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Thursday, June 26

What Are Your Thoughts??

Great Actors, Bad Movies:

Michael and I were talking about how there are some incredible actors that have hit some all time lows with some really bad movies.... I have listed some below:

Matt Damon = Stuck on You
George Clooney= Solaris
Susan Sarandon= Shall We Dance
Cuba Gooding Jr.= Daddy Day Camp
Who are some other great actors that made bad movies????

Best Comedic Actors of Our Generation:

On the same note who do you think are among the best comedic actors of our generation??? I say our generation bc if I said of all time it would be so difficult to narrow down we all know that Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, John Belushi etc helped pave the road to comedy today but who will we always remember???

My List:
***Chris Farley*** Loved him!!!
David Spade (best side kick of all time)
Adam Sandler
Will Farrell
Vince Vaughn
Steve Carrell

Do you agree or have more thoughts????

So You Think You Can Dance:

I have to start by saying that I really enjoyed last night overall. But ofcourse my top few are staying at the top again this week (maybe I am biased). Here is my break down of last nights performance from best to worst:

1. Chelsie Hightower and Mark: Hip-hop
I am going to start off by saying these two are contemporary and ballroom dancers!!! I thought knowing the story behind the moves helped tremendously bc we felt every movement they did, we understood what was happening. I loved every single move!!! Chelsie's facial expressions and emotions in this dance were incredible, there is definitely a reason I put her as the top girl in this competition yesterday! LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!

2. Joshua and Katee: Samba
Ok once again we have to remember that these are hip hop and contemporary dancers. Joshua really does have such great movement to the music. They both looked great and drew me in, usually these dances aren't as fun to watch but they made it one of my favorites of the night. Loved them both they had such great chemistry once again.

3. Courtney and Gev: Rumba
These two are creeping higher and higher up my list each week. They had great chemistry on stage and made the dance look so easy and effortless. When you watch the technique of this dance it was so difficult and they pulled it off beautifully.

4. Kourtni and Matt: Contemporary
This was not my favorite routine but it was pretty good. I thought Kourtni and Matt did a much better job than the last few weeks but they SHOULD have because this is there style. I wasn't blown away by the routine but I was entertained.

5. Twitch and Kherington: Hip-hop
Ok so I know a lot of people may have this dance higher on the list but I am sorry I wasn't impressed with this at all. I guess I was pleasantly surprised with Kherington (she didn't smile the entire time). I think that Tabitha and Napoleon are really good with the emotional hip hop routines but when it comes to the hard hitting stuff they just aren't gangster enough to pull it off. This was too soft for what it was suppose to be. They did a pretty good job with what they were given.

6. William and Jessica: Disco
Ok so each week the judges go off about how wonderful Will is (can we say "judges favorite") and don't get me wrong I think that technically he is probably one of the best if not the best in the competition but I still haven't really been drawn in by him. It could be the dances he has been given but something is missing for me. I think when he does his solos it is amazing but I have yet to be blown away by him or Jessica during one of their partner routines. Disco is never one of my favorites and I am not sure why but they did a pretty good job. They had mistakes that even I could see which is not speaking well of their performance.

7. Comfort and Chris: Jazz
Unlike Twitchington which was given an ok dance and performed it well, Comfort and Chris were given an amazing routine and did not perform well. Comfort and Chris were given this raw amazing routine with jungle passion and they performed it almost like there own styles. Chris performed it like a contemporary routine and made it too soft and over exaggerated. Comfort performed it like hip hop which is probably why the judges thought that she did better than Chris. Hip hop is a little more hard hitting and edgy but it still isn't what this piece called for. These two are in trouble for sure. I will be surprise if Chris doesn't get sent home.

8. Chelsea and Thayne: Quickstep
This routine fell very very flat. Nigel was right on when he said they had pasted smiles on their face I felt like they were counting out each move...this did not look effortless at all it really looked like they were trying really really hard. We knew they weren't uncomfortable which is going to probably put them in the bottom three again tonight. They are both in trouble tonight.

My prediction for the bottom three:

Chelsea and Thayne
Comfort and Chris
Kourtni and Matt (maybe William and Jessica)

What are your thoughts on last nights performances???

American Idol:

AI has announced the cities it will be coming to for auditions starting July 17. Of course there aren't any cities that are close to Birmingham. Click below for listing.

The Real World: Hollywood

Ok so did anyone catch this episode last night?? I really have never found myself in tears watching The Real World but I was holding them back last night. I was just watching the show and all of the sudden it was a surreal moment. Just curious if anyone else was taken back by last nights episode?


Carrie said...

Sarah Beth I saw your blog through Laura's comments and I am so excited! I love so you think you can dance!!! No one I know here watches it. I am so glad to find someone who appreciates it!!

Sarah Beth said...

Oh I definitely appreciate it!!

LMilky said...

Bachelorette tonight! SO EXCITED

Ben said...

SB: I would have to vote for Will Ferrell as my favorite comedic actor of our generation. It's a tough choice but I think he is the most consistently funny of them all. Though, for me, Owen Wilson is a close second. Also, Claire and I watched Dan in Real Life last night and it was awesome! Best movie I've seen in a while. Steve Carrell continues to move up my list.

Areta said...

Any votes for Jim Carrey?

michael said...

Jim Carrey is phenominal. His performance in Ace Ventura is second to only Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

Sarah Beth said...

I was wondering when anyone was going to mention Jim Carey... There are some others that no ones mention...hmmmm

Matt said...

It has been years since Adam Sandler has been funny. He needs to be careful not to become the Evander Holifield of Comedy.(World Champ to washed out punching bag) Vince Vaughn is very underrated. He and Carrell are my current favorites.