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Thursday, January 21

American Idol - Best Auditions EVER

EW published a list of the 15 Best American Idol Auditions ever, do you agree with the list? I must say I am super excited that my two favorites got some love – Sundance Head and Josiah Leming (I am still bitter that Josiah didn’t make the finals but he screwed up his last audition that season). Anyways did your favorites make the cut?

EW’s List:

15. David Cook – Livin’ on a Prayer

14. Megan Joy – Can’t Help Lovin ‘Dat Man

13. Sundance Head – Stormy Monday & Chris Sleigh – Kiss from a Rose

12. Fantasia Barrino – Proud Mary

11. Kimberly Locke – Somewhere over the Rainbow (much better than Kat McPhee’s version)

10. Justin Guarini – Who’s Lovin You

9. Taylor Hicks - A Change is Gonna Come & Swannee River Rock

8. Leneshe Young - Nati

7. Brandon Rogers – Always on My Mind

6. Kelly Clarkson – Express Yourself

5. Tami Gosnell – Whipping Post

4. Carrie Underwood – I Can’t Make You Love Me

3. Josiah Leming – To Run/Chasing Cars

2. Frenchie Davis – And I am Telling You I’m Not Going

1. Paris Bennett – Cowboy Take me Away/Take Five