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Tuesday, January 13

This Season on The Bachelor

This season on The Bachelor: (Preview with DeAnna clips)

Ok so after watching this clip a few times I wrote down some things that I noticed (kind of give-aways to this season) even though ABC always tries to confuse you it seems to me there are few things you can definitely take away from this preview….


People that are going to have one-on-one dates before they are cut (which means that if they aren’t having a one-on-one date this week they are probably safe)…. I guess there is always a chance they are just having alone time on a group date so keep your eye out for that as well:

Natalie – something with a plane, oh and some sketchy stuff it looks like on a balcony or elevator.. .hmmm
Lauren- She spends the night with him and "comes home in his clothes"
Melissa – again, red blanket in the grass… (not the same date as last night as far as I could tell)
Stephanie – I know she has a one-on-one date coming up but the one in the preview is her in a gold ball gown dancing with Jason so if it isn’t that then I think she gets another one.

Megan is going to have a passionate “soap opera” kiss with Jason

Naomi - will go horseback riding with him and ride in a plane with him before she leaves

Girls that will still be around when DeAnna returns (which I doubt is next week since they didn’t have it on the preview):

Shannon - Or she could just be talking about when she saw him on TV with DeAnna which would fit into her craziness right now.


Melissa and Jillian are my two favorites right now... But I also like Stephanie (she just seems so much older then him) and Molly (except for the fact that she stole Jason from Megan when she already had a rose).

Middle of the pack:
Naomi - she is growing on me, look for her to move up to my favorites
Shannon - can't decide if she is crazy or cute!
Megan - I go back and forth with her I definitely think the girls are out to get her but can't tell if it is deserved or not...
Kari - I kind of forget about her

Least Favs:
Nikki - I am not sure why but she rubs me the wrong way
Natalie - she is way to immature
Lauren - I think she was one of my favs last week but she is getting on my nerves now
Erica - Drama starter!!!

I think that Jason disagrees with me and Nikki and Megan have impressed him.

Who are your favorites right now??? Who do you think has an early lead???


Michael said...

Stephanie looks like she is about 45 trying to look like she is still in her 20's. The whole "daddy took a plane to heaven" was a little too much for me. The first time ever that I started to tear up a little. Usually the only tears I get on this show are tears of joy. I laugh so hard I cry when they show these pathetic girls crying in the limo after they got dumped. They say the same stuff, "I thought we had something...,etc." Sorry honey, he slept with you and all the other girls. You weren't special.

Michael said...

By the way...can we get some discussion going on Bromance?...what a great show!

Sarah Beth said...

I will try to write something about Bromance but not sure what to write aboout it.... Also you seem a little bitter towards The much negative energy... What no comments about Prison Break???