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Friday, July 16


The Obsession continues…

There are a handful of people from SYTYCD past that I would call myself “obsessed” with and throughout this post you will see who I am talking about. 

1. Robert and Allison - Contemporary
I thought this dance was great it was the key “emotional routine” of the season. However I didn’t like it as much as the Travis routine last week. Maybe bc my favorites are Lauren and Kent! But I love all-star Allison!

2. Lauren and Billy - Jazz
Billy once again is not one of my favorites but I agree with the judges that Jazz fits him so well. I thought the cat routine last week and this shoe routine were his two best. For some reason he doesn’t look quite as feminine dancing Jazz!

3. Kent and Adechike – Contemporary
Kent once again stood out and I thought this showed off his technique. However this was definitely one of Adechike’s best performances!

4. Kent and Neil – Broadway
This dance was really good and Kent was great… I agree with Nigel he out danced Neil but Neil has never been one of my favorites. I loved the playfulness of the routine.

5. Jose and Dominic – B-Boying
Ok so I know that people have fallen in love with Jose and trust me I get it. He is absolutely precious! He is a sweet, kind hearted boy with a smile to make your heart melt. However at this point in the competition (the top 7) we really need to start considering his dance technique. Jose had the opportunity to shine this week in his own style (B Boy) and I disagree with the judges and thought he failed! Here is why: Like I said this is where he should shine and I think Dominic completely out shined him. Dominic brought more personality, he was smoother with his lines and honestly every single thing he did was better! I know I know I am obsessed but seriously watch both of them and you must agree with me, right?!?!? I know that Dominic is an all-star and it may be unfair to compare the two but like it was mentioned earlier in the night Kent out danced Neil and at this point in the competition you should be able to out dance the all-stars in your own genre. I am sorry I too love Jose but I think his time should be wrapping up! Please he didn't grab me when he "danced for his life" either.

Better Quality Video -

6. Robert & Kathryn – Disco
Robert is good but not at Disco. He just didn’t bring any “Umf” to the dance.

7. Lauren & Mark –Tahitian
This dance is hard to judge because it didn’t look like there was that much to it but goodness Lauren can move her hips. And I ALWAYS enjoy Mark! (bonus points for the hip movement)

8. Billy & Anya – Jive
I may have ranked this low but I couldn’t remember this dance and I once again I am not a Billy fan.

9. Adechike & Anya – Salsa
Ballroom suffered this week with these two guys dancing it. I thought Anya looked like she was literally grabbing the boys hands and leading them. Plus all the lifts looked awkward!

10. Jose and Courtney – Broadway
Sorry but I thought the choreography was not entertaining. Maybe it was because Jose was lack luster but nothing about this dance appealed to me.

I wasn’t super disappointed with Ashley leaving…sucks that people keep getting hurt though it makes the competition less fun. Until next week….