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Thursday, July 8


I haven’t done this yet this season (I am off my game – maybe it is motherhood) so here it is….

My Rankings for last night’s SYTYCD routines:

1. Kent & Lauren – Contemporary

This was by FAR my favorite routine of the season and has found a place among my favorite dances ever!!! Are Kent & Lauren an item in real life?!?!? Sometimes the chemistry is so great that it makes us wonder…..maybe that just means they are that good!

2. Jose & Lauren – Contemporary

I have said it a 1,000 times- I am not a big fan of Lauren but I really enjoyed this dance and Jose did a great job!! They had me at the flip with the leg (loved that part).

3. Katee and Billy – Broadway

Not a big Billy fan (he is too feminine when he dances) but this style suited him perfectly and we all love Katee, right? My husband just kept asking, why wasn’t she one of the all stars to begin with???

4. Dominic & Ashley – Hip Hop

I heart Dominic! Ok so this was not an emotional routine but it had a few things that I love…Dominic, NappyTabs, Ludacris, booty poppin, and did I mention Dominic! Seriously, Ashley did a great job of pulling it off.

5. Lauren & Pasha – Cha Cha

I was telling Michael last night I usually am not a big fan of when guys dance like Pasha (looks girly) but I love me some Pasha! Lauren did a great job of holding her own! It was her night for sure!

6. Kent & Comfort – Hip Hop

I know there are some haters out there but I loved Kent in this routine. He did a great job of not cheesing it up too much (which I am sure was hard for him). He did look a little “J.T.ish” and who doesn’t like that!

7. Robert & Katherine – Jazz

GREAT CONCEPT!!! I was so excited to see this routine but was somewhat disappointed. I felt the two were off throughout the routine and didn’t hit the lifts. Robert is a good dancer but it wasn’t a great week for him.

8. Billy & Jose – African Jazz (couldn’t find the video)

Ok I know so many people love Billy and I just gripe about him but there were some shining moments for him in this routine. When Billy got low and contorted his body, it was crazy (crazy good). However I don’t think either showed great African Jazz. Billy looked like a contemporary dancer and Josie well looked tired! Neither of them hit it like I wanted them too (once again I can’t help but compare them to another couple – Heidi and Travis from season 2 – there African Pop dance blew me away).

I can’t find an individual video of Heidi and Travis pop routine but just fastforward to 3.12 on this video.

9. Adechike & Courtney – Jazz (can’t find this video)

This routine was a miss for me…Courtney is great but I didn’t even find her that entertaining during this routine. There was just not enough dancing period.

10. Adechike & “Alex” – Bollywood

Wow the judges were really hard on Adechike in this dance. I know I have him low but it is because there were some really great dances this week. Also it wasn’t necessary for Mia to keep mentioning how much she missed Alex after watching this. I was glad Cat chimed in with her two cents about the judges showing favoritism, they always do (I know it is the pot calling the kettle black). No one has even come close to Joshua and Katee’s bollywood routine in season 4!

11. Ashley & Robert – Quickstep (can’t find this video)

This might be the first week that Robert actually deserves to be in the bottom three. This routine wasn’t awful it just wasn’t memorable either – which is part of the reason it can be the kiss of death. I think Ashley will be fine because her other routine was good, plus it is always a good thing to be paired with one of the most beloved contestants of all time (Dominic). It was just an overall boring dance.

I hate to say it but I think Alex is going to be going home tonight because if his injury is as serious as they suspect then there is no way he can continue in the competition. I am sad to say it because he had some great routines this season. The bottom three will be: Adechike, Alex, and probably Robert again.

What was your favorite routine? Who do you think is on the chopping block tonight?


jessica and corey said...

i was also really glad cat said what she did about the judges being so hard on adechike and not on jose. i feel like they're always criticizing adechike and they always tell jose he's not a good dancer, but that he's "just great." whatever... adechike isn't my favorite, but they're way too harsh on him.

Samantha said...

Wow, Kent and Lauren's performance was hypnotizing! I never watched SYTYCD (I can't handle Mary Murphy--didn't realize she wasn't judging this season). Thanks for posting the highlights!