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Tuesday, July 1

DeAnna's Opinion or none at ALL

DeAnna’s Opinion or none at ALL:

Ok so let’s talk about it. Lets begin with YAY I wasn’t a fan of Jeremy so I was kind of glad he got voted off but I actually wish he was still there because I am not liking DeAnna very much. Ok so I am super opinionated and I know sometimes I share my opinions too often or too loudly and maybe seeing my flaws in someone else helps me to see how ugly they are. However I am super opinionated and share my opinion about things that don’t matter and I try to stay away from intense personal arguments because they hit people so deeply and this is where I think I defer from DeAnna. When I disagree with the way someone deals with emotions, religion, politics etc I try really hard to listen and somewhat understand because how would I ever expect them to listen and try to understand me if I don’t do the same for them. DeAnna didn’t let any of the boys have an opinion, she has a very strong personality and is definitely not open to others opinions or beliefs. I was very annoyed with the way she spoke with Graham last night. Graham has done nothing but sing her praise in interviews and I STILL don’t think she truly listened to what he was saying last night. He took big steps for him through out there relationship. None of us know what it is like to be on the reality show like that but I can imagine it is super hard to be 100% sure you are falling in love with someone in the short span of time with such little one on one time. I think he was being honest…Yes he liked her, yes he was falling for her but was he “in love” yet honestly no he wasn’t ….This is why most of the couples from this show don’t make it bc they force this deep serious relationship before they are ready. I think Graham was smart and taking it slow he didn’t want to say things before his heart felt them and he definitely didn’t feel like America needed to know. I also understood where he was coming from when he said she just wanted words and wasn’t noticing the actions. I completely agree that words are just words and that actions speak louder. I still side with Graham on this one and think it is obvious that they are not a good fit. I really wish that Graham would be the next bachelor bc I find him very intriguing but I know he MOST likely won’t be.

I want to touch on another comment that DeAnna makes over and over again and this one might step on some toes L After any hard decision DeAnna has to make she says “Everything happens for a reason” to me this is a cop out. She is not owning up to her mistakes or decisions. I think this makes her feel better about the decisions she makes, like some how “it is out of my hands”. Seriously I could go out and smoke pot and say “Everything happens for a reason” there is a reason I went a lit one up today…NO that would just be justifying the stupid decision I made, not taking any personal responsibility… (I know I am reaching with this example) but I am getting tired of her saying that and “I know exactly what you are feeling” (but I already went off about that one).

Now lets move on to the two guys left… Jesse and Jason. I really have grown fond of both these guys and hate for them to get hurt but also I don’t think DeAnna deserves either one of them. She has such a strong personality and I really don’t see either of them standing up to her…I probably see Jesse setting her straight more than Jason but I really hate for her to end up with either one…. At this point I wish she hadn’t let Jeremy go bc they would probably be good together.

What are your thoughts …who really got on your nerves last night???


Carrie said...

I think she was harsh to Graham but I think it might have been defensive. I can't imagine sitting there in front of all those guys that I had hurt or embarrassed. I think her short attitude might have been from her being uncomfortable. But I tend to give people more benefit than doubt. I like both the guys but Jesse is going to give up sking for her, that seems a little extreme, that is so much of his personality. I feel she might be more attached to Jason the father than Jason the man.

Carrie said...

I meant to tell you how much I love your blog! Being at home in the summer just me and Noah it is good to have your blog to read about my favorite shows!