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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, July 8

Todays TV Gossip

Grey's Anatomy:

Don't say goodbye to Rose just yet. It is rumored that Rose will have an emotional encounter (outburst) with Dr. Shepherd in the series opener and may be sticking around a little longer than that ... so let the love triangle continue. Mer-Der fans don't worry too much Shondra Rhimes did say that these two are together for good now so we shouldn't expect to see him return to Rose but maybe just cause some uncomfortable scenes.

Katherine Heigl will definitely be returning next season despite her remarks about not being nominated for an Emmy... She took herself out of the Emmy race saying that she was not given material this season that was Emmy worthy. Many took these comments as a jab at writers and producers of the show. Lets not forget the show that made her who she is today. Many rumors have been swirling saying there is bad blood between her and writers (this has not been confirmed) but insiders say that the writers are prepared if she does leave the show or they decide for her to leave..they have a wish list of blonde bombshells to bring in to carry out a similar role on Greys. For now Izzy will be back on the show...hopefully Katherine will shut her mouth for a while and Izzy with find her way into Alex's arms :)

How do you feel about Katherine's comments towards the Emmy's this year???


Lost re-runs are going to be aired the Sci-Fi Channel beginning in September. If you are like me and are dying for the 5th season to begin, which doesn't until January 2009 (ugh) then this might help you overcome your lost withdrawals. The Lost episodes will begin airing on September 15 in four hour blocks. They will air four episodes of Lost each Monday night!! So if you don't watch Lost here is your chance to catch up!!!

Teen Choice Awards:
The Teen Choice Awards which air August 4th on Fox has announced there nominations (they actually did this a while back...I am behind) but I find the nominations very interesting. Click below to see the complete list.