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Thursday, May 21

Summer Shows:

So You Think You Can Dance:

Get excited because one of the greatest shows on TV starts TONIGHT!!! The audition rounds start tonight, which is fun to see all the unique styles come out and showcase their talents but much like American Idol the audition rounds get old fast and it is much more fun once they pick the top 12.

It seems every year that I have watched the show it has gotten better and better. I first started watching in Season 2 (thanks to a friend insisting that I watch it) and fell in love with Ivan, Allison, Heidi, and Travis. One of my all time favorite routines is the park bench (Travis & Heidi) along with the umbrella dance (Ivan & Allison).

Season 3 was even better with Dominic and Sabra (I fell in love them at the very beginning and their chemistry was amazing). I also loved Neil, Hok and Jaime. Some of my favorite dances from that season were the hip hop routine with Dom and Sabra, the hummingbird (Jaime and Hok), the board room dance (Sabra and Neil) and the Tango with Neil and Sabra.

Season 4 was the best season yet with such amazing routines all season long. I loved so many of the routines. Season 4 I loved Joshua, Katee, Chelsea, Mark, Twitch, Gev and Courtney. Pretty much any routine that Joshua and Katee did was wonderful. See my previous post about the show for my favorite dances from last season.

Buddy TV has a list posted of the 25 SYTYCD Contestants ever, I don’t agree with the order of the list but I wanted to share it:

25. Jessica
23. Jaime
22. William
21. Courtney
20. Dmitry (He gets on my nerves but I understand why he is ranked)
19. Melody (Didn’t watch season 1 so I know nothing about her)
18. Anya (It was a shock when she got sent home and the song "Apologize" will always remind me of her)
17. Dominic (He should be above Gev)
16. Gev
15. Pasha (Loved him)
14. Chelsie (she is probably in my top 5)
13. Mark
12. Danny
11. Donyelle (Not sure why she would be ranked above Heidi)
10. Hok
9. Lacey (She is way too high for my liking)
8. Neil
7. Nick
6. Twitch
5. Travis (I really wanted him to win Season 2)
4. Joshua
3. Benji
2. Katee
1. Sabra

Here is one last fun clip to watch of Wade Robson's "Waiting on the World to Change" performed by all 10 final contestants. It was a controversial dance that I believe is the reason Wade isn't choreographing as much on the show anymore...too bad bc he came up with some of the best dances of all time.

The Bachelorette:

The Bachelorette started on Monday which many believe may have been the reason Melissa didn’t win the finale of Dancing with the Stars because all her voters were tuned into The Bachelorette rather then DWTS. Jillian the newest Bachelorette met her 30 Bachelors (first time the additional 5 have been added) and there seem to be a couple keepers among the bunch. My early favorites are Jesse, Kiptyn, and Jake (the Pilot). Judging by the preview for this season there should be a lot of drama to draw in viewers.

Last season when Jason dumped Melissa on live TV many viewers said they were done with the show for good. How many of you stuck to it and aren’t watching this season??? It was a great ploy by ABC to have one of the girls Jason “broke their heart” as the Bachelorette bc those who walked away hating Jason probably felt for the girls he didn’t pick.

What did you think of the premiere???


Christa said...

I have to disagree with your assessment that Melissa didn't win DWTS b/c she lost her fan base to the Bachelorette ... As someone who only watched DWTS this year b/c of Shawn Johnson, I think she's truly become one of America's Sweethearts, and I'm sure she has a huge fan base -- especially with the junior high girls who tend to vote a hundred times. I think Shawn Johnson would have been your DWTS champion regardless of The Bachelorette's premier date.

Shelley said...

I never really think I could get more excited about a show but the minute I watch SYTYCD I remember why I love the show SO MUCH. Am I the only one who gets super excited when the theme song comes on?!

I started watching season 2, too, SB! SO glad that Katy's friend is back this year. Bleeding love is still one of my favorite dances and I love that I now watch Chelsie on DWTS! I am glad there are not many shows on this time of year or I would be GLUED to the TV all summer.

I LOVE that Shawn won DWTS. You can tell she has a heart of gold. (PLUS, she wasn't dressed in a skimpy outfit each week and still pulled it off!) She handled it so gracefully for a 17 year old! It made me so happy (and the fact that Kris pulled it off too)!

Great week!

Shelley said...

P.S. Christy I think you are right. I know, for one, my own mother voted 5 times for Shawn (didn't know she even knew how) so I think she won over the hearts of mothers everywhere too! :)

Areta said...

I really like Jake the pilot too! I do not like Wes!