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Thursday, July 24

Top 8 Performance Rankings

So You Think You Can Dance:

Ok so last night was really good!! There were only a couple that I didn't like and only a one that I really disagreed with the judges on but overall I thought the dancers did a great job. Here is my run down.

1. Katee & Twitch - Contemporary
This dance was so wonderful, it is amazing to me that these choreographers can come up with fresh great ideas over and over - I guess that is why they are "creative". I hate that I love Mia's choreography so much bc I think she is kind of full of herself but she keeps bringing great routines to the show plus she picks wonderful music. I watched the dance twice and loved it so much each time, it was VERY entertaining! One of my favorites of the season thus far.

2. Katee & Twitch - Broadway
I think that Katee is probably the best in this competition bc every week she ranks the highest and she brings out the best in her partner. This number was fast and difficult but they pulled it off!

3. Chelsie & Josh - Argentine Tango
I think this routine was under rated by many it was very difficult and very good. These two are performers!!!

4. Courtney & Will - Samba
I thought Courtney out shined Will in this number but the pair of them did wonderful.
*couldn't find good video

5. Comfort & Mark - Hip Hop
This is not my favorite kind of hip hop but they did a great job and really hit it, I was proud of Mark for keeping up with Comfort. I agree with Nigel 100% when he said her solos aren't very good but when she is given the hip hop choreography she nails it.

6. Chelsie & Josh - Disco
I am never a big fan of Disco not sure why, maybe bc it is usually cheesy and I usually hate the music but this routine was great...Josh & Chelsie nailed each lift and I felt for him at the end of the routine bc you know he was tired.

7. Courtney & Will - Hip Hop
This is the routine is the only routine that I completely disagreed with the judges on.... I thought they lacked chemistry and real emotions this was another routine that I couldn't help but wonder what if Chelsie & Mark or Katee & Josh had performed this routine would I have liked it more. The concept was wonderful and I thought for sure the dance was going to move me but I didn't believe it at all.... I think this might be Will bc I never have believed him in a emotional dance yet...Maybe he is cheesy or too technical to feel the routine.... That is what I like about Josh "he dances from the inside out".

8. Comfort & Mark - Foxtrot
This dance was the only one of the night that seemed very armature. They looked awkward...well to me Comfort looked really awkward and Mark didn't seem too bad, but what do I know.


1. Will
2. Katee
3. Josh
4. Courtney
5. Twitch
6. Chelsie
7. Mark
8. Comfort


Carrie said...

I'm a little behind but I agree completly with the hip hop routine of Courtney and Will. I thought it was good but didn't have the chemistry they all went on about. I watched it over four times trying to find it!!