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Monday, September 22

Monday's Thoughts

I haven't written in days... this will all stop very soon since MOST of my shows will be back on by the middle of next week!!! I have a few thoughts to share from some shows last week that I haven't shared yet.

Ok so last week I wrote a post of this subject and somehow it got deleted! By now hopefully everyone is caught up and knows that Dylan is the babydaddy! I was excited to hear this news but in no way shocked. It would have been weird and disappointing for it to be anyone else. The sad part about it is that Luke Perry is refusing to return to the show, boo! We can still keep our fingers crossed that they will find his buying price! As far as the rest of the episode goes...pretty boring, I am not drawn into the story lines just yet.
Also Annie and Silver are being attacked for their weight by producers and co-stars. The rumor is that their co-stars are going to have a sit down with the girls about their weight. Also the other rumor is that the producers are going to ask the girls to gain weight. Also Penn Badgely (Dan Humphry- Gossip Girl) has said he thinks they are too thin and that he appreciates the girls on Gossip Girl who have curves and are beautiful!
What do you think, are the girls too thin??

The Island: RW/RR Challenge:

This episode was kind of crazy to me for a couple reasons:

1. Abe gets attacked by wasps (which I have enclosed pictures of, simply crazy)..I was hurting for him and he acted like he wasn't even really in pain... We all new Abraham was pretty bad a** but seriously!!!

2. Abe decides he needs to go home and tells everyone in the elimination to send him home. Ok so I guess they did the "noble" thing sending him home but as far as strategy goes this one went over my head. Here are my thoughts: Johnny and Abe are both good competitors which will be hard for a girl or another guy to eliminate during the challenges. If they had voted Johnny off then that would have left Abe on the show (which he is a better competitor and you would want him in your boat for sure) or if Abe felt that strongly he would have had to quit...which means Johnny and Abe are both out of the competition, good news for the rest of the Island... Am I right??
Hmm I thought for sure they were still going to vote Johnny home... ahh well... I guess next week it is going to be all girls going in, bring out the nails ladies it is going to be a fight for sure!
I didn't get to watch much of the Emmy's last night and I forgot to TiVo them so all I know is what I read today. The hosts are getting blasted for a poor show. The shows that got most of the praise I don't watch so I don't have much to comment on...
Big Winners of the night:
Tina Fey - 30 Rock
Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
30 Rock - Best Comedy
Mad Men - Best Drama
Jeremy Piven - Entourage
Jean Smart - Samantha Who?
Amazing Race - Best Reality Competition
John Adams took home I think 13 Awards.....
Thats all I really have to say about that!
I am so excited because it is Monday and a great night for TV!!!
Happy Watching


Areta said...

So I watched 90210 last night and couldn't get over how skinny Silver's arms were. Yuck! Do we know how old these girls are? Maybe Annie is just young and very petite?!

Shelley said...

I never noticed...until now. NOW I am VERY concerned...and all I can look at is their skinny arms! ahhhh