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Monday, April 20


I need to publish a retraction of my last blog. I am going to leave it posted for you to look at the past contestants performances but Allison is definitely not the only one singing repeat after repeat this year. I think since it is season 8 the song book must be getting thinner and thinner.

Here is the rundown of repeat songs:

Danny Gokey (6 repeats)
Hero – Brooke White
PYT – Justin Guarini
Jesus Take the Wheel – Lakisha Jones
Get Ready – Sarah Mather (season 4 semi-finalist)
Stand by Me – David Archeletta
Endless Love – Ricky Smith and Chris Sligh

Allison (5 repeats listed on the blog below )

Anoop Desai (3 repeats)
Always on My Mind – Fantasia
True Colors – Haley Scarnato
I Do It For You – David Cook (audition)

Lil Rounds (3 repeats)
Independence Day – Carrie Underwood
Heat Wave – Jennifer Hudson
I Surrender – Kelly Clarkson

Matt Giraud (3 repeats)
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman – Chris Daughtry
Part Time Lover – Kevin Covias (Still not sure this counts, ha)
Who’s Lovin You – Lisa Tucker

The Awards for Song Choice Must go to Kris and Adam for picking original songs that we haven’t heard before on the show.

Kris (1 repeat)
How Sweet It Is – Charles Grigsby


Ofcourse my research may have holes and I could have missed some past idol performances but I wanted to apologize for singling out Allison when it is clear it is a trend to sing the same songs as past performers. Don’t you wish they had a little more variety from which to choose?