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Thursday, October 9

Go Evelyn!

The Island:

Loved it!!! Get it Evelyn… Ok so usually I really like Johnny and Paula – in the past they have been some of my favorites, well not this time around. I have to be honest I don’t love many people on this challenge, really only Derek. Anyways I have hated how Johnny just took over the Island and more so that he thinks he is so much better than everyone else… Sometimes I agree with what he is saying BUT rarely do I agree with how he goes about saying them. I loved how Evelyn totally played the alliance and told everyone what they were up to… Here is the break down:


Kenny - Key
Dunbar - Key
Paula - Key


Evelyn - Key
Derek - Key
Robyn - Key
Jen - Key
Kelly Ann - Key

It seems to me there are still a lot of people not in the alliance so they should team up together and take the alliance out! Only three of the people in the alliance are currently holding keys… It seems like the easiest thing to do would be to take Paula’s key bc she would have a hard time getting her key back (don’t forget in order to receive a key they have to WIN the challenge). I don’t see Paula easily beating Evelyn, Robyn, Kelly Ann or Jenn… She might could take Colie but there would have to be another person she was taking on… the best bet for the alliance would be to put in Paula and Johanna against Colie and then one of their girls would probably get the key (but then one of their girls might get sent home). The other two boys in the alliance don’t seem like strong competitors at all… Don’t forget neither Kenny nor Dunbar has WON a challenge (Dunbar was handed a key and Kenny got second place against Abram). It looked like this next week Derek was in the challenge so my question is “if Derek wins” can he have 2 keys OR can he steal it and give it to someone else?? I hope Derek wins steals Paula’s key and gives it to Dan (He needs another guy on his team). I just really hope we see the alliance unravel bc they have been so awful to everyone thus far. Don’t forget they promised Jenn that if she helped Paula win her challenge that they would take care of her… then they threw her to the wolves during the last episode.

What do you think of the alliance?

The Olsen Twins:
I saw this picture of the Olsen twins and I had to post... look at those Olsen faces.... classic!


Another 90210 romance is brewing...this time between Jessica & Adam (Ty & Adrianna).


TBG said...

I agree! Go Evelyn! I hate how Johnny, who Ive also enjoyed in the past, always calls her a "dumb bitch", etc. I'm happy for her win!

Shelley said...

I love the behind-the-scenes 90210 budding romance! I bet will see a lot more...

Shelley said...

Speaking of "a lot more" I just spotted your post below. There IS more romance on set. Drama!