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Thursday, June 19

So You Think You Can Dance Rankings:

Ok so here are my rankings of last nights routines... My top three couples stayed the same :) I attached the youtube links below each dance so you can watch if you are completely in the dark about all of this....

1. Twitch and Kherington - Viennese waltz
Ok so I went back and forth between these two and Katee and Josh for who should rank first.... It is hard for me to judge the technical part of the routines (not sure which one was more on point) but I thought that the emotion, music and lighting of Twitchington's routine gave them an upper hand on Katee and Josh. This was probably the first Viennese Waltz that I really enjoyed. The emotion behind the number obviously helped draw us all into the routine more but I thought that the two performed the dance wonderfully. Twitch really surprised me with his arms and flow of his body...HE DID GREAT. I think that Kherington is a beautiful dancer and probably will master anything they throw at her...I somewhat agreed with Mia Michaels that she smiles the entire time...I actually noticed this in her auditions, she never stops smiling during her numbers...I would love to see a different type of emotion elude form her. I think when they get a contemporary number we will HOPEFULLY see a different side of her. BUT OVERALL GREAT JOB!!!!

2. Katee and Josh - Broadway
I love this couple, they are my very favorite!!!!! Katee has just caught on fire, it is funny bc I actually think she had a lot of people that didn't like her when the competition started bc when it was down to her and her friend for the top 20 there was some drama. BUT she has come on the show full force. Josh and Katee have such great chemistry and connection together on stage...they are always SO together. I love it...Last night they really did so great...I loved how the judges gave them a standing ovation.....I think Josh is going to surprise everyone through out the competition....I could watch it over and over loved it!!!!

3. Chelsie and Mark - Argentine Tango
Ofcourse this is Chelsie's style but I thought they executed it perfectly...I completed agree with Mia Michaels when she said they are a combination of beauty and quirkiness which is wonderful. I truly love them together. The foot work in this dance was very complicated and fast and I thought they both did great!!! They drew me in and made it look easy.

4. Courtney and Gev- Contemporary
Can we say Awkward!!! I thought is was so awkward how Gev kind of poured out his heart on his feelings for Courtney when he knows she had a boyfriend that whole part was kind of weird. Anyways I thought that they did the dance very well....I actually really liked Courtney's performance the best....She really drew me in and made me believe she was in love. The judges gave more props to Gev probably bc he is a b boy so they were impressed with the transformation. Gev did do a good job of pulling this style off. I give it two thumbs up.

5. Jessica and William - Hip Hop
I really didn't enjoy this dance very much it was ok...I also didn't enjoy the costumes (not sure why, maybe they were too baggy?). During the performance I actually enjoyed Jessica's performance more than Williams...I think that Will is a great dancer and technically might be the best in the competition but I didn't buy this style on him...he was a little too cheesy. Ofcourse the judges don't agree with me and said that they didn't even notice Jessica on stage...hmmm I think they definitely have some favoritism there :)

Couldn't find youtube link

6. Kourtni and Matt - Foxtrot
They did better than last week, Michael thought they did really well...I just hate that I find them awkward and uncomfortable with everything they do. The dance was pretty good I guess but I honestly think they look so uncomfortable up there...especially her. I can't wait till they get Contemporary and see if they do better with it.

7. Comfort and Chris- Krump
I am going to be honest and say I am not sure I have ever really loved a Krump routine. They definitely didn't hit it hard enough. I though Comfort did well but I honestly didn't enjoy the choreography, it was blah along with the music. Chris actually surprised me and hit it harder than I thought he would. Overall it wasn't very memorable and it was a so-so performance.

Couldn't find youtube link

8. Chelsea and Thayne- Jazz
This dance probably did have potential but I never got drawn in, I guess that means I never bought it. I think Mia was very accurate when she said that we never bought that he was a king and that she was his forbidden mistress....I never felt that through out the dance...the music was good though.

9. Susie and Marquis- Salsa
They really had to work at this dance...I felt exhausted for them the entire routine...they didn't make anything look easy. I felt bad for her bc she over heard Jon Marc saying she wasn't really a Salsa dancer... That probably was hard to hear. I agree with the judges though she should have brought more...I definitely think they are in trouble tonight especially her bc if she lands in the bottom three they may say that this was her style and she should have been in the very top not the bottom....but we will see what America thought tonight!

Couldn't find youtube link

Here is Buddy TV's rankings of last nights performances (mine is slightly different):

Lipstick Jungle:
Mary Tyler Moore has been cast on the second season of Lipstick Jungle. She will be appearing on multiple episodes...will she bring more viewers to this low rated show???

Happy Watching,
Sarah Beth