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Wednesday, April 8

Top 8 Performance Rankings

Ok so obviously BuddyTV's list was not right and I am sorry that I mis-led you I will not be posting their predictions again, anyways on to last night. I wasn't really blown away by anyone last night. I thought half the people gave solid performances, a couple gave ok performances and the bottom two were exactly what we have come to expect, disappointing.

Here is MY breakdown:

1. Matt & Adam:

I thought both of these guys gave solid performances but neither was my favorite performance by either guy. I thought Matt did a great job without his piano and showed what a great voice he has. I am not a big fan of the song so I didn't love it but i thought overall he did a great job (he showed a little of his JT side last night). Adam's version of Mad World was good, it was somewhat boring to me but I am not really familiar with the song so that may have had an effect on me. I think Adam is a solid talent and he obviously can sing well. I like the range of the song it wasn't as high as he sometimes sings and I enjoyed hearing that side of his voice.

3. Allison:

I thought Allison did a great job with the Bonnie Rait song. She sounded good but it sounded original mainly because Allison and Bonnie's voices are pretty much night and day. I kept waiting for Allison to take it up a notch and wow me but she didn't. She played it safe and it was a solid performance.

4. Anoop:

Here is the deal with Anoop he sings these slow ballads great but then he tries to pick up the beat and it goes off. My question is can someone just sing slow ballads and do well in the industry, and the answer is yes! I put Anoop in a similar category as Boys II Men (don't get me wrong they aren't in the same league, Boys II Men were incredible) they sang mostly slow ballads, they had a couple fast songs but were known for their slows tunes. Anoop could sing some R&B stuff and show everyone his vocals and every now and then throw a fun song in but he needs to be known for his slow songs. All that being said I thought this was a great song choice, he really shined. Plus I loved his green sweater!!

5. Danny & Kris

Danny's performance wasn't as good as the judges said it was and Kris's performance wasn't as bad as they said! I thought Danny did good but not nearly as good as he has been in the past, I really didn't like the arrangement and in the beginning I felt he was off with the music but maybe that is the way it was suppose to sound. However I think Danny has good vocals and showed off his ability to slow it down in the beginning of the song. Kris made the same mistake that Matt made last week singing in the crowd, not sure why this turns out bad for the contestants, maybe it is distracting. I thought Kris sounded ok nothing really bad nothing really good but I lost the depth that he brought last week, this performance was flat for me. However I still think Kris is good and I agree with the judges that he has a likability that should help him make it through this week.

7. Lil:

Completely agree that it sounded Karaoke, it was a good Karaoke but not great! At this point in the game if you are just copying a song it should at least be GREAT! I still think Lil is lost in the competition and will be gone with in the next few weeks.

8. Scott:

This was just a bad performance! Poor Scott missed more notes than he hit. I feel bad for him because he is such a sweet guy but he has got to go. Oh and the electric guitar was ....interesting.

I think that Scott and Lil will be in the bottom three and the third to join them will probably be Kris, Matt or Allison just because Danny and Adam seem to have a pretty good fan base and Anoop was in the bottom last week which usually gives them a boost for the next week.

Judges Save:

So the judges only have three more weeks to use the judges save, remember they can't use it once we hit the top 5. So if for some reason, Kris, Danny, Adam, Matt or Allison get the boot before then I think any of them have a great shot at being saved. It will come down to how they do the week they are voted off or how they have done overall... Those of you who are worried about Kris since he was at the bottom of dialidol, I honestly think the judges would save him if he got the boot. The question is at this point do we think the judges will end up not using the judges save??? It is possible that they won't use it because if Scott and Lil both get the boot in the next couple weeks I don't know that they would use it. The other contestants are all so close that I am not sure they would find it valuable, UNLESS ofcourse Adam gets the boot before the top 5 but sorry Adam haters I seriously doubt that happens.

What did you think of last nights performances???


Michael said...

I am so tired of Adam. Every single time he sings, it is like he is acting out some dramatic scene in a play or singing some dramatic ballad from a musical. Enough is enough. In the words of the great Mary J. "No more Drama!".

Kent said...

Agreed with Mike...that looked like a scene from a play. Luckily the show is committed to keeping him so we got the fake standing o for Adam Flambert. come on, Simon! You're better than that.

Michael said...

I love the Flambert reference. I will definitely be using that one...

Claudie said...

Well I loved Adams performance. I came home just in time to see him.
He is hands down the winner in my eyes...drama on stage is good. He shows us that he is "different" in a great way.
Danny is second...and there are no 3rd, 4th, far as I'm concerned.
I agree with what you said about Scott. I liked him, but now he is only hanging on a thread.
BTW Mad World sung by Gary Jules of Tears for Fears wasn't as good as Adam's version...
My two cents.
I've never voiced my opinion on AI...I was actually coming to see if you had anything on ER!!
Take Care
Love Claudie