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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, July 28

Brief Comments About a Few Things:


The 100th episode:

  • Katie Holmes performance was over hyped and I hate that she lip-synched but she does have some talent (I couldn’t help but see Joey Potter up there performing and not “Katie”)

  • Janette was super talented and I know people were really sad she got sent home but something about her rubbed me wrong…maybe she was too cheesy or the fact that she was really hyped up, not sure but I was fine with seeing her leave. It was Jason’s time to go just because he has been in the bottom week after week.

  • I am now officially on team Jeanine (her solo this week rocked) but I still think that if any of the top 6 from last season were on this season they would be my favorite!

  • WADE ROBSON ROCKS MY FACE OFF!!!! I have always loved Wade and even though this season his dances haven’t been as great (I believe because of the dancers) he is still one of the best if not the best out there! When he danced Ramalama with the group I had to rewind it like 15 times, loved it. Shout out to my boy Ivan who made an appearance in the dance, the first person I really liked on SYTYCD!

The Bachelorette (The Men Tell All and The Finale):

  • I thought the boys were way too hard on Jake but I also do think Jake is WAY to straight laced to be the next Bachelor (however I felt that way about Jason).

  • I hated that Wes wasn’t back to get slammed on but the rumor is he said he didn’t want to come and then he called some guys and made sure they would back him. Then he called the producers back and said he would come on and they decided not to let him come back!

  • The guys looked really petty for most of the show and even though I was not a Juan fan I found myself siding with him through his interrogation.

  • Jillian, Jillian, Jillian, well she gets on my nerves and I am not going to say mean things but I think it is fine she ended up with Ed. My favorite by far was Reid and I think he can do so much better but I hate that he came back and made his proclamation and got slammed. I would love for Reid to be the next Bachelor but do we really think he would be a good one??? He wouldn’t be able to share any real emotions (but I guess they aren’t suppose to anyways).

  • Kiptyn would probably be the best choice for the next Bachelor, if he wanted to do it…do you think he would??

  • After the Rose is tonight and I bet the crowd is going to be loving some Reid! Also Melissa will be back and she is for sure a fan favorite.

Grey’s Anatomy:

TR Knight:

  • Personally I think he is fool for leaving, this show gave him his start and he should follow through for the fans. I remember when they interviewed Katie Holmes while she was doing Dawson’s Creek and she started to get really big and do movies and such. They asked her if she would leave Dawson’s, she said of course not that Dawson’s is the reason why she is able to do movies now and she doesn’t want to disappoint the fans or creators of Dawson’s. She owed it to the show to finish the story. I think it is respectable to have that attitude.

  • Shonda asked TR to come back to film what sounded like a great episode to help give George some closure and he refused. The episode was going to be a flashback to what happened when George left the hospital that day…when he heroically jumped in front of the bus. TR just wants to move on and not come back…so sad for the fans and the writers.

  • I definitely don’t wish TR bad but it seems like he may have burned some bridges, however I think everyone felt the same way when George Clooney left ER

  • Shonda said she is getting story lines prepared for it everyone leaves the show, I guess it could do like ER and eventually have an entirely new cast and probably different fan base. If it does go on as long as ER then it will likely cycle out the original cast members. Shonda said atleast she has Lexie so if Meredith leaves there is still a Grey for Grey’s Anatomy.


jessica and corey said...

i agree with everything you said. i think the katie holmes thing was made out to be a much bigger deal than it actually was and i also kept thinking about her singing "on my own" in the dawson's creek beauty pageant! i also didn't like janette and i don't really know why either. i thought she was a great dancer, but i just didn't like her. i LOVE jeanine! she's awesome! and i still really like kayla. i was so sad for kiptyn and reid, but then corey reminded me that i didn't like jillian so i probably didn't want them to end up with her, right? right. and wow, i'm really excited melissa will be back tonight!!

Carrie said...

I totally agree about Katie! and what you said about her in relation to TR. There is no need for him to be so full of himself. Show some respect for the show that got you places. I like Jeannine too. I liked Jason a lot. I thought he'd do well with new partners. kipton is so perfect. I don't see why she didn't get that. but i like her and ed. they looked really happy on atr last night. i hope they don't pick jake. i have respect for him but his ott cheesyness (is that a word?) got on my nerves. As always I love your analysis of the shows!