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Monday, January 12

Countdown to American Idol


1 MORE DAY until American Idol is back and my fingers will be tired for sure ;) I love to write about American Idol... Not sure why but maybe it is because it is a show that I am 100% suppose to have an opinion about!!! I love to watch it and make that sounds really bad... but isn't that what the show is all about???

I have made myself a promise this year that I will not fall in love with a contestant before the top 12!!! The last two years my favorites did not make the top 12 and this was pretty annoying to lose your favorite so quickly... so this year I am going to try to really get warmed up to them before picking my favorite, how many people think this is actually going to happen???

Here is a look back at my two favorites from the last two years that got cut before their time:

2007: Sundance Head

His Audition that won me over:

His performance that lost it for him:

2008: Josiah Leming

His two performances that won me over:

His performance that lost it for him:

I would like to throw out there that Carly Smithson was another one of my favorites from auditions and she did make it to the top 12 last year so it wasn't all bad!

Buddy TV:

Ok so had a fun ranking this week... Top 100 Episodes of 2008!

Buddy TV’s 100 Best Episodes of 2008:

Here are the episodes that made it of my favorite shows:

99. “Greatness Achieved” – Prison Break
Bellick’s heroic sacrifice

84. “Welcome to Kanagawa” – Desperate Housewives
The aftermath of the tornado

81. Top 12 Perform – American Idol
Beatles night and Brooke White nails “Let it Be”

76. “Quiet Riot” – Prison Break
They Break into the Vault

68. “For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know” – One Tree Hill
The library episode

66. Scylla – Prison Break
The season premiere

65. Never Been Marcused – Gossip Girl
Blair tries to impress the Duchess and finds out about her and Nate

62. “The Shape of the Things to Come” – Lost
Ben’s daughter Alex gets shot

48. “Confirmed Dead” – Lost
We find out how the freighter people got to the Island

37. “All About My Brother” – Gossip Girl
Eric Van der Woodsen is outed

27. “Goodbye Toby” – The Office

25. “Freedom” – Grey’s Anatomy
Season 4 Finale

22. “New Heaven Can’t Wait” – Gossip Girl
Trip to Yale

15. “Selfless” – Prison Break
Don Self turns on them

9. “The Becoming” – Grey’s Anatomy
Cristina starts a downward spiral after seeing that Burke won an award.

8. “Jin Yeon” – Lost
Sun gives birth … Flash forwards and Flashbacks

3. “The Constant” – Lost
Desmond and Daniel find their constant


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I love the clip of Sundance that won you over. Sundance tells Simon that he has had a great year and tells him the reasons why. 1. Got married 2. having a baby 3. made it on American Idol. Simon says, "1 out of 3, not bad." What an asshole.