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Wednesday, October 8

Aubrey's Out & Brenda's In!

Making the Band 4:Ok so all episode long I was waiting for it....the drama to unfold in Danity Kane...who knew there was so much drama off camera? I wasn't surprised that some of the girls had issues with Aubrey given all the press surrounding her lately.... It seems like every time I turn around there is a scandalous picture of her! Ugh, I wouldn't think that is the image anyone wanted to portray...especially fellow group members Shannon & Aundrea. I had no idea Aundrea & Aubrey don't talk anymore...that is crazy given the fact that they were so close through out the entire process. Anyways when Diddy started the conversation with the girls I got really nervous bc I thought maybe Aundrea was going to be the one he cut loose (we knew he said someone wasn't going to be part of the group any more bc they showed it in the preview) so when he asked Aundrea about the email she sent him I got worried. However we all knew that Aubrey and Diddy have been at odds for years...Aubrey's vision for herself is different than Diddy's which I guess I can understand (even though I don't agree with her vision of being a slut) BUT she did sign on to be part of this group and worked so hard for it, you would think she would be greatful for the opportunity and enjoy it! Diddy is arrogant and sometimes I don't agree with him about things but last night I kind of did... I don't think Diddy should have to run ANYTHING by Aubrey especially when it has to do with his own album. I could understand if Dawn really had been creating her own album but she was just singing back up vocals on his album. The real problem is that Aubrey doesn't trust Dawn and it doesn't seem like they are the only ones in the group lacking trust..... I bet Aundrea and Shannon didn't believe Dawn was creating her own album bc it seems they trust each other..... Well anyways we will have to wait until next week to find out what goes down but for now lets look at some options:

1. Aubrey is out of the group and they go on with only four
2. The group breaks up and maybe only a couple stay together to form "Danity Kane" (I don't think this is a realistic option).
3. Aubrey really isn't out of the group...the girls succeed in getting her back in the group.
4. Aubrey is out and Making the Band 5 begins on finding Aubrey's replacement!!!! (I kind of like this option bc Aubrey has gotten so cocky and I would love to see another season of making the band with Aundrea and the other girls helping find the fifth member).
I have attached a couple videos of Aubrey & Aundrea during happier times together...Just in case you forgot how close they once it is nice to see Aubrey in these videos...she seems so different now.
What do ya'll think is going to happen???

So in other news Shannen has signed on to do two more episodes of 90210 this we haven't seen the last of Brenda yet. Also Jason Priestley has signed on to direct an episode, maybe once he gets there they will be able to pull him in front of the camera :)