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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, July 14

New Shows

Ok so Michael and I are trying to get into a few new shows..I know crazy right, like we don't have enough already? Well right now we only have 1 real show we watch each week, our TiVo may see things differently bc it tapes (Denise Richards, Living Lohan, Regis & Kelly, & Legally Blonde) but the only show that both of us ARE really into is So You Think You Can Dance. All that being said we want to get into some shows that we have heard great things about over the years. We are currently in the process of catching up with 24 (we are on season 5), and last night we added a new show to our list. We rented Weeds the showtime series, does anyone out there watch this? Mary Louise Parker has received rave reviews over the years for this show and won multiple awards. Michael and I watched 2 episodes last night and were pleased with them, but I hope the depth of the show continues to grow. If you are a weeds fan, let me know. Some other shows we are thinking about starting:

Arrested Development
The Wire
Boston Legal
We can't start all of these right now, does anyone have any feedback to which show we should start watching??? Or is there another show out there that we should get into??? I am really wanting feedback to decide our next show.

Shows Starting Tonight:

Saving Grace & The Closer both return to TNT tonight. Both of these shows have received rave reviews. For more information about the premieres click the links below:

On the same note Big Brother started last night and will air Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday of each week.

90210: No David Silver

In a recent interview with TV Guide Brian Austin Green said that he has not been approached by the producers of 90210 to return and probably wouldn't. He basically said he is still thought of as David Silver and is trying to get away from that, poor boy :)

Dark Knight:

I know this is not TV but I thought it was note worthy. The Dark Knight hits theatres this weekend. This is definitely the most talked about release in a really long time (maybe since Brokeback Mountain). The movie was going to be big no matter what but due to Heath Ledgers untimely death the movie has had more press than any movie this summer. The following article talks about the movie and gives it great reviews. They gave all the key players great feedback except Maggie Gyllenhaal. They said Heath's role is amazing but so are the others in the movie. They also said it was too long (it is 2 and 1/2 hours long). I am so excited to see this movie!!! :)

What do you think about Dark Knight are you going to see it or skip it?

The Hills:

Rumors were stirring over the weekend that Audrina had moved out of the house she shared with Lauren & Lo because there was reportedly a fight between two females at the house that caused the police to show up & a moving truck at their house. Audrina & Lauren both deny that Audrina has moved out. Lauren said the fight was between her stylist & neighbor and the moving truck was really a delivery truck delivering new furniture. For more info on the situation read the article below. Also for all latest news on The Hills read my friend Areta's blog at

Are you looking forward to the Hills return in August?


Areta said...

I am super-pumped about The Hills in August (of course I would be!) I am also very excited about Dark Knight! I can't wait to see it! I will say to stay away from the following show: Brooke Knows Best. I tried to watch it last night and it was so BORING! I highly suggest Big Brother 10!

jessica and corey said...

hey, i know this is a really old post, but i've watched weeds... i started watching seasons 1 and 2 on netflix because i could watch them instantly on my computer so i caught up really quick. i'm about to start season 4. for me, it's kind of one of those shows you can take or leave. it's an interesting storyline, but i don't really feel attached to any of the characters, so i'm not all that invested in it. did you guys stick with it?