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Tuesday, January 27

The Rose

The Bachelor:

Last nights episode of the Bachelor did not disappoint with as many twists and turns as ever.

The Songs:

I really thought overall the songs were pretty good for having 30 minutes to write the song and perform it (oh and this isn't American we shouldn't expect much). My favorites were Molly, Jillian, and Melissa (maybe that is bc they are my favorites). But I thought Lauren's was good but I think she thought it was a LOT better than it was, we didn't really get to see Naomi's or Megan's. Nikki's was way to serious and had nothing to do with Jason, and Stephanie - well I was embarrassed for her partly for her outfit. Seriously I don't understand her style but she is really sweet so it is hard to say too many negative things about her.

Molly wins bc she involved Jason and got him to sing with her and bc she is super cute and volunteered to go first. Molly gets a one on one date with Jason at his place. I must admit I agree that this is the best kind of date bc it is a little more relaxed than some of the other dates. However I don't believe it was a "typical" Saturday night date. Seriously does anyone normally build fires, toast smores, and sleep under the stars together??? Maybe my husband and I are just super boring! Some people I am sure gasped when Molly slept over with Jason but I had to step back and think 1. we have no idea what happened(I am giving them the benefit of the doubt) 2. when you are in this situation alone time is EVERYTHING so take advantage of any time you can get together. I don't blame her for spending the night the only thing that sucks is that America watched and I am sure a lot of judgements were made. Molly gets a rose and at this point I am happy :)

Group Date: General Hospital

Megan, Melissa, Naomi, Shannon, Lauren, and Jillian all went to the set of General Hospital to "play doctor." I hated this for many reasons:

1. Awkward ...for EVERYONE. This was awkward for all the girls watching each other make-out with Jason. Awkward for Jason having to make-out with girls he doesn't feel a connection with. Awkward for the girls to have their first kiss with Jason in a skit. Awkward for all of us watching to see Megan grab Jason and attack him with her lips!
2. It was stupid! There was no real conversations, no good interactions. I can think of a lot of other things to do to see if the ladies can open up and have fun!
3. It caused tension for the rest of the day. Jason seemed surprised that night that the girls weren't ready to party BUT seriously did he not understand what just happened that day! The only conversations Jason really had with the girls was comforting them after the days events.
Most uncomfortable moments of the Group Date:

Megan's crazy kiss (of course)
Naomi's 30 takes (seriously uncomfortable for the other girls...but I thought it was great that they were kidding with Lauren to get her lines right)
Shannon's conversation with Jason and random kiss. I have to say I agree that she got denied!
LAUREN- Her conversation with Jason was so uncomfortable, she told him he had to give her the rose or she would be mad.. I don't know if she thinks that is cute or something but you could actually see how uncomfortable Jason was and it looked like he wanted to run the opposite direction screaming.

Two-on-One Date:
Stephanie and Nikki are picked to go on the two-on-one date. Nikki is extremely upset that she is going to have to go against Stephanie and has been a baby this entire episode. She is annoying me even more than usual. However I didn't really care that much about this date, usually it is so dramatic and I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see who stays and who goes, BUT I didn't really care if either of these girls stayed. Don't get me wrong I like Stephanie and think she is a super cute girl BUT the more I see her and Jason together the more awkward it seems and the less likely I see any real chemistry forming. For her sake I believe she needs to be cut soon. However I was happy to see Nikki go since she is VERY annoying.

The Rose Ceremony:

Once again there are some uncomfortable moments with the girls, Megan tries to pull Jason in for a kiss and gets denied (even when she pouts). Lauren gets mad at Jason for not giving her the rose on the group date and pretty much buys her plane ticket home.

Melissa and Jillian are as cute as ever. Jillian remains as calm as a cucumber and Melissa is cute in her affections to Jason and her jealousy with the other girls.

At the ceremony Molly, Stephanie and Naomi already have roses which means there are three more roses to give out. Jason gives the first two roses to Melissa and Jillian and then picks up the third rose and stops, "I can't give out this last rose"... gasp the girls jaws hit the floor. If you are a viewer you had to see this coming after the preview for this weeks episode. I was glad that he made the decision he made. When I was looking at the final three standing that could receive a rose... Megan, Lauren and Shannon... I thought well Shannon would probably be the one taking home the rose even though it is obvious he has no connection with her and he would just be leading her on. I applaud him on this decision.

Oh and I have been trying to support Shannon and say it is probably the editing that makes her look so crazy but she lost my support when she said she was going to go home and "french kiss" her dog! Done and done...
I must say I think this is the first time in Bachelor history that I have liked all the remaining contestants. Like I said before I don't think Stephanie is a good fit for Jason but I still like her and want good things for her. Also in the next couple weeks I might find out more about the ladies to make me not like another one but RIGHT NOW I really like all of the remaining 5!

UGH!! (I don't give ANY spoilers)

So I know a lot of people don't read spoilers but I do and often times they are just simple things that are given away, this is who gets the one on one date or this person kisses this person usually if I am reading a spoiler about any of my shows it isn't a BIG spoiler like finding out a character that dies or anything. Plus ALOT of times the spoilers you read on the Internet are WRONG.

Having said all this I read/watched a spoiler the other day for The Bachelor and this guy had broken down one of the previews paused it in several places and basically showed us who ends up with Jason in the end. I must say it is hard to dispute the evidence so I am saddened by the fact that I am 95% sure that I know who steals Jason's heart in the end. It makes watching the show that much less dramatic. Oh well next season I will know not to read spoilers, this was bound to happen eventually.


Areta said...

And what did Shannon mean about going home to get her electric toothbrush?! I was so confused. Guess it'll be a while before she kisses anyone other than her dog!

Sarah Beth said...

Did you miss the first episode??? Shannon is a dental hygentist and loves pretty I am assuming she didn't bring her electric toothbrush with her and is excited to get home and use it.

Kara said...

Okay, so I went back and watched the preview with Deanna again from the first episode. Wow, they are good at editing and manipulating clips! I was trying to figure out who was still there when she comes back, but the comments they used to show the girls devastated were not about DeAnna! They were all about stuff that happened in the first couple episodes. TV, can't live with it, can't live without it. I want to know who wins but am resisting the urge to google the spoilers cause I love the suspense. Great post.