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Thursday, July 10

I am so EXCITED!!!

The Island: The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Returns

As I watched the final episode of the Real World my stomach started turning as I knew that usually the end of The Real World means the beginning of The Challenge. As I waited for the episode to finish I couldn't wait to see if there would be a preview for the next Challenge and there was. YAY!!! If you don't watch this show you really don't know what you are missing it is a combination of serious drama with great competition. Ok so here is what I saw on the preview (which you can click on the link below to watch) they are starting a new Challenge called "The Island" it will be an individual competition, every man for himself. The best news is that DERRICK (the heart) is BACK!!!! Derrick had said that he was done with the competition but I guess he spoke too soon and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are all VERY EXCITED!!!

Others on the show this season (confirmed by source linked below):

Ashli Robson (The Real World: Sydney)
Kelly Anne Judd (The Real World: Sydney)
Colie Edison
Johanna Botta
Robin Hibbard
Tonya Cooley
Jennifer Grijalva ("Jen")
Evelyn Smith
Paula Meronek
Rachel Robinson
Ryan Kehoe
Cohutta Lee Grindstaff (The Real World: Sydney)
Dunbar Flinn (The Real World: Sydney) I actually am curious if he is still with his woman.
Johnny Devenanzio
Dan Walsh (The last seaon of The Road Rules)
Derrick Kosinski (The Heart: YAY)
Dave Malinosky (The Real World:Hollywood)
Kenny Santucci
Tyrie Ballard
Abram Boise (what what, he's back...the last time we saw him was the season he sent Timmy HOME)

So it seems like "Sydney" might be the new "Austin" meaning there are a lot of cast members from that season and they are all new! This actually might be a good thing for Dave he is a new cast member fresh off the Hollywood cast but he might slip under the radar since there are 4 members from the same cast on the show....BUT lets not forget there might be some major drama between those four given who they are (Cohutta & Kelly, who were still together at the reunion show of there season, doesn't look like they are still together now. And Dunbar and Ashli who apparently hooked up on the show and definitely had some major fall outs) this might create more drama then camaraderie. We are definitely missing some of the key players this time around lets take a second to remember those:


Those key players usually brought drama and hard core competition and some of them probably will never be on the show again they will just rest in our minds with "Rachel, Veronica, Mike(The Miz), Mark & Theo) aah the good ole days. I hope some of these new comers will bring drama and serious COMPETITION to the show. The show is set to air Wednesday's at 9:00 in the "fall" aah when is that??? I will let you know as soon as I find out!!! Get excited!!! I think I am team Paula and Team Derrick right now!!!

What are your thoughts and comments???

So You Think You Can Dance:

I will start off by saying two things 1) I did not really enjoy last nights show, none of the dances/performances blew me away 2) This is MY opinion so I know a lot of people out there will view the list differently, and I would love to hear from you.

1. Katee & Josh - Bollywood
2. Gev & Courtney - Cha Cha
3. Gev & Courtney - Jazz
4. Chelsea & Mark - Broadway
5. Chelsea & Mark - Salsa
6. Jessica & Will - Contemporary
7. Katee & Josh - Viennese Waltz
8. Comfort & Thayne - Hip Hop
9. Kherington & Twitch - Krump
10. Kherington & Twitch - Tango
11. Comfort & Thayne - Contemporary
12. Jessica & Will - Quick Step

Ok I am not going to talk about each routine but here are some overall thoughts from last nights show.... Katee, Joshua, Chelsea, Mark, Courtney, and Gev are great performers even if the routine they are given isn't the most fun to watch they make it fun and energetic. I honestly feel they leave 100% on the floor EVERY night!!! Alright I am going to talk about the contemporary routine performed by Jessica & Will, this performance might be the most over-rated of ALL time! I watched it twice last night trying to see if I missed it. I thought Tyce created a beautiful, intense, and emotional routine BUT the performance lacked the passion it needed or deserved. I can only think if one of the other three couples i mentioned danced this routine I might have been BLOWN away. I honestly don't feel ANY connection or chemistry between the two of them and what I do see if forced and fake. On the note of Jessica & Will how about Mia's extremely harsh comments to Jessica after their second routine.... "Will you look tired, you look like you are tired of carrying your partner this entire season, you need a new partner." WOW this was blunt and rude, and then Cat asked Will what he thought about that...As if there was a good response to that statement. I really don't have much to say about the other routines I feel the same as I always do about them. Twitch and Kherington are good but not as good as the other top three couples, although I will be extremely interested to see what happens when they change partners. Comfort and Chris have NO CHEMISTRY once again I thought the dance they were given by Mandy Moore was a really good routine but they did not pull it off. Here is who I think will be in the bottom three this week:

1. Comfort & Thayne
2. Jessica & Will
3. It will either be Chelsea & Mark (they definitely DON'T deserve to be there) OR Twitch and Kherington (after last night this would be my vote)

The people going home will be Thayne and probably Comfort but they could send Jessica home.

What are your thoughts on this weeks routines?? Who do you think is going home?


Carrie said...

I just got to watch it today, I was at the beach last week and missed it. I completely agree with you about Will and Jessica's routine as well as Mia's comments. I rewound to make sure I heard her right. Jessica will go home next week. I was surprised she didn't go this week.But I don't know about the guys. They are all pretty good. Which guy do you think will go next? And I am sad about changing couples up. I love the couples as they are. I think some of their chemistry is what makes them so good.

Sarah Beth said...

I agree with you about the couples it will be sad to see some of them part ways but to me this is the part of the competition where people start to stand out. I remember last season I loved Sabra and Dominique I thought there chemistry was amazing. When Dominique got paired with other people he did not shine, BUT sabra made everyone she was paired with look great and it will be interesting to see if that happens to be people. I agree that right now I really think most of the guys seem really good!