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Tuesday, January 20

I love bears!!!

The Bachelor:Ok this weeks episode was HILARIOUS!!! I am only uncertain about a couple girls now as the ladies start to show their true colors. Before I jump into anything I am going to go ahead and skip to the date Jason had with Natalie. We haven't seen too much of Natalie yet in the show but we saw a lot of her tonight! I was trying not to stereotype her as anything but she let me down. She told Jason she hated to be Stereotyped but she didn't break the stereotype all night long. She loves to shop and buy things (which most girls don't mind a new pair of shoes or jewelry) BUT you have to find other things to talk about. When Jason said I know you love to shop and sports but tell me more about you... This was a great opportunity to talk about her job, her passions, her family, her faith, ANYTHING and she chose BEARS!!!! While watching this my jaw literally dropped to the floor and I had to rewind my TiVo did she just say bears???? Jason proceeded with this uncomfortable answer to ask, What kind of bears, Kahlua bears??? Natalie with a completely serious look on her face said "all kinds of bears." I think this was ultimately the moment that Jason thought "RUN, RUN." Later after Natalie did not get a rose she opened up more to America and told us all how great she was, she is beautiful and has a lot to offer the world... come on SHE LOVES BEARS!!!!! Ok so we can all take a deep breath and say we are glad we don't have to listen to any more about of Natalie's passions.

*Skip to 4:30 on the video below and watch the humiliation when Natalie tells Jason she likes bears.

Ok so now lets look at ALL the other things that happen during this two hour episode!!! Stephanie got the other one on one date and Jason had a special day planned for when he surprised her with Sophia. They all had a great day together. I really like Stephanie and think she is really sweet, BUT I honestly don't see them together. She seems SO much older than him and it just seems awkward. Also I don't mean to be rude but her clothes are distracting..She wears the weirdest things and chooses poor hairstyles... I think she is a cute girl that doesn't do herself justice. She will make a great wife to someone but I don't see her with Jason. What do you think???

Group date: Nikki, Melissa, Jillian, Kari, Megan, Erica, Naomi, and Shannon. The date was actually kind of cool...some parts were made more "sexual" then I thought necessary but I guess that is what the show is all about. I loved the idea of doing something for a cause. Lets break down each girl:
Nikki: Is anyone else so tired of her and her fake breasts??? She just talks on and on about how all the other girls aren't ready for Jason, I think she should spend less time worrying about the other girls and more time concentrating on conversation topics. Her conversation with Jason was like a train wreck...she said the same thing like 50 times "I loved what we did today" and then just an awkward silence. I thought and hoped she would be a goner this week but no she survived one more week, it was probably that dress she wore to elimination.

Melissa: I still really like her!!! She hasn't done anything yet to turn me off. I thought her conversation with Jason seemed pretty easy and there seems to be a real chemistry between them. I am not 100% sure that sharing her "secret" about her breast reduction was a great topic for a second date but it didn't seem as awkward as it could have been! Plus it is always nice to see girls making them smaller instead of bigger.

Jillian: In my opinion she is still the front runner! Her conversations with Jason are seamless and effortless. At first she was just all fun but now she is opening up more to Jason which I think is the right way to do it... You don't want to lay it all out the first night! She seems fun, easy going, and tends to stay out of the drama.

Kari: We didn't ever find out to much about Kari which is probably why she is gone. We did find out this week that her step sister has breast cancer so I am glad she was able to participate in this date before she left. She seemed sweet but just didn't stand out.

Megan: At first with Megan I was pretty indifferent to her and couldn't really figure out if I liked her or not... now I know, I don't! During her and Jason's alone time she talked about her charity work but I left the conversation feeling like she did the charity work more for herself then for the people she was helping. She kept saying I liked to be praised and such.... I felt like she was really trying to push "see I am a nice person." If you truly are a nice person you shouldn't have to try so hard to prove it. Also during her interviews she always is very nasty about the other girls and has a foul mouth so she has moved way down my list. I knew she was going to make it to next week but I hope she is out next!

Erica: I don't have much to say except DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!! Glad she is gone. Now we will have to see who causes drama... I think Lauren and Megan are going to be at the center of all of it!

Naomi: At this point I am not in love with Naomi but I still really like her and she hasn't fallen off my radar yet. I want to see more of her and I believe I just might next week.

Shannon: She is one of the few that I just can't figure out!!! She seems crazy I know, and some of you might think i am crazy for not immediately thinking she is! But hear me out... we know the producers cut this so it will be good TV. Shannon obviously does know a lot about Jason (we all know a pretty good bit) and if you were going on a show and knew who the guy was don't you think you would goggle him??? However I think Shannon is like me in the way that she lays it all out there... it is hard to hold it back if you know all this info. I am not sure yet if I think she is crazy or just really open maybe to a fault. I did think the comments she made about watching him with DeAnna were overboard BUT lets be honest I heard so many girls last season say "He is so great, I want to go find him" or something along those lines. However MOST of us have a filter and know what NOT to say to guys...even though we may think it or KNOW it. I bet Shannon isn't the only girl that googled Jason and knows why more about him that is comfortable. BUT I did love the out-takes at the end of the episode that I think gave us a better glimpse of Shannon's personality, when she was imitating all the girls on the show...funny :)

*skip to 6.24 on the video below and watch Shannon imitate the other girls it is sad they cut her off...but she did make fun of a couple other girls on the reel last night.
Ok now on to the girls that didn't get a date this week:

Molly: Sometimes I think she is a little aggressive or cocky. But overall I like her personality and think she is a cute girl.

Lauren: She started out high on my list but fell hard and fast. She is very involved in all the other girls business and is extremely needy. I don't think she had ever watched the bachelor before she came on the show because she hates not having all the attention. However I agree with her that the girls were a little obnoxious about Natalie leaving they probably shouldn't have been so vocal about their opinions of her on National TV.

**Note I was wrong in my last post about the bachelor that Lauren stays overnight with Jason and comes home in his clothes it is clearly Molly.

In the end Jason sent home Natalie, Kari, and Erica.
My Prediction of the final four are: Melissa, Jillian, Lauren, and Molly

Who do you think is the next to leave????


Shea said...

You are good to remember all the names! lol..I'm trying to remember who's who. But, last night really was weird. The bear thing weird, the breast thing weird (I know it's for a good cause but I think there are PLENTY of other things they could have done for that cause or a number of others), the drama talk right before the ceremony... The list goes on and on. I was not a fan. But, I agree with you 100% about so many of them - the ones I can remember anyway. ;)

Kara said...

Hey, (Shea's sis-in-law here) I agree with you SOOO much, but was sad to see Shannon making fun of the other girls. Thought it in poor taste. So, for me she has poor taste and is kinda creepy... I mean, getting physically sick in the limelight? Oh well.

My final 4 prediction: Melissa, Jillian, Naomi and Molly. I think he has already seen too much neediness from Lauren. He has a son, he doesn't need a wife/daughter too, only a wife. ;)

Sarah Beth said...

Great Comments Girls!!! Love to hear from you.

Shea - Don't worry sometimes I look online to remind me of who's who but writing about them each week helps me to remember all their names ;) I agree that there was a lot of crazy things that happen this past episode.

Kara- I agree that Shannon is kind of crazy but I thought when she immitated all of the girls it was in good fun bc all of them (except Natalie) were there and laughing. That was just my take on it. Also the only reason I think Lauren is in the final four is that is what it looked like in one of the previews to me not bc I think he has a strong connection with her right now...but you know how deceiving those promotional videos can be!!

Thanks for your comments!