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Friday, January 23


Top 100 Shows of the last 20 Years: (according to Buddy TV),-100-76.aspx

My favorites that made the list:

98. Will & Grace
95. Felicity
94. Home Improvement
87. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (YES!)
80. Weeds
71. Project Runway
67. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
65. In Living Color
64. Sex & the City
62. The OC
59. Everybody Loves Raymond
57. ER
52. American Idol (Can't believe this isn't further up on the list)
37. The Real World
25. 24
23. Gilmore Girls
18. The Office
16. Friends (hmmm it seems like this should be higher)
9. Lost
1. Seinfeld

**I have to say I don't agree with there top 10 at ALL!!! I think Seinfeld is a good choice for 1 and the Sopranos and The Simpsons both deserved to be up there but I would put Lost and Friends further up the list.

MY TOP 40 Shows of the last 20 years:

Rules for my list: The had to have started in 1988 or later and I had to have watched them (making them one of MY top 40).

40. Weeds
39. The Real World
38. Doogie Howser
37. Melrose Place
36. Quantum Leap
35. America's Next Top Model
34. Sisters
33. Everybody Loves Raymond
32. The Bachelor
31. Home Improvement
30. Laguna Beach (Season 1)
29. Project Runway
28. Sex & the City
27. Seinfeld
26. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
25. ER
24. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
23. Life Goes On
22. Will & Grace
21. Gossip Girl
20. October Road
19. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
18. 24
17. Prison Break
16. Roseanne
15. The Wonder Years
14. Brothers & Sisters
13. Desperate Housewives
12. Felicity
11. One Tree Hill
10. Gilmore Girls
9. The Office
8. So You Think You Can Dance
7. Beverly Hills 90210 (The Original)
6. Grey's Anatomy
5. The OC
4. American Idol
3. Dawson's Creek
2. Lost
1. Friends

**What shows are your favorites of the last 20 years?? What shows do you think I left off???


Kara said...

I am on pins and needles waiting for your Bachelor post of the week!!!! I just thought I would check to see if you were late night blogging so I could get the skinny.

Christa said...

The Bachelor should never be in a top list for anything ... i'm disappointed. :)