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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Tuesday, September 30

Trying to Keep Up!

I am trying so hard to keep up with all my shows and all the new gossip but I keep falling behind a day or two which means it just piles up really fast...I still haven't watched One Tree Hill from last night but I am excited to see how the episode turned out. Here is the news for now.

Gossip Girl:
Ok so I am simply loving GG more and more with each episode that passes...There were so many great things about last nights episode. Of course I am so biased at this point, but I love the direction that things are moving with Chuck (I feel the same way about Alex on Grey's). We got a little peek at who Chuck is last night and where some of his anger or distance comes from. I love how we got just a taste and now we are going to see some awful things come out of him. D better watch out bc no one wants an enemy like Chuck Bass! Another great thing about last nights episode was NO Vanessa, I am sorry but her character simply annoys me, however I did miss Nate in last nights episode. I love the story line right now between Blair and Serena - I want them to be friends but having the two Queen B's fighting for the title makes for much better drama! You know it is good TV when the entire show you are going back and forth between sides. I found myself jumping on B's team and S's team at various points in the show...Ultimately I am TEAM B (mainly bc I am Team CHAIR) but Blair was such a B**** last night and I loved every minute of it. I also love that J and B may have formed their own little bond at the end of the episode...but what is Jenny going to do just quit school??? Hmmm I am not sure how I feel about this story line yet. Also I am so curious when Jenny's new friend played by Willa Hollard is going to enter the picture... I am ready for her to come and cause some drama! Until next week....XOXO

Thoughts and Comments

Prison Break:
You would think it might get old watching Michael Scofield save the day over and over again..but it DOESN'T. Once again Michael thought of the greatest plans to get another card holder and get Mahone out of Jail...I was feeling bad for Mahone at first, I at least want him to kill Wyatt before he dies (which is funny bc usually I am not a supporter of the death penalty but on TV I say kill him). Anyways I loved the horse racing scene and can't wait till next weeks episode when T-Bag and Scofield are working together...what is Michael going to do???

Are you tired of watching Michael save the day over and over again?

The Hills:
Oh goodness! Is Spencer serious?? He must be putting it on for the Camera...surely no one is that rude and disrespectful to the parents of their significant other...SURELY! Do we think Holly and Heidi's mom are trying to get rid of Spencer??? I think we all hope so! Stephanie was so annoying this week, she just kept lying left and right... I am sure she was getting confused in her own web of lies! It is so funny bc if she had just asked Lauren if she could go to dinner with Doug she probably wouldn't have minded at all. Next week Holly, Heidi and Spencer have a face off and I sure hope Holly wins...Also we find out that it is true that Lauren and Heidi won't be able to mend their friendship while Spencer is still in the picture. At this point I think that Heidi is going to choose Spencer over her family and friends but maybe one day soon she will come to her senses. Also we know Audrina moves out so I am counting down the days until that episode airs.

Do you think Lauren and Heidi are ever going to become friends again?

Desperate Housewives:
The big premiere was this past weekend and it was very interesting to see where the characters were 4 years later... I was dying the entire episode to find out what happened to Mike...I knew he didn't die and I figured that the other woman in the accident died but I wasn't sure about the Child or Why that caused Mike and Susan to break up.... Obviously eventually they will get back together but the question is what drama will they endure before that day comes? I loved the part of the show where Tom kicked off the mirror of the car but had already placed an order for another mirror that was a classic moment!!! I am also sitting on the edge of my seat to find out who Edie's new husband is after...Any ideas??? I have been really thinking about it, obviously it has to be one of the main characters, right? So to me that would be Bree, Susan, Lynette, Gabbie, or Katherine...I guess it is possible that it could be Carlos, Tom or Mike but I highly doubt it so now the question is what story line could they have that would pin him against one of those characters??? I honestly am not sure... I would love any thoughts ya'll might have.

Brothers & Sisters:
So MUCH drama on B&S this week lets break it down:Tommy and Holly fire Kevin and his Law firm even though Sarah and Soul told them they didn't agree with the decision: the quote that really stood out in this situation was when Kevin told Tommy "Don't you think Dad wanted me to be part of the family business when he hired me." At first I felt a little bad for Tommy bc I know the company is struggling financially and it must be hard to make that decision but what Tommy needs to realize is that his dad started this business as a family business, to keep all the family involved... And his dad would not fire Kevin I almost think he might let the company fall before he made that decision. As far as Kitty and Sarah's fight I think it was blown up way too much. I think Sarah should have been up front with Kitty but it shouldn't cause so much anger between the two. Next Rebeca and Justin- I agree with Justin they just need to go for it bc it might be worth it in the end.


Anonymous said...

Loved this premiere! My favorite part was when Norah told Holly about the "other, other woman" and Ryan. It made me feel so good for her!