one another.
  • PERFECT TIMING – I feel each cast member has perfect timing.

Great clips from the show:

Bad Video quality but AWESOME SCENE:


Happy FALL Watching

Wednesday, September 8


Comedies: (It is the most fun to quote Comedies)

1. My Cousin Vinny
2. Planes Trains and Automobiles
3. The Hangover
4. Wedding Crashers
5. Tommy Boy
6. BIG


1. The Rock
2. Gladiator
3. Speed
4. Die Hard


1. The Notebook
2. You've Got Mail
3. As Good As it Gets (this is probably more of a drama)


1. Steele Magnolias
2. Beaches
3. Where the Heart Is
4. Forest Gump
5. Shawshank Redemption

Thursday, September 2



So I have been bored with blogging lately, mainly because there isn’t much on TV. I do love the Bachelor Pad and the 2 hours of trashy TV it provides me each week but I can’t bring myself to blog about it. (I will say that I think I like Jesse K out of everyone). I can’t wait for Fall TV to start back. That being said let’s play a game.

I am going put some great quotes down and you tell me the movie it is from. I love quoting stuff so I thought this would be a great way to get ya’ll involved. I am aware I probably only have 2 readers but it at least it gives me a reason to look up fun quotes that I love!

These quotes are not the quotes the movie is known for, there won’t be straight give me’ s like … "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." It needed to be a little bit challenging. One hint the oldest movie premiered in 1987.

Comedies: (It is the most fun to quote Comedies)

1. “Your famous for you mud? How’s your Chinese food?”
2. “Simple. There's no way on earth we're going to get out of here tonight. We'd have moreluck playing pickup sticks with our butt-cheeks than we will getting a flight out of herebefore daybreak.”
3. “That's right. You better walk on. I'll hit an old man in public”
4. “John, I was first team All-State. I can put the ball anywhere I want to. I'll make it rain outhere.”
5. “We're family, we're gonna be doing lots of dumb stuff together. Wait 'til Christmas.”
6. “Bank Teller: [cashing ******'s first paycheck] Okay, so how would you like that?
******: Three dimes, a hundred dollar bill and 87 ones.”


1. “Well, it's certainly more enjoyable than my average day... reading philosophy, avoiding gang rape in the washrooms... though, it's less of a problem these days. Maybe I'm losingmy sex appeal.”
2. “Brothers, what we do in life... echoes in eternity.”
3. “Pop Quiz Hot Shot…….What do you do?”
4. Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.


1. “So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me,every day.”
2. “I would have asked for your number, and I wouldn't have been able to wait twenty-four hours before calling you and saying, "Hey, how about... oh, how about some coffee or, you know, drinks or dinner or a movie... for as long as we both shall live?"
3. “When you first entered the restaurant, I thought you were handsome... and then, of course, you spoke.”


1. “ I do not see plays, because I can nap at home for free. And I don't see movies 'cause they're trash, and they got nothin' but naked people in 'em! And I don't read books, 'cause if they're any good, they're gonna make 'em into a miniseries.”
“Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody,
come sit by me!”
“I'm not crazy, I've just been in a very bad mood 40 years!”
2. “But enough about me, let's talk about you... what do YOU think of me?”
3. "This old gypsy woman once told me that if you jump backwards nine times before the sun come up you won't be pregnant. Well, I jumped so far I had to take a bus back and then I had twins.”
4. “Dear God make me a bird so I can fly far, far far away from here.”
5. “There's not a day goes by I don't feel regret. Not because I'm in here, or because you think I should. I look back on the way I was then: a young, stupid kid who committed that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try and talk some sense to him, tell him the way things are. But I can't. That kid's long gone and this old man is all that's left. I got to live with that. Rehabilitated? It's just a bullshit word. So you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit.”

I have a whole list of movies to continue with but I am going to stop for now...maybe there will be a movie edition 2.

Next up TV quotes.....

Wednesday, August 11


The countdown begins...

As the summer comes to an end it is time to put away your swimsuits and curl up on the couch. Soon your DVR's will be packed full of your favorite returning shows and maybe some great new ones to replace some of those favorites that ended last season (Losties I know that nothing will ever replace it but it is acceptable to enjoy another show).

Here is the premiere rundown:

August 16

Sept 9
Vampire Diaries

Sept 13
Gossip Girl
90210 (they moved it to follow GG in hopes to pick up viewers)

Sept 14
One Tree Hill
Parenthood (if you don't watch this show, you should)

Sept 20

Sept 21
Glee (This seems to be the one everyone is waiting for)

Sept 22
Modern Family

Sept 23 (Night of Premieres)
The Office
30 Rock
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Sept 24

Sept 26
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters

Sept 28
The Good Wife

October 28
Friday Night Lights - Final Season on DirectTV

New Shows:

Better with You - Sept 22
Body of Proof (Fridays no date announced)
Detroit 1-8-7 - Sept 21
No Ordinary Family - Sept 28
Mr. Sunshine - (w/ Matthew Perry, no premiere date set)
Hawaii Five-O - Sept 20
Undercovers - Sept 22

Let me know if I left off your favorite show!


Friday, July 16


The Obsession continues…

There are a handful of people from SYTYCD past that I would call myself “obsessed” with and throughout this post you will see who I am talking about. 

1. Robert and Allison - Contemporary
I thought this dance was great it was the key “emotional routine” of the season. However I didn’t like it as much as the Travis routine last week. Maybe bc my favorites are Lauren and Kent! But I love all-star Allison!

2. Lauren and Billy - Jazz
Billy once again is not one of my favorites but I agree with the judges that Jazz fits him so well. I thought the cat routine last week and this shoe routine were his two best. For some reason he doesn’t look quite as feminine dancing Jazz!

3. Kent and Adechike – Contemporary
Kent once again stood out and I thought this showed off his technique. However this was definitely one of Adechike’s best performances!

4. Kent and Neil – Broadway
This dance was really good and Kent was great… I agree with Nigel he out danced Neil but Neil has never been one of my favorites. I loved the playfulness of the routine.

5. Jose and Dominic – B-Boying
Ok so I know that people have fallen in love with Jose and trust me I get it. He is absolutely precious! He is a sweet, kind hearted boy with a smile to make your heart melt. However at this point in the competition (the top 7) we really need to start considering his dance technique. Jose had the opportunity to shine this week in his own style (B Boy) and I disagree with the judges and thought he failed! Here is why: Like I said this is where he should shine and I think Dominic completely out shined him. Dominic brought more personality, he was smoother with his lines and honestly every single thing he did was better! I know I know I am obsessed but seriously watch both of them and you must agree with me, right?!?!? I know that Dominic is an all-star and it may be unfair to compare the two but like it was mentioned earlier in the night Kent out danced Neil and at this point in the competition you should be able to out dance the all-stars in your own genre. I am sorry I too love Jose but I think his time should be wrapping up! Please he didn't grab me when he "danced for his life" either.

Better Quality Video -

6. Robert & Kathryn – Disco
Robert is good but not at Disco. He just didn’t bring any “Umf” to the dance.

7. Lauren & Mark –Tahitian
This dance is hard to judge because it didn’t look like there was that much to it but goodness Lauren can move her hips. And I ALWAYS enjoy Mark! (bonus points for the hip movement)

8. Billy & Anya – Jive
I may have ranked this low but I couldn’t remember this dance and I once again I am not a Billy fan.

9. Adechike & Anya – Salsa
Ballroom suffered this week with these two guys dancing it. I thought Anya looked like she was literally grabbing the boys hands and leading them. Plus all the lifts looked awkward!

10. Jose and Courtney – Broadway
Sorry but I thought the choreography was not entertaining. Maybe it was because Jose was lack luster but nothing about this dance appealed to me.

I wasn’t super disappointed with Ashley leaving…sucks that people keep getting hurt though it makes the competition less fun. Until next week….

Thursday, July 8


I haven’t done this yet this season (I am off my game – maybe it is motherhood) so here it is….

My Rankings for last night’s SYTYCD routines:

1. Kent & Lauren – Contemporary

This was by FAR my favorite routine of the season and has found a place among my favorite dances ever!!! Are Kent & Lauren an item in real life?!?!? Sometimes the chemistry is so great that it makes us wonder…..maybe that just means they are that good!

2. Jose & Lauren – Contemporary

I have said it a 1,000 times- I am not a big fan of Lauren but I really enjoyed this dance and Jose did a great job!! They had me at the flip with the leg (loved that part).

3. Katee and Billy – Broadway

Not a big Billy fan (he is too feminine when he dances) but this style suited him perfectly and we all love Katee, right? My husband just kept asking, why wasn’t she one of the all stars to begin with???

4. Dominic & Ashley – Hip Hop

I heart Dominic! Ok so this was not an emotional routine but it had a few things that I love…Dominic, NappyTabs, Ludacris, booty poppin, and did I mention Dominic! Seriously, Ashley did a great job of pulling it off.

5. Lauren & Pasha – Cha Cha

I was telling Michael last night I usually am not a big fan of when guys dance like Pasha (looks girly) but I love me some Pasha! Lauren did a great job of holding her own! It was her night for sure!

6. Kent & Comfort – Hip Hop

I know there are some haters out there but I loved Kent in this routine. He did a great job of not cheesing it up too much (which I am sure was hard for him). He did look a little “J.T.ish” and who doesn’t like that!

7. Robert & Katherine – Jazz

GREAT CONCEPT!!! I was so excited to see this routine but was somewhat disappointed. I felt the two were off throughout the routine and didn’t hit the lifts. Robert is a good dancer but it wasn’t a great week for him.

8. Billy & Jose – African Jazz (couldn’t find the video)

Ok I know so many people love Billy and I just gripe about him but there were some shining moments for him in this routine. When Billy got low and contorted his body, it was crazy (crazy good). However I don’t think either showed great African Jazz. Billy looked like a contemporary dancer and Josie well looked tired! Neither of them hit it like I wanted them too (once again I can’t help but compare them to another couple – Heidi and Travis from season 2 – there African Pop dance blew me away).

I can’t find an individual video of Heidi and Travis pop routine but just fastforward to 3.12 on this video.

9. Adechike & Courtney – Jazz (can’t find this video)

This routine was a miss for me…Courtney is great but I didn’t even find her that entertaining during this routine. There was just not enough dancing period.

10. Adechike & “Alex” – Bollywood

Wow the judges were really hard on Adechike in this dance. I know I have him low but it is because there were some really great dances this week. Also it wasn’t necessary for Mia to keep mentioning how much she missed Alex after watching this. I was glad Cat chimed in with her two cents about the judges showing favoritism, they always do (I know it is the pot calling the kettle black). No one has even come close to Joshua and Katee’s bollywood routine in season 4!

11. Ashley & Robert – Quickstep (can’t find this video)

This might be the first week that Robert actually deserves to be in the bottom three. This routine wasn’t awful it just wasn’t memorable either – which is part of the reason it can be the kiss of death. I think Ashley will be fine because her other routine was good, plus it is always a good thing to be paired with one of the most beloved contestants of all time (Dominic). It was just an overall boring dance.

I hate to say it but I think Alex is going to be going home tonight because if his injury is as serious as they suspect then there is no way he can continue in the competition. I am sad to say it because he had some great routines this season. The bottom three will be: Adechike, Alex, and probably Robert again.

What was your favorite routine? Who do you think is on the chopping block tonight?

Tuesday, July 6


OMG - I don't ever say this I usually find it annoying but it seemed fitting with all the drama that has been going down lately!

I know I know it has been a long time so I am once again going to play catch up:


Did anyone else watch the meltdown of an interview last night?!?!?!? I must admit I was never a Jake or Vienna fan. I hated when they announced Jake to be the next Bachelor because I thought he was too “perfect” – Maybe it is just me but I am not into guys who always look perfect with their shirt tucked in just so! Anyways when the show started I found myself routing for the girls I liked to win his heart and in the end he picked Vienna who I truly disliked from the start. All that being said I am not an unbiased party I had my opinions before sitting down to watch this interview and boy was I taken back by it. I found myself routing for Vienna and feeling sorry for her. I know a lot of people out there are saying she just put on a good show but I disagree. After watching her on the Bachelor I don’t think she is that good of an actress and what I saw in the interview with Chris Harrison was true emotion. Ok so she interrupted him a lot (seriously who cares). Chris Harrison (aka ABC) obviously came in Team Jake and let him have two separate meetings with Chris alone therefore he had plenty of time to get all his emotions off his chest. I feel like Vienna wasn’t given the same treatment or respect that Jake was given. Vienna was questioned by Chris of her job (Jake wasn’t) and she was asked to apologize (Jake wasn’t). Jake showed his true colors and while my husband and I watched we couldn’t help but tell each other what a chauvinistic pig he seemed to be. I mean the two stories about the furniture and the GPS were so crazy – and he still backed up his reactions in both situations (at least have some remorse on how extremely rude you are). So what are your thoughts after watching the melt down last night??? Did your alliance change?

The Bachelorette:


Ok so I may be the only one but I really liked Frank since the Hollywood date (that’s right since week 2 he has been my favorite). I am not sure what it is about him that drew me in, I think it is that he seems normal and fun. I actually really like all the guys that Ali has left at this point and usually I have someone that I strongly dislike however that is not the case. That being said I am not a huge Ali fan but she has done a few things this season that show flecks of class. Anyways if you don’t like spoilers then you should stop reading now. Last week after the preview for “upcoming episodes” of the bachelorette I was so sad with all the drama that seemed to go down with Frank. Silly me still was clinging on to hope that Ali and Frank would get through whatever major drama it was. However I went to the web and began searching for spoilers… and found that Frank and Ali won’t be fixing their relationship. Apparently Frank will meet up with his ex-girlfriend during the home town visit and find that is where his heart is and we get to see some on TV (not sure what parts). Tear….. I liked Frank! So now I think I am routing for Chris.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Is anyone else really enjoying the new format of SYTYCD?!?!? I love love love seeing the All Stars perform each week (I need more DOMINIC)! NEWS FLASH: Allison hurt her ribs dancing and won’t be dancing this week Katee Sheen will step in to take her place (YAY I LOVE KATEE). Also I can’t help but wonder if this means we might get MERCY at this week’s elimination show. However I do find myself each week more excited to see the all-stars then the current contestants….My favorites right now are Ashley and Kent. I really dislike Billy Bell, I am not 100% sure why, I think it is because he kind of reminds me of Benji (I know they dance completely different genres but there is something). I know there are a lot of Benji lovers out there but I felt like Travis was robbed! Speaking of Travis was anyone else SO ANGRY with the judges a couple weeks ago when they totally tore apart Travis for his “Jazz” routine. I know it did look more contemporary but I felt they could have handle it off screen. I hope that Travis comes back bc I always really enjoy his routines. TEAM TRAVIS!!! I am not super attached to anyone at this point and I haven’t been obsessed with any dances yet…There were a couple contemporary routines I really liked. Here are the dances that stick out in my mind from this season:

Ashley and Ade - Contemporary top 9:

Alex and Twitch - Hip Hop top 9:

Lauren and Dominic - Hip Hop top 10:

Alex and Allison - Jazz top 11: (MY FAVORITE THIS SEASON)

Best ALL Star Performances: (buddy tv)

Ade - Contemporary with Melissa by Tyce Diorio "Cancer Dance"

Allison - Contemporary with Ivan - Tyce Diorio (not sure this one was better than the "Umbrella Dance" by Shane Sparks- see below)

Anya - Viennese Waltz with Danny but Hunter Johnson (I loved Anya's contemporary routine with Danny "Apologize")

Comfort - Hip Hop with Twitch by Dave Scott

Courtney-Jazz with Mark by Sonja "The Garden" (I also loved her contemporary routine with Gev and her Broadway routine with Gev)

Dominic - Hip Hop with Sabra by Shane Sparks (I am OBSESSED with this routine, but I liked a lot of his routines)

Kathryn - Contemporary with Jakob by Dwight and Desmond

Lauren - Contemporary with Neil by Mia Michaels (I hated this dance but I was never a Lauren fan)

Mark - Hip Hop with Chelsea by Tabitha and Napoleon "Bleeding Love" (I don't think I have to say anything about my love for this dance)

Neil - Jazz with Sabra by Mandy Moore "Boardroom"

Pasha - West Coast Swing with Sarah by Benji (I did love Pasha in his hip hop routine)

Twitch - Contemporary with Katee by Mia Michaels "Mercy" (Top 3 routines of all time)


The judges said that Alex and Twitch's Hip Hop was the best NappyTabs routine and maybe one of the best hip hop ever on SYTYCD, I STRONGLY disagree! My favorite NappyTabs and Hip Hop routines that were better than that dance:


1. Chelsea and Mark - Bleeding Love

2. Joshua and Katee - No Air

3. Phillip and Jeanine

Other Hip Hop:

1. Dominic and Sabra - Shane Sparks

2. Lauren and Dominic - see above link

3. Allison and Ivan - Umbrella Dance


I thought Alex did a great job with hip hop, especially it being so far out of his comfort zone - I thought he NAILED what he was given. Obviously Twitch did a great job as well, my critics are just for the judges saying it was the BEST NappyTab's routine or the BEST HIP HOP routine. I just prefer the emotional routines that draw me in...I think there are several routines that were clearly better over the years. But like I said mad props to Alex for a job well done!

Your Thoughts and Comments from SYTYCD?!?!?

Tuesday, May 18


Here is more info on some of your favorite shows:

New Renewals:

American Idol
The Bachelor
The Cleveland Show
Dancing with the Stars
Desperate Housewives
Family Guy
Grey’s Anatomy
Hell’s Kitchen
Human Target
Lie to Me
Private Practice

Looking Good:

One Tree Hill

Not Looking Good:

Miami Medical

New Cancellations:

Better Off Ted
The Deep End
The Forgotten
Law & Order
Romantically Challenged

Look back at my previous posts to find out about more of your favorite shows!!!

American Idol 2011:

American Idol performance show will be an hour and a half and the results show will only be 30 minutes (thank you)!

Monday, May 3

Renewal Updates!

Here is some of the latest news on Renewals for the fall:


Amazing Race
American Dad
Brothers & Sisters

Looking Good:

Accidentally on Purpose
The Bachelor
The Biggest Loser
Celebrity Apprentice
Dancing with the Stars
Human Target

Not Looking Good:

Cold Case
The Forgotten
Life Unexpected


Beautiful Life
Past Life
Sons of Tucson
Three Rivers
Til Death

I'll keep the updates coming..... let me know if there is a show you are waiting to hear about and I will search it out!

Monday, April 26

Catch UP!

So I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately but let me try to catch up on a couple things.

1. Lost Finale is going to air SUNDAY May 23rd!

There will be a two our review before and then a 2 hour finale. Plus they are having an aftershow which right now is being called “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Final Rose”

2. Fall Renewals: I plan on keeping you up to date with renewals for the fall as they come in, this usually starts about this time every year so I am anxiously awaiting the news. Here is what we know so far:

Already RENEWED:

• Cougartown
• The Middle
• Modern Family

• The Office
• 30 Rock
• Community
• Parks & Recreation
• Friday Night Lights (one more season)
• Law & Order

• Glee
• Bones

• Smallville
• 90210
• Gossip Girl
• Vampire Diaries
• Supernatural

• Big Bang Theory
• How I Met Your Mother
• Two and Half Men
• Amazing Race
• Survivor
• The Good Wife


• Ugly Betty
• Hank
• Lost (the final season)

• Dollhouse

Still Waiting to be Renewed:

• Grey’s Anatomy (looks good)
• Desperate Housewives
• V
• Flashforward
• Private Practice

• Chuck
• Mercy

• American Idol
• Fringe
• House
• Lie to Me

• One Tree Hill
• Life Unexpected

• Criminal Minds
• The CSI’s
• Gary Unmarried
• The Ghost Whisper
• The Mentalist
• Medium
• Old Christine

Long Shots to be Renewed:

• Better off Tedd
• The Deep End
• Scrubs

• Heroes (might get picked up bc NBC has a soft spot for it)
• Trauma

• Brothers

• Melrose Place

3. American Idol:

Ok I have been awful about American Idol this season, for my past readers usually I list the order each week of how I rate the performances but I am bad and have been watching the performances and results all the same night (Wednesday) and haven’t had time to post my thoughts before the results. Anyways I will just give you a couple thoughts:

• I love Crystal!!! She is leaps and bounds above the rest of the group. I feel like each week she brings it and never disappoints. I like Lee’s voice and he seems sweet. Aaron gets on my nerves and I am ready for him to get the boot (he is too dorky). Big Mike seems fake and not very genuine, seriously who misses the birth of their first child. I am undecided about Siobohan some nights I like her and some nights I really don’t. I don’t like Casey well I guess I shouldn’t say I don’t like him but I really don’t like when guys hair look like they took longer to get ready then me. If a guy has long her let it be messy don’t buy rollers please!!! Seriously his hair drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!

• Shania Twain week next week! I just hope I hear Any Man of Mine (but I can’t imagine either of the girls singing it).

4. So You Think You Can Dance is mixing it up this season bringing in previous contestants to be partners with this year’s top 10.

Ok try to stay with me on the rules (as I understand them) there are 12 returning “All-Stars”:
• Allison Holker – Season 2 (love her)
• Lauren Gottleib – Season 3
• Neil Haskell – Season 3
• Anya Garnis – Season 3 (love her)
• Dominic Sandoval – Season 3 (love him)
• Pasha Kovalev – Season 3 (love him)
• Courtney Galiano – Season 4 (love her)
• Stephen “Twitch” Boss – Season 4 (love him)
• Comfort Fedoke – Season 4
• Mark Kanemura – Season 4 (love him)
• Ade Obayomi – Season 5
• Kathryn McCormick – Season 6

You can tell that season 3 and season 4 were the best!!! Ok back to the rules. There will only be 10 contestants chosen from Hollywood week to move forward (I am assuming 5 boys and 5 girls). Each week the contestant will pull a photograph of one of the above listed “all-stars” and that will determine the style of dance for the week. This means that some of the all-stars will not be chosen each week. Also the all-stars will NOT be choreographing the routines just dancing. Holker, Gottleib, Haskell, Galiano, Obayomi, Kanemura and McCormick are all consider contemporary. Garnis and Kovalev are ballroom and Sandoval, Twitch, and Fedoke are considered Hip Hop. Some of the Contemporary dancers included Jazz, Broadway etc. that is why there is so many of them (click the link below to find out exactly what styles of dances each all-star will perform). Each week only the contestant will be judged and only one person will be sent home each week. The Premiere airs MAY 27th!!! I am excited to see some of my very favorites return!!!

5. Finally The Hills starts back Next Week , April 27th!

I am so glad it is the final season since it has not be nearly as good post LC (she will always be LC to me). I am excited that Lo “looks” to have a bigger role this season and most of all I am excited to see the encounter between Heidi and her mom post surgery. I feel so badly for her mom because at this point Heidi can’t take it back and so what do you do??? Can’t wait I will post more about that after the premiere. Check out the clip for the new season below.

Wednesday, April 21

AI Top 20 Performances EVER

I found this article on EW

THE TOP 20 AMERICAN IDOL PERFORMANCES EVER! (not including this year and no idol listed more than once)

20. Carly Smithson – Superstar

19. Ruben Studdard – Superstar

18. Trenyce – Proud Mary

17. Jason Castro – Hallelujah

16. Jordin Sparks – I Who Have Nothing

15. Clay Aiken – Solitaire

14. David Archuleta – Imagine

13. Carrie – Alone

12. Allison Irahetta – Cry Baby

11. David Cook – Billie Jean

10. Melinda Doolitte – My Funny Valentine

9. Chris Daughtry – Hemorrhage

8. Elliot Yamin – A Song For You

7. Jennifer Hudson – Circle of Life

6. Kris Allen – Heartless

5. Bo BIce – In A Dream

4. Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad Name

3. Adam Lambert – Mad World

2. Kelly Clarkson – Stuff Like That There

1. Fantasia- Summertime (WHAT???)

Most of these I can respect making the top 20 however there are some BIG American Idol performances left off, I know I am partial to my favorites but come on these were very memorable performance. Here is MY TOP 20:

20. Ruben Studdard - Superstar

19. Carly Smithson – Superstar (I would love to pick alone but it was an audition)

18. Jordin Sparks – Give Me One Reason to Stay Here

17. David Archuletta – Imagine (You are lucky I even included him on the list)

16. Carrie Underwood – Alone (I didn’t watch this season or she might be higher)

15. Allison Irahetta – Cry Baby

14. Michael Johns – Bohemian Rhapsody

13. Melinda Doolittle – My Funny Valentine

12. Blake Lewis – You Give Love a Bad Name

11. Tamyra Gray – A House is Not a Home

10. Jennifer Hudson – Circle of Life

9. Matt Giraud – So Small

8. Taylor Hicks – You Are So Beautiful

7. Brooke White – Let it Be

6. Chris Daughtry – Walk the Line

5. Jason Castro - Hallelujah

4. Adam Lambert – Tracks of Tears (I liked this one better but Mad World was good)

3. Kris Allen – Heartless (It took a while for him to win me over but this song helped)

2. Kelly Clarkson - Respect

1. David Cook – Billie Jean

Seriously there are so many David Cook performances that I could rank number 1 but everybody remembers his rendition of Billie Jean!

Who’s list do you like better EW or SB?!?!?!? What has been your stand out AI performance over the years???

Thursday, March 4

Ranking the Top 20

First the Boys....

I know that people are going to disagree with me but I think vocally the best males are Andrew, Lee and Alex. Here is my run down from Tuesday Night:

1. Lee - Lips of an Angel
So this wasn't the greatest vocal with some pitch problems but I love the tone of his voice.

2. Alex - Everybody Knows
Love love love the tone in his voice but he has to really work on his stage presence and confidence.

3. Andrew - You Give Me Something
I know the judges didn't like it much but I love his voice as well and think he is great. Can't wait to see him week after week.

4. Mike - This is a Man's World
I am riding the fence on Mike but his vocal this week was great.

5. Casey - I Don't Wanna Be
I really really don't like his hair, I say if you have long hair that make it manly not like you put it in rollers! However I thought this was a pretty good performance but a little Karaoke.

6. Toderick - What's Love Got to do with it?
He has a good voice but I agree with the judges he does to much and looks like he is trying too hard.

7. John - Gravity
I thought he sounded really good but just was somewhat boring.

8. Tim - Come on Get Higher
He was much better than last week and sounded pretty good but just doesn't seem to have the vocal chops that others have.

9. Aaron - My Girl
I really don't get why the judges like his voice so much he does too many runs and I think his voice is to old fashion.

10. Jermain - What's Going on?
Bad song choice, I think he can do better.

Top 10 Girls: (I know that I am partial to my favorites)

1. (Tie) Lilly "A Change is Gonna Come" and Crystal "Long as I Can See the Light"-
These two girls are great and I agree with Kara that they might change the face of American Idol (I hope more people like them try out). I think they are both the type of artists that I would want to go see at Workplay.

3. Katelyn - The Scientist
I thought she sounded great vocally and loved this version and her on the piano. I agree it was a little slow but overall a great performance!

4. Siobhan - Think
This girl has a big voice, I think she may need to start picking some more current songs though.

5. Paige Miles - Walkaway
She sounded good except the end but it was a good performance.

6. Lacey Brown - Kiss Me
I really like her voice and hope she is able to find a better song that fits her vocals and shows off her tone.

7. Didi - I agree with the judges that this song was not a great fit for her vocals but she did sound good, just didn't show off her strengths.

8. Katie - Put Your Records On
I thought she sounded good but it was forgettable.

9. Michelle - Arms Wide Open
I hated this song choice and what she did to it!

10. Haeley- The Climb
Sorry but I thought it was really pitchy and I just don't "love" her like America does. I think the smiling ALL the time has to go.

What did you think of this weeks performances?

Wednesday, February 24

Ranking the Top 12 Girls

This is just my opinion of the girls last night, but overall I think they did not perform well. There were so many girls that I was excited about and most fell below what I expected. Here is how I would rank the performances from last night:

12. Haeley Vaughn- I Wanna Hold Your Hand
I thought she was very off key for majority of the song and I agree with Simon about her smiling through the entire song. Overall not good, I think she has slowly gone down hill after her first audition.

11. Ashley Rodriguez- Happy
Once again I thought Ashley was off key and I haven't been impressed with her yet.

10. Janell Wheeler- What About Love
I really like Janell and think she has a cool tone to her voice but I hated this song choice for her. Janell has more of a "Brooke White" voice and Heart is definitely more of a "Carly Smithson" song. I think it was way to big for her vocal range. I was very disappointed.

9. Paige Miles- All Right Now
I thought Paige did well on the BIG vocal parts but on the melody her voice didn't sound smooth. We don't know anything about her and she was first so it is possible that she could be in danger.

8. Lacey Brown- Landslide
I really like Lacey's tone but once again I hated this song choice. I love the Dixie Chicks version of this song and it is a great song but just doesn't fit her voice. I hope she stays around because I really like her. Unfortunately she is at the bottom of a lot of online ranking lists so she could be in danger.

7. Katie Stevens- Feeling Good
Katie has a big voice and is clearly an early favorite of the judges. I actually thought she sounded good but it was a "old" song for a young girl but they say that every year.

6. Michelle Delamor- Falling
For taking on an Alicia Keys song I thought Michelle did a great job. When she said she was singing Falling I was worried but Alicia is one of the best from this generation and she has a big voice. I thought Michelle did a great job and changed it up enough to fit her voice.

5. Siobhan Magnus- Wicked Games
I wasn't a huge fan of this song choice but she sang it really well. Siobhan was someone I was excited to see bc she is unique and her last audition really caught me off guard. I can't wait to hear more from her.

4. Didi Benami- The Way I Am
I loved her voice on this song but I didn't think she did anything that WOWed us. She sounded great but it seemed to be very easy.

3. Crystal Bowersox- Hand in My Pocket
I love her voice and her style. She is so unique to the show and I love seeing different styles on American Idol. She didn't WOW us just like Didi but I love her voice and this song so for me it was a great mix.

2. Katelyn Epperly- Oh Darling
When she made it to the top 12 I really didn't think she deserved to be in the top 12 but I was pleasantly surprised. She did have great control and her voice sounded smooth through out the entire song.

1. Lilly Scott- Fixing a Hole
Loved loved loved her voice on this song. I am not a big Beatles person (I know it is a sin) so I am not really familiar with the original but I know Beatles fans probably hated it. I think Lilly is great and completely original and confident in who she is, love her!

Monday, February 22

Top 24

American Idol's Top 24 take the stage this week for America's votes. Let's review who is in the top 24 and who the early favorites might be:

Top 12 girls:

Ashley Rodriguez
Crystal Bowersox
Didi Behami
Haley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
Katelyn Epperly
Katie Stevens
Lacey Brown
Lilly Scott
Michelle Delamor
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus

My favorites so far are Crystal Bowersox and Didi Behami. I think AI's early favorites are Didi Behami and Katie Stevens. Who is your favorite?

Top 12 guys:

Aaron Kelly
Alex Lambert
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Jermaine Sellers
Joe Munuz
John Park
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Tim Urban
Todrick Hall
Tyler Grady

My favorite is Andrew Garcia by far and AI's favorites are Andrew and Casey James. Who is your favorite?

Tune in as the top 12 girls take the stage on Tuesday singing the top 10 tunes from Billards Hot 100 from the years 1958-1972 and 2004-2010.

Thursday, January 21

American Idol - Best Auditions EVER

EW published a list of the 15 Best American Idol Auditions ever, do you agree with the list? I must say I am super excited that my two favorites got some love – Sundance Head and Josiah Leming (I am still bitter that Josiah didn’t make the finals but he screwed up his last audition that season). Anyways did your favorites make the cut?

EW’s List:

15. David Cook – Livin’ on a Prayer

14. Megan Joy – Can’t Help Lovin ‘Dat Man

13. Sundance Head – Stormy Monday & Chris Sleigh – Kiss from a Rose

12. Fantasia Barrino – Proud Mary

11. Kimberly Locke – Somewhere over the Rainbow (much better than Kat McPhee’s version)

10. Justin Guarini – Who’s Lovin You

9. Taylor Hicks - A Change is Gonna Come & Swannee River Rock

8. Leneshe Young - Nati

7. Brandon Rogers – Always on My Mind

6. Kelly Clarkson – Express Yourself

5. Tami Gosnell – Whipping Post

4. Carrie Underwood – I Can’t Make You Love Me

3. Josiah Leming – To Run/Chasing Cars

2. Frenchie Davis – And I am Telling You I’m Not Going

1. Paris Bennett – Cowboy Take me Away/Take Five

Tuesday, January 12

American Idol Season 9

American Idol watchers get ready because the new season begins tonight!!! This will be the start of Simon Cowell's last season, not sure how the show will go on with out him but for now he is still here.

I have a love/hate relationship with the auditions and the audition process. It seems this time every year I fall in love with someone that doesn't make it into the top 12. Examples being: Josiah Lemming and Sundance Head (boy I really liked both of them). Anyways I also get bored during this part watching the awful singers perform over and over. However this season their seem to be some great judges filling in during the audition process until Ellen takes her seat. Some of the judges we will see during the auditions: Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Neil Patrick Harris, Joe Jonas, Mary J. Blige and starting us off tonight Victoria Beckham (who I find so entertaining).

Are you excited about the return of Idol without Paula?

Wednesday, January 6

It has been too long...

Well it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything on here and I am sorry for that. I am going to try to do better. Anyways here are a couple quick posts about what is going on in the TV world:

The Bachelor: I always get sucked in!
Well as most of you know The Bachelor started back this past Monday night and I promised I wouldn’t watch it bc frankly I find Jake, the new bachelor, to be quite the dull dud but I got sucked in once again. I taped it and watched almost the entire episode in fast forward…don’t worry I stopped to see a girl fall face forward into Jake’s arm, one change into a flight attendant outfit, one give out candy to the girls “going home”, one crack an awful joke about Jake landing his plane on her uhmm “landing strip” and finally the one girl melt down bc she didn’t have one on one time yet. However I still finished the two hour episode in less than one hour and fully proud of myself that I had accomplished that, it happened….they sucked me in. As the show was coming to a close and I found myself not attached to anyone it happened…they showed the preview for what’s coming up this season on “The Bachelor” and that was it, once again they did a great job of making it look like the most DRAMATIC season yet. Oh goodness now I have to know who has the affair with a producer and why Jake gets so mad and knocks the chair over refusing to send someone home…I MUST KNOW THE ANSWERS…. So here we go another season of The Bachelor.

Oh and if you didn’t notice I refuse to call it “The Bachelor on the Wings of Love” that is stupid!
My front runners so far are: Tenley, Ali and Elizabeth from Nebraska.

The shows are starting back!
Run Down:

Desperate Housewives – Sunday Jan 10
Brothers & Sisters- Sunday Jan 10
American Idol – Tuesday & Wednesday Jan 12-13
Grey’s Anatomy – Thursday Jan 14
Private Practice – Thursday Jan 14
24 – Sunday & Monday Jan 17-18 (Two Night premiere)
One Tree Hill – Monday Jan 18
Lost – TUESDAY February 2 (NEW DAY)