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Thursday, April 9

The Duel 2: Episode One - The Fight

The Duel:

I know I don’t have a lot of readers that watch this show but I LOVE it! The first episode was very dramatic, loved every minute. I think we can all agree that CT is crazy. I don’t know what Adam was thinking when he kept going back, come on Adam really?!?!? I honestly feared for Adam’s life, not really because I know those people would not let it get to that, but good thing they weren’t just hanging at a normal person’s house because Adam would be VERY HURT. If you watch that scene back notice how many guys (and these aren’t average guys, they are big dudes) were trying to hold back CT and couldn’t, that boy is an Ox.

Now let’s move on once CT and Adam got kicked off the show they brought in their replacements, MJ and Nehemiah, BORING. I am not excited about either of these two, MJ is cocky and the last challenge he was on he didn’t live up to the hype. As for Nehemiah all I see when I look at him is BETH.

The Challenges should be good this time around but I wasn’t a big fan of the first challenge it was somewhat boring and they just let who they wanted to win win. Of course they are going to go after Ruthie she is a much bigger threat than Robin. I am glad that Nick is gone because I am indifferent to him and I hope that Shauvon goes home because she annoys me.

Here are my favorites so far this season:

I am on the fence about Paula and Diem (sometimes I like them sometimes I don’t)

Calling all DUEL fans you definitely need to check out they have the “Aftershow” where they talk to cast members about the last episode. This week they had CT, Diem, Brooke, Adam, Evan and Shauvon. Mark is hosting the show and since he is one of the cast members he knows what questions to ask. Also apparently CT’s brother had recently passed away and he definitely had some anger bottled up when he came on the show. Watch the aftershow for some juicy clips!


Anonymous said...

I kno it was the sickess episode this season is gonna be crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, when those two guys are making out in the hot tub with brooke, what is the song playing in the background called? anyone?>

Julie said...

Love this show and the crazy drama! And the aftershow was great... I love Diem, but seriously sweetheart, get over CT!

Areta said...

Pretty sure I am going to have to start watching this show too! The fighting and complaining is going to be AWESOME!

Nicole said...

Would someone mind posting the aftershow on this or another site... I live in Canada and none of us can get the videos on because they will not play in our region. I really want to see them. Any help you can give I would appreciate it... Not to mention the many other people who are frustrated and left comments on