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Thursday, July 16

SYTYCD: Top 10

My performance rankings from last night:

1. Jeanine & Jason: Contemporary
This might very well be my favorite dance from the season (go Travis). It definitely helps that Travis choreographed it because I wanted him to win Season 2 so bad! Back to the dance I thought they did wonderful and it was great to see Jeanine in her element. Did anyone else feel like we were interrupting something at the end??? Jason seems to have a VERY close connection to his partners....Hhmmmm

2. Brandon and Melissa: Broadway
I thought they both technically are probably the two best in the competition (maybe Kayla too) but there personalities don't shine very bright. I thought this dance was really good and the took on the characters well.

3. Evan and Kayla: Viennese Waltz
I don't know much about ballroom technically speaking but i know what i enjoy watching. I enjoyed watching these two and I thought it flowed really well. I was also very impressed with Evan's strength and as always Kayla's technique and "lines" are great. I think Evan's personality will keep him around another week for sure.

4. Ade and Janette: Hip Hop
The only thing I can say is I was NOT impressed! It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either just mediocre and not even close to one of the dances I will remember from the season.

5. Randy and Kupono: Paso Doble
Kupono is NOT very strong at all...It is weird to watch someone Evan's size throw around the girl and then Kupono really struggles. I think Kupono could be in trouble tonight but I think Randi's personality will save her for sure!

Guys Group Dance and Girls Group Dance:

Talk about power dances!! Both dances had me gasping for breath just watching. I think the girls did a better job staying together and making it look smooth but when you don't have counts just rhythm I am sure that is difficult. Props to everyone on these dances!

At this point it is not just about who is dancing great but who America loves and feels like they know. Last season the top 10 were: Joshua, Katee, Twitch, Kherington, Courtney, Will, Gev, Comfort, Chelsie and Mark. Will was the judges favorite and the one that had the "talent" but he only made it to the top 8! The top 6 were all people that their personalities shined and WE all loved! This season there aren't as many personalities that we know and so Evan and Randi probably will stick around a bit because they are the only ones we REALLY know at all (and I still don't feel like we have seen that much).

Dial Idol has some interesting results listed (check it out if you would like):
Who do you think is going home?


Michael said...

Jason and Jeanine basically conceived a child through that routine.

Shelley said...

I THOUGHT the same THING. Glad it wasn't just me....they would make a cute little couple. Then they could come back as a cute little choreographing team. :)

jessica and corey said...

wow, i thought jason and jeanine were amazing. definitely my second favorite of the season (closely behind the addiction dance). it was beautiful! i love kayla and i might have cried when randy went home tonight. i loved her personality and was so upset to see her go. i wasn't sad about kupono though. evan's personality is super cute so i hope he'll stick around for a while. ahh, i love this show! you told me i would!