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Tuesday, February 10


Grey's Anatomy:

Katherine Heigl and TR Knight are officially out!!!! Izzy Stevens and George O'Malley's characters are reaching an end. Perez Hilton reports that the two are officially leaving Grey's to pursue other things in their carrers. I must say I don't see how the show is going to take their loss.... it will definitely be a hard loss to recover from. At this point it seems they may actually kill Heigl's character but then she can't come back so I am not sure they would want to do something that drastic as for George I imagine he will just "change hospitals". It is a sad day at Seattle Grace Hospital.

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Shelley said...

oh NO. I was afraid of this all along. I think that is a stupid move on their part. They show was just back to getting good!

Sarah Beth said...

I agree completely Shelley, do we think their fans will follow they to what they do next or carry hard feelings bc they left??? Also I really was excited about things starting to pick up on Grey's again. Ugh now Alex is going to go through another awful situation!

TBG said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ugh.... i wish they'd get over themselves and just do what we want them to--stay on the show. lol... i seriously doubt they will find anything remotely as good and successful to do as Grey's.