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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, July 23


Well I am sure many of you were as sad as I was last night when I sat down on my sofa, bowl of ice cream in hand and ready to watch SYTYCD with guest host Ellen (she is one of my favorites) and all of the sudden it was interrupted by Obama. Don’t get me wrong I know this stuff is important and all but I really don’t want them to interrupt SYTYCD...pick another show please! The other interesting thing is that it is a voting show and “we” didn’t get to see half the dances which seems like it is a little unfair, right?!?!?! Well I am going to move on to the four dances I did see:

Two of my favorite dances so far this season were on last night’s episode: Brandon & Jeanine’s pop jazz and Melissa and Ade’s contemporary piece. The other two dances I saw were ok nothing great (Janette and Evan Rumba and Kayla and Jason’s hip hop).

Brandon and Jeanine Pop Jazz:

First of all I must mention Laurie Ann as a new choreographer for the show, so excited! Laurie Ann is the choreographer from Making the Band and rocks my face off! She also famously got in a fight with P-diddy and got fired (and brought back later)….oh the drama. Enough about her…the dance was great! The first time through I watch Jeanine and she did a wonderful job and was very powerful the second time through I watched Brandon (I am NOT a Brandon fan AT ALL) and he did AMAZING!! Brandon’s performance was so powerful, I loved watching the dance twice (who am I kidding, I watched it more than that).

Melissa and Ade Contemporary:

We all know that this dance emotionally was incredible and very moving. The story behind it was powerful however if it wasn’t danced right I don’t think we would have felt it as much. Melissa did a great job portraying someone who is fighting but is tired and has FULL trust in her friend to lift her up and be her strength. Ade did a tremendous job being there and being Melissa’s strength and support. I bet this dance will definitely be up for an Emmy next year.

As far as solo’s go no one’s stood out to be except Jeanine. I loved some of the “new” moves she put in there; it almost looked like Phillip taught her a few things. ;)

Who do I think is going home?

Before the performances last night I would have said I wanted to see Melissa and Brandon leave (just bc they rub me wrong). Given the fact they were in my two favorite dances I would hate to see them go yet. I would like to see Janette go but I am not sure about the boy I probably wouldn’t be really sad about any of them leaving. I think that Kayla might go though.

Who do you think is going home?

Oh and is everyone else as excited as I am that they are going to look back at the previous seasons and the best dances (surely they think that some of my favorites are the best). Look at my favorites from season’s past: (I didn’t watch season 1)

Season 2:

Allison & Ivan Hip Hop routine by Shane Sparks (Umbrella dance)
Heidi & Travis Contemporary by Mia Michaels (Park Bench)
Heidi & Travis Afro Pop by Wade Robson

Season 3:

Dominic & Sabra Hip Hop by Shane Sparks (Make it Work)
Sara & Jesus – Pop Jazz by Wade Robson (Newspapers)
Anya & Danny – Contemporary by Tyce DiOrio (Apologize)
Jaime & Hok- Jazz by Wade Robson (Flower & Hummingbird)
Sabra & Neil – Jazz by Mandy Moore (Boardroom)

Season 4: (This list will be long)

Katee & Josh Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon (No Air)
Katee & Josh Broadway by Tyce DiOrio (All for the Best)
Kherington & Twitch Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc (dedicated to their daughter)
Chelsie & Mark Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon (Bleeding Love)
Katee & Josh Samba by Tony & Melanie (Josh’s Tight pants)
Katee & Josh Bollywood by Nakul Dev
Katee & Twitch Contemporary by Mia (Mercy)
Courtney & Mark Jazz by Sonja (The Garden)

Season 5:

Phillip and Jeanine Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon
Jeanine and Jason Contemporary by Travis (Heart)
Jeanine and Brandon Pop Jazz by Laurie Ann (Battlefield)
Melissa & Ade Contemporary by Tyce DiOrio (Cancer)

What dance do you hope they reflect on tonight?