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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Thursday, September 16

Fall TV is BACK!

And it has begun….

Fall TV has officially started back! I love this time of year for so many reasons, I love when the weather it starts to turn cool (not cold), I love ALABAMA football, the holiday’s are quickly approaching, and of course I love fall TV. I must say so many of the shows I watch are well past their primes: Grey’s Anatomy (for me the loss of George and Izzy was too much), One Tree Hill (this show pretty much ended after they left high school), Desperate Housewives (it feels like the same repeated story lines over and over), Private Practice (they have royally screwed up the couples on this show, I don’t know who to route for anymore), Gossip Girl (season 1 was great but it went downhill fast), and Brothers & Sisters is still hanging on but some of the story lines have been pretty icky (Justin/Rebecca). Lost was the only drama for me that fully kept my attention until the very end (but even it peaked in seasons 1-3). All that being said enter the best two new shows of last season: MODERN FAMILY and PARENTHOOD! If you aren’t watching these shows YOU SHOULD!!!! I know there are a lot of GLEE lovers out there and you have finally won my attention (I want to rent season 1) but it took me a while to have that desire. It looks like the cheesiest show on TV, almost like a High School Musical wanna be, BUT I am giving in and I will try to rent season 1.

Now let’s talk about Modern Family (Comedy) and Parenthood (extremely underrated dramedy).



  • It just won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. (Beating out The Office, 30 Rock, and YES EVEN GLEE).
  • Also the lovable character Cameron played by Eric Stonestreet won the Emmy for best Supporting Actor in a comedy series. All the other adult actors were also nominated for Emmy's except Ed O’Neil (who should have been nominated).
  • CAST CAST CAST – the cast is wonderful and the chemistry is simply brilliant.
  • The one-liners you will now have stacked up in your vocabulary is reason enough.
  • Laughing! The main reason you should watch this show is because it will make you laugh!

Here are some great clips from the show:


  • Seriously this show is extremely unrated, under watched, and under appreciated.
  • Loosely based on a great American CLASSIC - If you haven’t seen the movie you should!
  • I love the cast (Lauren Graham - Gilmore Girls, Peter Krause – Dirty Sexy Money, Monica Potter –ConAir Patch Adams, Head Over Heels, Dax Shepard – Punk’d, Craig T. Nelson – Coach, Mae Whitman – One Fine Day) Seriously you MUST see someone on that list you love!
  • The story lines are intelligent, new, funny, and entertaining. The story lines seem simple, believable, yet are very interesting.
  • The characters draw you in immediately; you care and feel for them.
  • The amazing foundation of a family that really loves one another.
  • PERFECT TIMING – I feel each cast member has perfect timing.

Great clips from the show:

Bad Video quality but AWESOME SCENE:


Happy FALL Watching


Laura said...

sarah you nailed it! LITERALLY our two favorite shows!!

Samantha said...

You've convinced me to give Parenthood a second chance! 2 questions:

1. do you still watch House? I did for the first few seasons and then moved on. Wondered if it's jumped the shark, but it still gets nominated for emmys...

2. are you excited about any new comedies?

Sarah Beth said...

Samantha - I never watched House. It is one show I never got on board with and I am pretty sure bc when it came out I thought it was a Grey's wannabe...I don't think that anymore but I am not one to start a show in the middle so I would have to rent the seasons and get caught up and I am not that excited about it.

I have not looked into any new shows really bc I have so many already...however I am interested in a couple that are already out that I don't watch "Cougar Town" and "30 Rock" mainly.

Whitney said...

LOVE Modern Family. Like Parenthood a lot too :)