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Tuesday, July 8

The Bachelorette

Ok so I don't think anyone was too shocked that she picked Jesse... Although after last nights episode I do think they were really trying to make you feel like she was going to pick Jason. I felt badly for Jason but I honestly think it was a great thing for him. He is way too good for her. I really like Jesse although I hated the two of them together by the end of the night "oh honey kiss kiss, I love you" every five seconds. It was all just over the top for me, but some people like that. Anyways I honestly don't have much to say about the actual show last night I lost so much interest ever since Graham left, sorry. On the After the Rose I give major props to Jason for asking her all those questions, he really laid it all out there and I loved it. I also appreciated that DeAnna finally gave Brad some credit for the hard decision he had to make last year, I did think it was weird that he didn't want to continue dating either one of the girls at the end of the season, but if it wasn't there then all the more power to him for not LEADING them on. Ok I absolutely loved that Jason said I would have given anything for you to look at me the way you looked at Jesse or Graham. It was so obvious to everyone that there were real sparks between her and Graham and that she was SOOO into him. DeAnna even said to Jason "Graham doesn't even compare to the person Jesse is or to the person you are." Ok so lets talk about this statement. First of all pour Jesse knew that there was something there with Graham and something deeper than he probably knew until he watched the show back. Secondly I really lost even MORE respect for DeAnna for saying this, It is one thing to say that to Jesse in private but another to say that on National TV. How rude and cruel to say that Graham as a person does not ever COMPARE to those men. She could have said that he wasn't right for her or something different but I thought that was such a low blow when Graham has only spoken highly of her in interviews since the show, I guess this shows his class. Ok I know I always go off about Graham, sorry. Ok so the only other thing I really walked away with after last nights show was so much respect for Jason. He is such a classy, stand up guy, I still believe he is a little uhmm either dorky, or cheesy but hey that not always a bad thing. I hope he finds true love soon! :)

What are your thoughts after last nights shows??


Michael said...

The way that Jesse and DeAnna were acting reminded me of my good friend Benji and his wife to be, Claire. Its cute for about 10 seconds then you just want to throw up.

Shelley said...

Michael, I totally agree. I think we all know "that" couple.

Anyone want to go to Seattle with me? Strangely I am headed that way anyway. I think I may seek Jason out and proclaim my love for him.

Sadly I am really excited about the 90210 spin-off. I hope it doesnt disappoint me!

Shelley said...

P.S. 3 HOURS!? I mean, really!