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Thursday, November 11

Friday Night Lights, is that it?

(No need to worry Kent and Dana)

Friday Night Lights (FNL) was one of those shows that my husband and I started late because we were convinced by friends that it was a great show. This is how we come across a lot of shows we watch/watched (Lost, SYTYCD, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Glee, etc.). We loved season 1 and 2 of FNL but I must admit it has been slowly going downhill ever since. Friday Night Lights wanted to try to “keep it real” and when the characters graduated they moved on much like in real life. They didn’t have all the characters go to a local community college or follow them all to a far away college. We had to say good bye to our favorite characters and welcome in new ones. In theory this is a great idea, I know we always make fun of the shows that have all the prime characters go to a local college. However for ME this idea didn’t pan out well. The reason why most of us love shows is because we get attached to characters and their story lines…we want to see what happens to them! I digress, last season on FNL we had a few of the prime characters left and so it was able to keep my attention. The story lines weren’t great bc we had to settle for new love interests (relationships and activities). But this season we have said goodbye to ALL of our first group of high school students, accept Julie (whom we have followed to college where she is sleeping with her professor- that is an entirely different soap box).

So now that I have caught you up…This is the last season of Friday Night Lights and I ask Friday Night Lights, is that it? Have we seen the last of all our favorite characters? I know you pride yourself on being “real” but is this really how you are going out? We didn’t even get a proper goodbye for our boy Landry. What about Matt, was him driving back to college the last we will see of him? Lyla getting on the bus leaving Tim? Tim in Jail? SERIOUSLY is this it? I have been SOOOO disappointed with the last couple seasons of FNL but I thought for sure the final season would be good.

Here is what I need to make me happy:

Julie to freakin wake up and stop sleeping with her professor
Matt and Julie get back together
Tim to get out of JAIL and to go find Lyla
Landry to run into to Tyra at college and the sparks immediately fly again
I would also like updates on Smash and Jason
I might be harsh but I don’t care about Luke, Jess, Becky. I care a little about Vince.
This doesn’t seem like to much to ask for, does it? :)

So FNL, what’s it going to be? Are you going to try to keep it “real” until the very end or are you going to try to please your viewers?


danajackson930 said...

Sarah Beth, I feel your pain! Julie is a bratty idiot, as usual, so she doesn't deserve to get back with Matt. But I would like to see Matt again and get some closure on his story. Tim in jail kills me! Billy, it should have been you!

I like Vince, but he's the only new character that I care about. At least the writers haven't thrown Coach and Tammy into some weird plotline. I think that there will be some cameos from former cast members this season, but not sure which ones. Clinging to the hope of a somewhat satisfying final season, but wishing for the old days.

Sarah Beth said...

This article makes it look like that was definitely the last we will see of Landry...Seriously the last time we see Landry he will be straddled by a striper? REALLY?

Kent said...

I know it's what we'd like to happen for the characters to each find their happy endings (except for Tyra and Jess...and little McCoy), but this show's writers have shown that they are unafraid to just give those out all the time. To me, it can be frustrating, but it does sweeten the moments we get when the characters get something good. I think they'll get Tim out of jail before the end of the season, but he will probably be the only of the originals we see this season other than Julie.
I care an awful lot about Vince - I really like his character and the acting job by that kid. The rest of them I'm not that attached to with the occasional exception of Luke.
Even in a bad season though, this show is better than most. So while it's not as good as Seasons 1 or 3 for me, it does give me a time each week to see Coach and Mrs. Coach...and sometimes that's all I need. We can always fire up the DVDs.