Quote of the Week

"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, September 8

Sunday Night TV


Last nights VMA's were hosted by Russell Brand (who I must admit I have no idea who he is, I looked him up today to find out why he is famous), he was almost funny.... the almost being the key word.... He took things to the extreme and all of his jokes were on two & republicans. He took several shots at the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings and "saving themselves for marriage". Seriously there aren't many great role models out there for young children today, do we feel the need to tear down the few we have??? Jordan Sparks took the stage later to present an award and voiced her opinion on the matter (she herself wears a purity ring)...she said that it is not a bad thing to wear a purity ring and not all guys and girls want to be SLUTS. Wow I commend her for standing up for the Jonas Brothers and her own could tell she was visibly angry at the comments made.... Russell came back later to apologize (somewhat...but kept on with the sexual jokes). On to other events of the night...Britney Spears was the big winner last night, she took away three moonmen (her first ever win at the VMA's). I think this was "America's" way of saying we are behind you just get back on track, which is a positive thing. I wish her the best and hope she can continue to make good decisions, for her children's sake. Other note worthy events...Rhianna stole the show with two great performances. The Jonas Brothers had a great performances with teenage girls squealing through the last minutes of the performance. Pink also did a great job!

What did you think about the VMA's??? Did you feel Russell's remarks were inappropriate?

The Hills:

Last nights episode was pretty funny, sometimes boys are just great, they are so honest! So Lauren and the crew went to Los Vegas to celebrate Frankie's bday, bound to have drama. It was so obvious that MTV sent them all there, especially Audrina and Justin (who invited them, oh MTV). So the trip began on an awkward note with Brody's comment about having Stephanie there was almost as good as having Spencer there (clearly a knock at Steph). Next at dinner Stephanie decides this would be a good time to ask Brody about his feelings towards her, Brody is very irritated with the timing of the question, but doesn't hesitate to answer it honestly. He says she is crazy and that he told Lauren to be careful! Stephanie is confused by his comments and has to leave the table due to her tears....Brody is frustrated that this drama is being started on Frankie's bday. Once the tears are dried Stephanie and Lauren return to the party and all seems well for the night. Audrina and Justin Bobby show up and don't seem to talk to anyone.... Except Audrina and Lo have some words (I must say Lo seemed to be the bigger person here...if you listen to their conversation Lo is the one initiating). Audrina is uncomfortable being there and leaves....Oh and Spencer has issues with Holly (Heidi's sister) moving in with them and deleting his TiVo'd shows and laying around.

My opinion on the drama:

  • Brody shouldn't have made the comment on the plane in front of everyone about Stephanie
  • Stephanie should not have brought up the drama at Frankies bday (and ruined dinner)
  • Audrina & Lauren both need to just talk it out and stop being childish and ignoring each other
  • Spencer needs to understand that is Heidi's sister (and remember he slept on his sisters sofa when he didn't have anywhere to go).
  • Spencer needs to leave the apartment more

Best Quotes from this weeks show:

"Get out of the house or something maybe you shouldn't be there so much." - Heidi to Spencer

"You did not just call me down here about the TiVo" - Heidi to Spencer

"You are a little bit crazy" - Brody to Stephanie

Take a sneak peek at tonight's episode:

Prison Break:

I took this little quiz to see "Which Prison Break Character I am?" I know it is silly bc seriously i am none of those Characters but I thought it would be fun, I got Michael... I am pretty bad A***. :) Take the quiz to find out what character you are.

Which character did you get?

The Island:
Is anyone else as excited about this shows premiere as I am??? Click the link below and take the quiz...I missed one (the wrestling ring one).

How many did you get right?