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Monday, April 26

Catch UP!

So I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately but let me try to catch up on a couple things.

1. Lost Finale is going to air SUNDAY May 23rd!

There will be a two our review before and then a 2 hour finale. Plus they are having an aftershow which right now is being called “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Final Rose”

2. Fall Renewals: I plan on keeping you up to date with renewals for the fall as they come in, this usually starts about this time every year so I am anxiously awaiting the news. Here is what we know so far:

Already RENEWED:

• Cougartown
• The Middle
• Modern Family

• The Office
• 30 Rock
• Community
• Parks & Recreation
• Friday Night Lights (one more season)
• Law & Order

• Glee
• Bones

• Smallville
• 90210
• Gossip Girl
• Vampire Diaries
• Supernatural

• Big Bang Theory
• How I Met Your Mother
• Two and Half Men
• Amazing Race
• Survivor
• The Good Wife


• Ugly Betty
• Hank
• Lost (the final season)

• Dollhouse

Still Waiting to be Renewed:

• Grey’s Anatomy (looks good)
• Desperate Housewives
• V
• Flashforward
• Private Practice

• Chuck
• Mercy

• American Idol
• Fringe
• House
• Lie to Me

• One Tree Hill
• Life Unexpected

• Criminal Minds
• The CSI’s
• Gary Unmarried
• The Ghost Whisper
• The Mentalist
• Medium
• Old Christine

Long Shots to be Renewed:

• Better off Tedd
• The Deep End
• Scrubs

• Heroes (might get picked up bc NBC has a soft spot for it)
• Trauma

• Brothers

• Melrose Place

3. American Idol:

Ok I have been awful about American Idol this season, for my past readers usually I list the order each week of how I rate the performances but I am bad and have been watching the performances and results all the same night (Wednesday) and haven’t had time to post my thoughts before the results. Anyways I will just give you a couple thoughts:

• I love Crystal!!! She is leaps and bounds above the rest of the group. I feel like each week she brings it and never disappoints. I like Lee’s voice and he seems sweet. Aaron gets on my nerves and I am ready for him to get the boot (he is too dorky). Big Mike seems fake and not very genuine, seriously who misses the birth of their first child. I am undecided about Siobohan some nights I like her and some nights I really don’t. I don’t like Casey well I guess I shouldn’t say I don’t like him but I really don’t like when guys hair look like they took longer to get ready then me. If a guy has long her let it be messy don’t buy rollers please!!! Seriously his hair drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!

• Shania Twain week next week! I just hope I hear Any Man of Mine (but I can’t imagine either of the girls singing it).

4. So You Think You Can Dance is mixing it up this season bringing in previous contestants to be partners with this year’s top 10.

Ok try to stay with me on the rules (as I understand them) there are 12 returning “All-Stars”:
• Allison Holker – Season 2 (love her)
• Lauren Gottleib – Season 3
• Neil Haskell – Season 3
• Anya Garnis – Season 3 (love her)
• Dominic Sandoval – Season 3 (love him)
• Pasha Kovalev – Season 3 (love him)
• Courtney Galiano – Season 4 (love her)
• Stephen “Twitch” Boss – Season 4 (love him)
• Comfort Fedoke – Season 4
• Mark Kanemura – Season 4 (love him)
• Ade Obayomi – Season 5
• Kathryn McCormick – Season 6

You can tell that season 3 and season 4 were the best!!! Ok back to the rules. There will only be 10 contestants chosen from Hollywood week to move forward (I am assuming 5 boys and 5 girls). Each week the contestant will pull a photograph of one of the above listed “all-stars” and that will determine the style of dance for the week. This means that some of the all-stars will not be chosen each week. Also the all-stars will NOT be choreographing the routines just dancing. Holker, Gottleib, Haskell, Galiano, Obayomi, Kanemura and McCormick are all consider contemporary. Garnis and Kovalev are ballroom and Sandoval, Twitch, and Fedoke are considered Hip Hop. Some of the Contemporary dancers included Jazz, Broadway etc. that is why there is so many of them (click the link below to find out exactly what styles of dances each all-star will perform). Each week only the contestant will be judged and only one person will be sent home each week. The Premiere airs MAY 27th!!! I am excited to see some of my very favorites return!!!

5. Finally The Hills starts back Next Week , April 27th!

I am so glad it is the final season since it has not be nearly as good post LC (she will always be LC to me). I am excited that Lo “looks” to have a bigger role this season and most of all I am excited to see the encounter between Heidi and her mom post surgery. I feel so badly for her mom because at this point Heidi can’t take it back and so what do you do??? Can’t wait I will post more about that after the premiere. Check out the clip for the new season below.


Carrie said...

How do you feel about the new SYTYCD rules? I am not sure I like it. Seems like a shorter season and you miss on all the couples chemistry? I'm kinda sad! Addison Grace is adorable!!!

Sarah Beth said...

I agree with you about the chemistry factor. However the last two seasons have been such a disappointment I am kind of glad they are mixing it up. I am super excited to see some of my favs return. I think the season should be about the same length since they are just sending one person home each week instead of two. We will just have to see how it goes.