Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, July 28

Brief Comments About a Few Things:


The 100th episode:

  • Katie Holmes performance was over hyped and I hate that she lip-synched but she does have some talent (I couldn’t help but see Joey Potter up there performing and not “Katie”)

  • Janette was super talented and I know people were really sad she got sent home but something about her rubbed me wrong…maybe she was too cheesy or the fact that she was really hyped up, not sure but I was fine with seeing her leave. It was Jason’s time to go just because he has been in the bottom week after week.

  • I am now officially on team Jeanine (her solo this week rocked) but I still think that if any of the top 6 from last season were on this season they would be my favorite!

  • WADE ROBSON ROCKS MY FACE OFF!!!! I have always loved Wade and even though this season his dances haven’t been as great (I believe because of the dancers) he is still one of the best if not the best out there! When he danced Ramalama with the group I had to rewind it like 15 times, loved it. Shout out to my boy Ivan who made an appearance in the dance, the first person I really liked on SYTYCD!

The Bachelorette (The Men Tell All and The Finale):

  • I thought the boys were way too hard on Jake but I also do think Jake is WAY to straight laced to be the next Bachelor (however I felt that way about Jason).

  • I hated that Wes wasn’t back to get slammed on but the rumor is he said he didn’t want to come and then he called some guys and made sure they would back him. Then he called the producers back and said he would come on and they decided not to let him come back!

  • The guys looked really petty for most of the show and even though I was not a Juan fan I found myself siding with him through his interrogation.

  • Jillian, Jillian, Jillian, well she gets on my nerves and I am not going to say mean things but I think it is fine she ended up with Ed. My favorite by far was Reid and I think he can do so much better but I hate that he came back and made his proclamation and got slammed. I would love for Reid to be the next Bachelor but do we really think he would be a good one??? He wouldn’t be able to share any real emotions (but I guess they aren’t suppose to anyways).

  • Kiptyn would probably be the best choice for the next Bachelor, if he wanted to do it…do you think he would??

  • After the Rose is tonight and I bet the crowd is going to be loving some Reid! Also Melissa will be back and she is for sure a fan favorite.

Grey’s Anatomy:

TR Knight:

  • Personally I think he is fool for leaving, this show gave him his start and he should follow through for the fans. I remember when they interviewed Katie Holmes while she was doing Dawson’s Creek and she started to get really big and do movies and such. They asked her if she would leave Dawson’s, she said of course not that Dawson’s is the reason why she is able to do movies now and she doesn’t want to disappoint the fans or creators of Dawson’s. She owed it to the show to finish the story. I think it is respectable to have that attitude.

  • Shonda asked TR to come back to film what sounded like a great episode to help give George some closure and he refused. The episode was going to be a flashback to what happened when George left the hospital that day…when he heroically jumped in front of the bus. TR just wants to move on and not come back…so sad for the fans and the writers.

  • I definitely don’t wish TR bad but it seems like he may have burned some bridges, however I think everyone felt the same way when George Clooney left ER

  • Shonda said she is getting story lines prepared for it everyone leaves the show, I guess it could do like ER and eventually have an entirely new cast and probably different fan base. If it does go on as long as ER then it will likely cycle out the original cast members. Shonda said atleast she has Lexie so if Meredith leaves there is still a Grey for Grey’s Anatomy.

Fall Premiere Dates:

Dancing with the Stars: Monday Sept 21
Grey’s Anatomy: Thursday Sept 24 (two hour premiere)
Desperate Housewives: Sunday Sept 27
Brothers & Sisters: Sunday Sept 27
Private Practice: Thursday Oct 1

90210: Tuesday Sept 8
Melrose Place: Tuesday Sept 8
ANTM: Wednesday Sept 9
Supernatural: Thursday Sept 10
One Tree Hill: Monday Sept 14 (NEW TIME 7pm)
Gossip Girl: Monday Sept 14 (NEW TIME 8pm)
Smallville: Friday Sept 25

The Biggest Loser: Tuesday Sept 15
The Office: Thursday Sept 17
Heroes: Monday Sept 21 (two hour premiere)
Southland: Friday Sept 25
30 Rock: Thursday Oct 15

So You Think You Can Dance: Wednesday Sept 9 (got moved up)
Glee: Wednesday Sept 9 (got moved up)

Bones: Thursday Sept 17
Fringe: Thursday Sept 17
House: Monday Sept 21 (2 hour premiere)

Survivor: Thursday Sept 17
How I Met Your Mother: Monday Sept 21
CSI Miami: Monday Sept 21
CSI NY: Wednesday Sept 23
CSI: Thursday Sept 24
The Mentalist: Thursday Sept 24

I haven’t found when FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will premiere on Direct TV but probably around October 2. (check out the clip below and get excited)

If I left off your favorite show please let me know and I will find out the date it is returning.

Thursday, July 23


Well I am sure many of you were as sad as I was last night when I sat down on my sofa, bowl of ice cream in hand and ready to watch SYTYCD with guest host Ellen (she is one of my favorites) and all of the sudden it was interrupted by Obama. Don’t get me wrong I know this stuff is important and all but I really don’t want them to interrupt SYTYCD...pick another show please! The other interesting thing is that it is a voting show and “we” didn’t get to see half the dances which seems like it is a little unfair, right?!?!?! Well I am going to move on to the four dances I did see:

Two of my favorite dances so far this season were on last night’s episode: Brandon & Jeanine’s pop jazz and Melissa and Ade’s contemporary piece. The other two dances I saw were ok nothing great (Janette and Evan Rumba and Kayla and Jason’s hip hop).

Brandon and Jeanine Pop Jazz:

First of all I must mention Laurie Ann as a new choreographer for the show, so excited! Laurie Ann is the choreographer from Making the Band and rocks my face off! She also famously got in a fight with P-diddy and got fired (and brought back later)….oh the drama. Enough about her…the dance was great! The first time through I watch Jeanine and she did a wonderful job and was very powerful the second time through I watched Brandon (I am NOT a Brandon fan AT ALL) and he did AMAZING!! Brandon’s performance was so powerful, I loved watching the dance twice (who am I kidding, I watched it more than that).

Melissa and Ade Contemporary:

We all know that this dance emotionally was incredible and very moving. The story behind it was powerful however if it wasn’t danced right I don’t think we would have felt it as much. Melissa did a great job portraying someone who is fighting but is tired and has FULL trust in her friend to lift her up and be her strength. Ade did a tremendous job being there and being Melissa’s strength and support. I bet this dance will definitely be up for an Emmy next year.

As far as solo’s go no one’s stood out to be except Jeanine. I loved some of the “new” moves she put in there; it almost looked like Phillip taught her a few things. ;)

Who do I think is going home?

Before the performances last night I would have said I wanted to see Melissa and Brandon leave (just bc they rub me wrong). Given the fact they were in my two favorite dances I would hate to see them go yet. I would like to see Janette go but I am not sure about the boy I probably wouldn’t be really sad about any of them leaving. I think that Kayla might go though.

Who do you think is going home?

Oh and is everyone else as excited as I am that they are going to look back at the previous seasons and the best dances (surely they think that some of my favorites are the best). Look at my favorites from season’s past: (I didn’t watch season 1)

Season 2:

Allison & Ivan Hip Hop routine by Shane Sparks (Umbrella dance)
Heidi & Travis Contemporary by Mia Michaels (Park Bench)
Heidi & Travis Afro Pop by Wade Robson

Season 3:

Dominic & Sabra Hip Hop by Shane Sparks (Make it Work)
Sara & Jesus – Pop Jazz by Wade Robson (Newspapers)
Anya & Danny – Contemporary by Tyce DiOrio (Apologize)
Jaime & Hok- Jazz by Wade Robson (Flower & Hummingbird)
Sabra & Neil – Jazz by Mandy Moore (Boardroom)

Season 4: (This list will be long)

Katee & Josh Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon (No Air)
Katee & Josh Broadway by Tyce DiOrio (All for the Best)
Kherington & Twitch Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc (dedicated to their daughter)
Chelsie & Mark Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon (Bleeding Love)
Katee & Josh Samba by Tony & Melanie (Josh’s Tight pants)
Katee & Josh Bollywood by Nakul Dev
Katee & Twitch Contemporary by Mia (Mercy)
Courtney & Mark Jazz by Sonja (The Garden)

Season 5:

Phillip and Jeanine Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon
Jeanine and Jason Contemporary by Travis (Heart)
Jeanine and Brandon Pop Jazz by Laurie Ann (Battlefield)
Melissa & Ade Contemporary by Tyce DiOrio (Cancer)

What dance do you hope they reflect on tonight?

Thursday, July 16

SYTYCD: Top 10

My performance rankings from last night:

1. Jeanine & Jason: Contemporary
This might very well be my favorite dance from the season (go Travis). It definitely helps that Travis choreographed it because I wanted him to win Season 2 so bad! Back to the dance I thought they did wonderful and it was great to see Jeanine in her element. Did anyone else feel like we were interrupting something at the end??? Jason seems to have a VERY close connection to his partners....Hhmmmm

2. Brandon and Melissa: Broadway
I thought they both technically are probably the two best in the competition (maybe Kayla too) but there personalities don't shine very bright. I thought this dance was really good and the took on the characters well.

3. Evan and Kayla: Viennese Waltz
I don't know much about ballroom technically speaking but i know what i enjoy watching. I enjoyed watching these two and I thought it flowed really well. I was also very impressed with Evan's strength and as always Kayla's technique and "lines" are great. I think Evan's personality will keep him around another week for sure.

4. Ade and Janette: Hip Hop
The only thing I can say is I was NOT impressed! It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either just mediocre and not even close to one of the dances I will remember from the season.

5. Randy and Kupono: Paso Doble
Kupono is NOT very strong at all...It is weird to watch someone Evan's size throw around the girl and then Kupono really struggles. I think Kupono could be in trouble tonight but I think Randi's personality will save her for sure!

Guys Group Dance and Girls Group Dance:

Talk about power dances!! Both dances had me gasping for breath just watching. I think the girls did a better job staying together and making it look smooth but when you don't have counts just rhythm I am sure that is difficult. Props to everyone on these dances!

At this point it is not just about who is dancing great but who America loves and feels like they know. Last season the top 10 were: Joshua, Katee, Twitch, Kherington, Courtney, Will, Gev, Comfort, Chelsie and Mark. Will was the judges favorite and the one that had the "talent" but he only made it to the top 8! The top 6 were all people that their personalities shined and WE all loved! This season there aren't as many personalities that we know and so Evan and Randi probably will stick around a bit because they are the only ones we REALLY know at all (and I still don't feel like we have seen that much).

Dial Idol has some interesting results listed (check it out if you would like):
Who do you think is going home?

Tuesday, July 14


Warning Spoilers below:

If you are not interested in learning who is paired up or what styles they will be dancing stop reading! I found these on Buddytv which has failed us before but we will see if they are close this time:

Ade & Janette – Hip Hop
Brandon & Melissa – Broadway
Evan & Kayla – Waltz
Jason & Jeanine – Contemporary (Travis Wall)
Kupono & Randi – Paso Doble

I am so interested to know who is your favorite dancer?? I still haven’t decided who I love this season better yet who I like!

I would also like to take a moment and compare and I want your honest opinion on which dance is better? ( I am going to try to compare one of almost every style but I am only comparing this season to last season. I will take what I think to be considered the best of this season in that style to the best of last season.)







Hip Hop:




Vs. This is the only place I found the routine (Katee and Joshua’s routine)




(I didn’t see a Pop Jazz routine from last season so I just put it with the other Jazz routines)

Viennese Waltz:



No one this season has done the Samba yet but please remember this when they do!







I couldn’t find the Wade Robson routine that Jeanette and Brandon performed but since Wade didn’t choreograph anything last season I am not sure it is even fair to have that category.

After listing these dances there are more good performances this season than I thought but I still think last season’s dancers wiped the floor with this season….your thoughts?

Monday, July 6


As many of you may have noticed I have not been posting much lately. The reason why??? I AM BORED, bored with TV in general right now.

SYTYCD has been very disappointing this season, I am not attached to anyone and still believe that the top 10 dances from last season could beat the best dance from this season which in my opinion is probably the 1st hip-hop routine by Phillip and Jeanine or the contemporary routine last week by Kupano and Kayla. I think that Mercy, Bleeding Love, No Air, Courtney and Mark’s Jazz routine and pretty much any other Joshua and Katie routine is better than those two dances from this season. What do you think of this season??? Who is your favorite???

The next show that has been boring to me is the Bachelorette…it has had some dramatic moments that have been fun to watch but nothing that I have wanted to spend time writing about. We all hate Wes and think he is a loser (no one buy his music). I think Jillian is annoying and don’t really care who she ends up with. I think Ed, Reid, Kiptyn, and Jesse are all too good for Jillian (yes I know Jesse is gone). I think it is possible that one of those guys will be the next Bachelor but it is also a possibility that has been floating around online that Jake could take the role. Many of you have been asking me about the Bachelor and why I haven't been posting but it is because I just don't care that much right now. I don't know about ya'll but I am ready for Fall TV!!!

Here are a couple updates with TV:

  • Hilary Duff is going to play Vanessa's roommate this coming season on Gossip Girl. (she is set to appear on several episodes.)
  • Katherine Heigl is returning to Grey’s next season
  • Rumor Willis will guest star on 90210 for at least 1 episode