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Monday, April 6

Taylor Hicks

Kent this is for you! I have gathered some of my favorite youtubes of Taylor Hicks and you should listen to all of them before deciding to hate him. PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to the youtube of him singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” before he was even on idol (he rocks the harmonica) and the video of him singing “Hell of a Day” this was a song he wrote before he was on idol. I must say I think Taylor is one of the only Idols that really held his ground and stayed 100% true to himself. His first CD didn’t sell that many copies but he put HIS music on it and didn’t let them cheese him up as much. I think he is happy just making a living playing music.



You Are So Beautiful:

Before he was on Idol singing at a bar in Alabama “Ain’t No Sunshine”

Taking it to the Streets: (I had to put one upbeat performance on here just to show Taylor’s crazy dancing)

Hell of a Day:

What do you think of Taylor Hicks??


Kent said...

Well, Sarah Beth, I want to applaud the effort you made here. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. I did watch these clips and my favorite was the one where I didn't have to watch him. The problem is that he is the perfect storm of things that I don't like: he sounds like Michael McDonald, he went on Idol (your point is taken though about him trying to stay individual), and to quote Seinfeld, his dancing is "like a full body dry heave set to music." Clearly some people do like him...I'm just never going to be one of them and I believe that the only reason he won that year is because he's from B'ham and we crazy Bammers vote for everything. The harmonica was good, but nothing like what I've heard the Chuck Wagon can do.
By the way, I like Simon even more now because his favorite performance was when Taylor didn't dance, and he didn't vote for him on the audition.
I hope we can still be friends, and agree to disagree.

Sarah Beth said...

We can be friends just know that you are WRONG in the disagreement :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sarah....there's plenty of us out here who do get it! You tried! And thanks for the great trip down memory lane. And that video of him singing "Ain't No Sunshine".....awesome. And Jon Cook is on the guitar (in the picture with him. Amazing talent right there, accompanying him.

CarleneG said...

You are a wise woman Sara Beth! Check out some new videos that are on youtube from the Roxy in LA.

marymagdalene said...

Sara Beth:
A most valiant try to get your friend to like, or at the very least, appreciate Taylor Hicks!

Noticed a slight mistake, and that is that Taylor was on Season FIVE of AI, not Season FOUR, as Season Four was the year of Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice...

Thanks! :-D

soulthing said...

For the record, I love Taylor Hicks! Check out my blog....

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Taylor too. Hope you have seen him live, if not plan on it. Love Hell of a Day. He wrote that song and I think it's a terrific song.

Christa said...

For anyone who doesn't appreciate Taylor Hicks, I will send you a copy of the CDs that he used to hand out before AI ... back in the days of Taylor Hicks at the Oasis and the Florabama ... those were his best songs, the ones he actually wrote himself. He was at his best with the Lil Memphis Blues Orchestra. I haven't enjoyed any of his albums released after AI.

Michael said...

His version of Ain't no Sunshine is almost as good as Kris Allen's.