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Tuesday, September 2

So Many Shows, So Little Time!! :)

So I must admit I am not the most well rested person today! Three of "my shows" premiered last night, plus we still had a new episode of The Hills to enjoy... lets jump right in:

Gossip Girl:
Spotted B & S with all their friends on a brand new episode of Gossip Girl last night on the CW. :) So I thought last nights episode was simply wonderful. I love Chuck & Blair (C & B) together, I think Blair brings out something wonderful in Chuck. The question is will Chuck ever be man enough to say those three words (8 letters) that we ALL know he is feeling. He did tell Nate
earlier that he was in love with her so will he be able to tell Blair??? I sure hope so. I am not feeling the new guy that Blair is with "Lord James" maybe I am just partial to the crazy chemistry between Blair & Chuck. Serena & Dan get back together which is not a surprise to anyone, they will be the steady couple of this show.... I am sure some drama will unfold soon that will tear them apart again. (I hear they are bringing in a new man for Serena to possibly lust after). PS I love how Dan got caught in his game....he was so quick to judge Serena for kissing Nate but SERIOUSLY he has been making out with girls all summer. The gag story line of the night was Nate and his married mistress! Ugh I hate this story line but I guess every teen soap has one. Nate was one of my favorite characters last season so I hope he snaps out of this phase fast! Jenny is really redeeming herself from last season and I can't wait to see what story lines follow her (I just realized that Jenny was Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch).... Also have we seen the end of "G" (Georgina)??? Or will she be back to cause some more chaos and bring out more dirty laundry? Is anyone else wondering what Dan meant on the finale last season when he said "We might as well have had sex"?? Will this come back to haunt him??? Where is Vanessa??? I am pretty sure she has some story lines this season, so when will she be making her return? Oh and major props to grandma.... Interesting how she made a complete 180 from who she was last season, is she truly a changed woman?

Thoughts & Comments from last nights episode.

XOXO - Gossip Girl (sorry I just had to do it)

One Tree Hill:

Ok so we left OTH last season with Dan being hit by a car (his beeper going off) and Lucas calling "someone" asking them to marry him. The beginning of the season premiere got me a little confused (not sure why they showed Lucas picking each girl...I guess they were trying to throw us off for a minute). Anyways parts of this episode were very predictable but there were a couple twists that had me on the edge of my seat: Brooke getting first thought is "PLEASE TELL ME HER MOTHER WOULDN'T DO THAT." I think it is suppose to be our assumption that her mother hired someone to attack her, crazy woman! The next big twist is Nanny Carrie is back and the psycho has been plotting against Dan since we last saw her.... seriously she is CRAZY.... Is it weird that I am starting to feel a little bad for Dan???? Who would have ever thought there would be someone crazier than Dan on the show??? So my other big question with this plot line is WILL DAN MISS HIS OPPORTUNITY AT A NEW HEART??? His pager was going off when he was hit so does this mean they gave the heart away??? (I don't think they hold on to them for days or anything). I am sure most of the OTH fans are happy that Lucas picked Peyton (finally) I am happy just to move on to another story line. However I have a sneaking suspicion that this won't be the end of the love triangle...I see Lindsey coming back in the near future. Will Brooke run into the hot doctor that she was flirting with last season at the hospital when she is admitting after being attacked??? Also the tearful scenes with Mouth saying goodbye lead me to believe he is leaving the show, could this be true? Did they run out of good story lines for the innocent good boy??? Hmmm until next week.....

Prison Break:
WOW!!! So much drama in last nights episode, they are really trying to reel us back in.... Season three of prison break in my opinion was the worst season and I worried how they would keep the show moving forward and they get MAJOR props for thinking of great story lines and for the way they brought Sarah back...We didn't have to wait long. It almost felt like a great suspense movie I was watching last night and it just kept getting better..... I love that they brought everyone back in the mix! YAY Sucre is back and kicking.... LOVED IT. I also loved the interaction between Sarah & Michael given they haven't had much time together on the show period. I think last night was probably only the third or forth time we have seen them kiss over the past four seasons..... Michael and Lincoln are bad a** and I wouldn't mess with them! The Company is going DOWN!!!

The Hills:
Last nights episode was so disappointing! No drama, no fun! Audrina and Lo both missed out on the big bucks this week, since neither were in the episode. But don't worry Heidi wasn't missing out on her $65,000 so she made a brief appearance in last nights episode. I believe last night they were trying to get us ready for Whitney's spin off show...Not sure many of the details on this but we know it is suppose to take place in New York with a new group of friends....I love Whitney and all but she is going to have to spice it up a bit bc last nights clips with her were pretty boring..... I honestly didn't care much about Lauren dumping Doug....We didn't see much of them to begin with, so that story line lacked appeal.... Same old story with Stephanie and Spencer.... Are we going to keep playing that same game over and over..... I am ready for next weeks episode... Come on MTV show us some DRAMA!!!!
Here is a quote I read this morning:

Where's The Hills we all know and love and does MTV really have to resort to promoting fake situations to try to get us to watch?
I agree 100%... MTV keeps showing us previews full of drama but episodes that fall short of any real fireworks....MTV we are on to you!


Tonight is the night I have been counting down the days until..... I used to simply love 90210 when I was younger and part of me is just super excited to see Kelly & Brenda walking the halls of West Beverly again.... But I am also excited to embark on a new generation of Beverly Hills kids. I also always love Lori Laughlin, so tonight's episode should be very enjoyable to me!

Are you excited about 90210? What are you most looking forward to?

Other shows to look out for this week:

The Shield - Tonight

America's Next Top Model- Wednesday

Bones - Wednesday

Happy Watching


Shelley said...

I watched Gossip girl just for you girls!! I am a little lost right now but I will give it a little time!

Sarah Beth said...

Oh yeah you must give it more time like I said it took me a few episodes before I really got sucked in!!! 90210 TONIGHT!!!

Katherine said...

Sarah Beth,
I feel your pain about not getting much sleep last night. Gossip Girls, One Tree Hill, AND the Hills!!!! So much to watch!!! Brown and I use your blog as a reference for what watch now!!

Katherine Johnson