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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Wednesday, September 3


Stars in High school:

It is amazing to me how when you flip through these pictures how normal people look, they totally could have been my friend. Don't get me wrong a lot of the girls especially were still cute/pretty but they still look NORMAL.... Cindy Crawford looks the prettiest to me.

90210: Were my expectations to high???

Ok so don't get me wrong I thought that it was a pretty good episode...a bit too long. I think that they made some parts super cheesy trying to reflect the original... Which I somewhat appreciate being the Beverly Hills: 90210 fan that I am. Things I liked that gave us flashbacks: The school news anchor being Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez(Andrea's daughter) and then the teacher saying "what is she thirty?" That was kind of funny. Kelly & David's younger sister being one of the main characters(I think that was a wise decision)...I love Kelly so any role she has is great (although lets not bring up the love triangle again, Brenda said "Brandon wanted me to tell you, you're beautiful"....seriously it has been 8 eight years at least, I am sure he has moved on) and the original theme song gets me super excited. I think the show has probably won't push the envelope as much as Gossip Girl but should keep us entertained.

Now lets talk about the moment of the show all of the old 90210 fans were waiting for... The encounter between Brenda & Kelly lacked luster and fell short of any expectations I had....I will be interested to see if they address any old tension the girls had on the show.... Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on last nights episode? Is 90210 going to save the CW like they had hoped??

Happy Watching