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Friday, February 25

AI Top 24

Here is a run down and a few thoughts:

Ashthon Jones
Brett Loewenstern
– I already have a love/hate relationship with this guy. He seems really nice and some of his performances have been amazing. However sometimes his voice sits wrong with me and he is a little over the top, uhmmm, weird.
Casey Abrams – by far my favorite in the top 24!
Clint Jun Gamboa – He has a good voice but he didn’t do himself any favors during group week when he ousted Jace from his group.
Haley Reinhart – there is something about this girl that I like.
Jacob Lusk- I am undecided on him but the boy can sing some soul
James Durbin – Sorry but I don’t get him. I think he is an Adam Lambert want to be and he just isn’t as good.
Jordan Dorsey – Don’t like him at all! He seems SOOOO COCKY!
Jovany Barreto
Julie Zorrilla
Karen Rodriguez
– I like her!
Kendra Chantelle
Lauren Alaina
- One of my early favorites, but what was up with that dress?!?!?
Lauren Turner
Naima Adedapo
Paul McDonald
– I really like his voice but I am not sure it is big enough to make it on Idol…I would love to be wrong!
Pia Toscano
Rachel Zevita
– I really like her!
Robbie Rosen – He seems like a nice guy but I don’t see him making it very far
Scott McCreery – I don’t know if it is because he is a good ol’ boy or what but I really like him! I am not even a big country girl but I think he is sweet and has a great tone to his voice.
Stefano Langone
Tatynisa Wilson
– I wasn’t very impressed with her
Thia Megia
Tim Halperin
- I really liked when he played the piano (don’t we all love when the contestants play instruments)

Who is your favorite?


Samantha said...

I have a soft spot for Lauren Alaina. She's so cute (aside from some questionable wardrobe choices!) She's the one I find myself caring about the most. I like Tim Halperin, too. And who was that guy and girl who are both from Tennessee and sang "Blackbird" during the Beatles round? I think Kendra was the girl. I liked her and that guy.

Sarah Beth said...

Loved when they sang blackbird!!! Kendra is the girl and the guy is Paul McDonald. I am undecided about her but I like him. I really like Lauren, I think she is a mix between Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Pickler. :)