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Wednesday, April 1

itunes Night: Top 9

Congratulations Ben! I know many of you don’t understand this but I have a friend that has been pushing Kris Allen on me (much like I have been pushing Matt on you) and he finally had the best performance last night so congratulations.

Last night should have been great, the contestants basically could choose almost any song and show us what they got, but it was NOT! Motown week was so good and I loved many of the performances, so I was pretty disappointed in this week’s performances.

Let’s get down to it:

1. Kris Allen – Kris is definitely playing his cards right and pulling out the right performances each week. Last week I said I wanted Kris to bring passion and soul to one of his performances and that is what I felt he was lacking week to week. This week he brought it!! I really like Kris and think he is a great musician, however his entire performance I was just thinking “what if Matt had done this song, it would have been AMAZING.” I know I know I am partial and Kris did well but seriously ya’ll think about Matt’s soulful voice on this song… WOW.

2. Adam Lambert – Once again Adam sang wonderful, he is just a good singer. However this performance was a little more boring for me, I don’t know if it was just predictable or what but I love when Adam wows me and this one didn’t do that but I can’t take away from his vocals because they were on par.

3. Danny Gokey- The judges really liked this one huh??? I don’t think this was Danny’s best performance I actually liked one of his auditions best (see below) and I liked when he sang Hero but he definitely did a good job on the rascal flats song and showed that he is “current” as Simon likes to say.

4. Allison Irehetta – I was really excited when they said Allison was singing No Doubt and thought it would fit her perfectly but I was somewhat disappointed. I thought the first part of the song was awesome but agree with Simon that towards the end she was yelling (but it was still in tune).

5. Matt Giraud – I know a lot of people wouldn’t rank him this high and YES I am partial to him but I think the reason we all think Matt did so badly is because we expect so much from him. We ALL know he could have brought more if he would have only sang Gavin DeGraw, One Republic, Justin Timberlake or even Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, but I actually didn’t think it was as bad as the judges made it out to be. The beginning was REALLY bad but once he got into the song I thought he did well and the piano was awesome. I think Matt needs to understand what he does well (AWESOME) and stick to it!

6. Anoop Desai – Once again I didn’t think he was that bad. His vocals were pretty good and I like his stage presence but I am just going to be honest these last few contestants are in a different playing field than the other five. Anoop can’t hang with Kris, Adam, Danny or Matt, but I like him as a person and think American will keep him around a couple more weeks.

7. Lil Rounds – Is anyone else super bored with her??? This song was “old fashion” and boring! Also I thought she sounded flat almost the entire song.

8. Scott McIntyre – I might should have ranked Scott higher but even though it was one of Scott’s best performances I didn’t think it was a good performance overall. Scott just doesn’t have the chops to stick around but he is probably safe tonight.

9. Megan Joy Corkrey – Megan frustrates me so badly for a couple reasons: She picks awful songs, last night was her night to sing Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, Adele, or even Gwen Stefani and she choose Bob Marley???? I don’t think Megan understands her instrument at all, she keeps picking songs out of her range and where it seems so forced. Megan is in trouble tonight and should be. The other thing that annoys me is her remarks “my fans liked it” “the audience felt it”…I hate those kind of comments she should say “I hope my fans liked it” It just sounds arrogant and rude.

I am definitely worried tonight about my boy Matt. For some reason America is not taking to him and last night he picked a bad song which won’t help him. However I think maybe since he was in the bottom last week, he may have sparked more people to vote this week (I SURE DID). I also think Megan, Allison and Anoop are on the chopping block. It is definitely possible for Scott to be in the bottom again tonight but I doubt he goes home.

FYI: Buddy TV's Ranking (which obviously I disagree with but atleast they had Matt higher)

1. Kris

2. Adam

3. Allison

4. Matt

quote from website:

The judges are dumb. There's nothing wrong with Matt going back and forth between genres. If he stayed in one, the judges would ask him to switch things up. It's no-win for Matt. He better not go home tonight.

5. Megan

6. Anoop

7. Lil

8. Danny

9. Scott

Who do you think should pack their bags? Who had the best performance last night?


Areta said...

Yea Kris! I am scared for my other boy anoop! I voted last night, but not as much as SB!

Sarah Beth said...

I definitely think I probably hit the 400 mark last night. :)

Laura said...

SB I am with Ben! Kris has been my fav so I loved last night! I think it is time for Lil or Megan to G-O! ...and I think Adam is way overrated!

Adam Jones said...

I think your rankings are spot on, except I'd move Anoop to 8th. Other than the last two weeks (not last night), he's proven that he's probably the best singer in any room he'll walk into, except for rooms where there are other singers. He'd blow you away at a wedding, but I just don't see exactly what kind of singer he's going to be. He's not believable as an R&B singer. Megan is actually a good singer, but she just seems clueless. Bob Marley? The only singers the judges would save: Kris, Adam, Danny, Allison and Matt. The other four are screwed if they get booted off.

Whitney said...

I can't stand Megan!!! I know that's harsh but she really bothers me. Has anyone else noticed that she has zero rhythm and looks totally awkward trying to dance while she sings? Maybe that's why Paula told her she should try sitting on a stool. I liked her voice okay at first, but now it sounds awful to me. Maybe it's just because it's getting down to the really great singers. I really hope she goes home tonight!!!