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-Christina, Parenthood

Friday, October 24



Woo Hoo!! If you read my blog you know that last night I was SUPER excited with how the episode played out. I heart Alex and I love him and Izzy together! Last night we pealed another layer off Alex and I like what I am seeing.... I also loved when Izzy came into his room and repeated "I care about you, I care about you, I care about you..." Alex needs someone to really love him and not leave him (from what I have gathered thus far). So right now I am super super excited!!! I also love the story line of Lexie and makes me so happy to see Lexie do things like decorate George's locker because it seems so real!!! I love it! I loved how at the end she told George he was a jerk for not noticing her...I think he needed to hear it! Yay for me last nights episode was pretty good!

In a recent interview Patrick Dempsey hinted that their might be a wedding soon for Meredith and Derek... For all those MerDer fans out there this is big news! I would be extremely happy if they got married and ended that saga.... Let's move on the other characters.... I want to find out more about Mark Sloan, Lexie, Cristina etc..... But this season I love the focus on Alex!!!

Gossip Girl:
This weeks episode of Gossip Girl also made me extremely happy much like Grey's. I love getting to know Chuck Bass more and more and I loved the end when he told Blair to say those three little words, three syllables, eight letters... It is so obvious that they both love each other but are too scared to admit it... But it is what makes the show so intriguing. Next I love the story line developing between Nate and Dan... I think that will be a great friendship, also I have always wanted Jenny and Nate to be together and I think this is going to open that door. Next weeks preview looks pretty interesting, hopefully we will still like Jenny when it is over but I am excited to see Willa on next week's episode. Serena has been getting on my nerves lately so I think that her character needs a revamp or new story lines.... What are your thoughts?

Thanks to my friend Mary I have attached the preview for LOST!!! Get excited the new season doesn't start until January but this preview looks awesome! :)
(scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the preview)


Shelley said...

I have totally been travelin too much to keep up with my shows so I thank you for the updates. I feel in the loop now. LOVE the themed music! :)