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Thursday, February 26

American Idol Group 2

It is so interesting how American Idol works out… Last week I thought the group was filled with some of the best and then they sang and I had a hard time picking three to move forward. Then this week I saw the list and felt only a couple had a shot and when they sang I walked away confused as to who would get put through. It is pretty obvious in my opinion that the top girl and boy going through tonight is Adam Lambert (ugh) and Allison Iraheta. I think the third spot is a little trickier. Let’s review the performances:

Jasmine – Love Song

I liked Jasmine in the beginning and I know she has a lot of fans out there but I thought she was definitely forgettable. I couldn’t even remember what she sang and had to look it up which is really bad because I usually remember what EVERYONE sings! Anyways I didn’t think it was awful but it wasn’t very good either. I think she is out tonight for good. The first one on my personal top 12 list that I feel is OUT.

Matt Giraud – Viva La Vida
When he started the song I thought he sounded pretty good and I can tell if he was sitting at his piano singing that part he would have rocked it but then it went all over the place. I agree with the judges somewhat that his vocals are suited for more soulful songs HOWEVER I believe if he had picked a different Coldplay song that wasn’t as high energy that he may have done really well. I think America likes him and will remember “Georgia on My Mind” from Hollywood, and if they don’t the judges WILL!! His journey is not over yet!

Jeanine Vailes – This Love

We had no idea who she was going into last night and I don’t think anyone is impressed. Not getting any screen time can kill you this year due to the new set up BUT some people have proven why they were chosen for the top 36 (Kris Allen and Ricky Braddy) she did not. Jeanine is definitely gone tonight.

Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) – “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”
WOW WOW WOW!!! It was definitely entertaining!!! When he went in front of the judges and hugged on the American Idol sign I couldn’t take it - hilarious! One thing is for sure he gives it his all and like the judges said he is a performer. He has a lot of fans and might shock America and win the third spot but I doubt it. Norman Gentle made us laugh while it lasted but I think he is going home.

Allison Iraheta – Alone

I said before she is the girl getting put through tonight for sure. She did a great job with the song, and her stage presence was outstanding. I of course am somewhat partial to Carly’s version of Alone from last season but I loved her. I think Allison could be really great or she could fall apart when they get to themed weeks, we will see!

Any excuse to plug my girl!

Kris Allen – Man in the Mirror

Ok so this is a tough one…. I think he sang the song well, he hit the notes and put himself fully into the song BUT when you do a Michael Jackson song you better rock it!!! Last year when David Cook sang Billie Jean it went down as quite possibly the best performance in American Idol history, which is what you have to do if you choose Michael Jackson. However Kris can sing and I think Simon is right that the girls are going to love him. If for some reason he makes it through tonight or with the wild card it is possible that he will take over the teen girls votes, which we all know can take you far, cough cough David Archuletta.
Megan Corkrey – Put Your Records On

She picked the perfect song for her! I thought the beginning of her performance was great and I completely agree that she is relevant. Her “style” is very popular right now with Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, etc. and I think the judges really like that, it means she could sell records. I agreed with Simon that she was screaming towards the end of her song. She has a shot at the third place spot but I think the judges will keep her around for the Wild Card Show.
Matt Breitzke – If You Could Only See

I love this song but I agreed with the judges BORING. I had high hopes for Matt and even had him on my “ones to watch” list but I am afraid he is gone after tonight.

Jessica Langseth – Bette Davis Eyes

I can’t get a good read on her, sometimes I love her attitude and sometimes it rubs me wrong but overall I liked her song choice but I am not sure America did. I definitely think she is in the fight for the third spot but I am worried if she doesn’t get the third spot that the judges may not keep her around.

Kai Kalama – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

BORING BORING BORING! I really likes Kai’s attitude but this guy picked the wrong song. He sang it well but it definitely wasn’t memorable. He is gone.

Mishavonna Henson – Drops of Jupiter

I really liked her rendition of this song! I thought her voice sounded cool and different but I think with the judges comments America is not going to agree with me and she will have to hope to stay around for the Wild Card round.

Adam Lambert – Satisfaction

OVER-RATED!!!! I think he is definitely the boy making it through to the next round tonight. I thought he gave a good performance and the last few lines of the song were really good but I agree with Simon some parts in the beginning were not good. Also I agree with Cara that he probably has done to much Broadway because every time he takes the stage I feel he is VERY theatrical and it is uncomfortable to watch. I think he will fall sooner than people think.

Run Down:

Girl – Allison Iraheta
Boy – Adam Lambert
Third – Jesse Langseth, Matt Giraud, or Megan Corkrey

Wild Card Possibilities:

Who do you think will make it through to the top 12?

Happy Watching


KBeau said...

So what did you think of the results? I'm happy for the kid from Conway. My sister-in-law is happy, too. She knows his wife.

Sarah Beth said...

Well I am happy that you are happy and it is always good to route for someone from your home state but I really wanted Matt Giraud to make it through over Kris...sorry. I have loved Matt since day one when he sang Gavid DeGraw's I don't wanna be. I am super sad he didn't make it but have high hopes for him during the Wild Card Show.