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Wednesday, January 6

It has been too long...

Well it has been a LONG time since I have posted anything on here and I am sorry for that. I am going to try to do better. Anyways here are a couple quick posts about what is going on in the TV world:

The Bachelor: I always get sucked in!
Well as most of you know The Bachelor started back this past Monday night and I promised I wouldn’t watch it bc frankly I find Jake, the new bachelor, to be quite the dull dud but I got sucked in once again. I taped it and watched almost the entire episode in fast forward…don’t worry I stopped to see a girl fall face forward into Jake’s arm, one change into a flight attendant outfit, one give out candy to the girls “going home”, one crack an awful joke about Jake landing his plane on her uhmm “landing strip” and finally the one girl melt down bc she didn’t have one on one time yet. However I still finished the two hour episode in less than one hour and fully proud of myself that I had accomplished that, it happened….they sucked me in. As the show was coming to a close and I found myself not attached to anyone it happened…they showed the preview for what’s coming up this season on “The Bachelor” and that was it, once again they did a great job of making it look like the most DRAMATIC season yet. Oh goodness now I have to know who has the affair with a producer and why Jake gets so mad and knocks the chair over refusing to send someone home…I MUST KNOW THE ANSWERS…. So here we go another season of The Bachelor.

Oh and if you didn’t notice I refuse to call it “The Bachelor on the Wings of Love” that is stupid!
My front runners so far are: Tenley, Ali and Elizabeth from Nebraska.

The shows are starting back!
Run Down:

Desperate Housewives – Sunday Jan 10
Brothers & Sisters- Sunday Jan 10
American Idol – Tuesday & Wednesday Jan 12-13
Grey’s Anatomy – Thursday Jan 14
Private Practice – Thursday Jan 14
24 – Sunday & Monday Jan 17-18 (Two Night premiere)
One Tree Hill – Monday Jan 18
Lost – TUESDAY February 2 (NEW DAY)


TBG said...

Great to have you back!!! so excited for those shows to come back on :)