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Wednesday, February 4

Catch UP!!

So today I am playing catch up on a few shows......

The Bachelor:
Bye Bye Stephanie! We all knew it was coming we just weren't sure when. I don't think there is a single person out there that truly believed that Jason was going to end up with Stephanie. I loved what he said to her in the end and I think all the viewers agreed... Stephanie was probably the sweetest person on the show but there was NO chemistry between the two. This past week was somewhat boring because all the "drama" girls are gone. Like I said last week I really like all the girls that are left but of course I have my favorites. You can tell that the girls really do like each other and that is nice to see on this show. Now that the girls won't be living together anymore I think the drama between them is over. We just have to wait and see what drama DeAnna causes and ofcourse the families this week are sure to bring some drama. Also don't believe all the spoilers you read out there bc I read one early in the season that said Stephanie was one of the final four bc cameras were spotted in her home town, obviously this was not true.

Ok now on to the four left.... I am going to try to forget the spoiler I read of who wins and judge as a clueless viewer....

Molly - It seems she is now in the front running, however she didn't get much alone time with Jason but up until now there has been obvious chemistry between the two in my opinion she will be one of the final two.

Naomi - I don't see as much with her as I do the other girls and from the looks of next weeks preview her family isn't going to help her case. I think she is probably gone after this week. We haven't seen a strong bond form between these two.

Melissa - I think this is the other one that there is obvious chemistry with, they have had a lot of one on one time and Jason seems to be smitten with her and he let her see Ty which at this point is a big step for him. I think she will be the other one in the final two.

Jillian - She seems to be the rock in the group which could prove to be a deciding factor for Jason. Jillian seems like someone who could take on things and not get crazy overwhelmed or stressed out which would be key to moving to a new city and starting a new family. However I think it is obvious that Jason has some doubts about her and how strong her feelings are for him. She is the wild card for me if Melissa or Molly get the boot I think this is the girl that takes their place.
Right now I really like Molly, Melissa, and Jillian and each week my favorite changes... I love Jillian's cool demeanor and I think Melissa is absolutely precious.

Who are your favorites??? Who do you think Jason will give the final rose to?


My husband and I just caught up with 24 on Monday and are loving this season thus far... I can't even express my excitement of bringing the "Dream Team" back together!! For those of you who are living under a rock I am talking about: Jack, Tony, Chloe, and Bill. I think this was a brilliant idea to bring these four lovable characters back since the 6th season of 24 lacked luster and viewers, mixing it up has really taken us back to the first few seasons of 24 that we loved! I am so excited to see how things play out this season. Tony was one of my favorite characters of all time and when his character "died" it was so disappointing to me, I am so excited to have him back. I think the Janis character at the FBI is kind of dump, they are trying to hard to make her just like Chloe and we all know there is only one Chloe and she is the best. There is going to be some face to face encounters between the two later in the season and I can't wait to see how it goes down, we all know Chloe is going to dominate! I also think it was great to have Bill back leading the team... It was a shame last season he was fired and I think he is a great leader to the bunch, all though we all know who really calls the shots JACK BAUER!!!!!

How are you liking this season of 24 thus far???

Gossip Girl:
Just when I was starting to get bored with Gossip Girl this weeks episode came along and reminded me why I love this show so much...DRAMA! I was getting so bored with S & Lonely Boys on again off again relationship with all the mellow dramatic plot lines. I thought his relationship with Ms. Car was inappropriate from the very start.... And when they went to have coffee after the rumors were already swirling and she cried to him, CROSSED the line of inappropriate for sure! So when Blair sent the picture to the board I didn't feel to bad for Ms. Car bc it wasn't a professional way to behave but NOW that they have decided to keep her on staff after more consideration this is where the drama BEGINS!!!! They end the episode with Dan sleeping with Ms. Car (or so we are suppose to assume) and now that she hasn't been fired they will have to pretend it didn't happen or sneak around which I am so intrigue to see how it plays out. Will this be the end of S & Lonely boy forever? Also we know that Georgina is back at some point this season and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what trouble she stirs up. I am really not that intrigued by Chucks story line right now which is disappointing since he is one of my favorites! I don't really care what Bart was into in the past but maybe once it is revealed I will be pull in. Also I am ready for Nate and Vanessa to break up they are super boring and their relationship adds nothing to the show!

American Idol:

AGH!!! I don't understand how the "bikini girl" made it through I am so annoyed by her it will ruin the show if she makes it through.... Is anyone else as annoyed by her as I am??? I just don't like how she "thinks" she is so great- her attitude is awful!!!

Here is quote I found on Buddy TV about her:

"This is why I don't like Bikini Girl - she is not a good singer, she is incredibly arrogant, and she's really not that good-looking when, you know, she's dressed up"
Anyways some of my favorites so far made it through to the next round... The church choir teacher who lost his wife (Danny) and his friend (Jamar), the mom who sang like Amy Winehouse (Frankie), the blind guy (Scott), Anoop Desai, and Michael Castro (Jason's brother).


Does anyone know if Asa Barnes got cut last night??? There was one shot that looked like he did...He was the band teacher that sang Michael Jackson during his audition in Kansas City. I really liked him and hope he didn't already get cut!
Happy Watching


Areta said...

Bachelor: I liked stephanie and was often confused by her outfits. I really LOVE Melissa and I think that Jillian is a rockstar too. Naomi is kinda whiny for me. So my tops after this week are: Melissa, Jillian, Molly then Naomi.

Gossip Girl: I am glad they brought more drama, but I want more! I too was getting bored and might still be a touch. I know it'll pick up. And what are they going to do with next year when they all go off to colleges, especially different ones?! I think Serena will meet her "brother" and fall in love and then she'll find out that he is actually her brother from Rufus and her mom! Bring that on!

American Idol: I LOVE the music teacher! I also love the tall Indian Guy from North Carolina!

Christa said...

24: While I do LOVE the reuniting of the Dream Team, I am NOT LOVING the new president. She's just not a very good actress -- not engaging, not powerful, just not believable as the Prez. Couldn't they get someone closer to Candice Bergen?