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"Our daugher sucks at driving, thats the problem so butt out."
-Christina, Parenthood

Monday, November 24


The Hills Wedding:
Heidi & Spencer Eloped last week. The news hit Perez Hilton and now is all over the press. Us Magazine is releasing exclusive pics in their mag which I am sure will hit the Internet soon.

What do you think of the news??

Mass Confusion:
Also there has been some confusion this week about what shows are airing new episodes and what shows are re-runs or not on at all.... Here is what I know:
Gossip Girl - No new episode - An Old OTH will run in its place
One Tree Hill - New episode at normal time
The Hills - New VERY DRAMATIC episode.
Prison Break - New -normal time
Privileged - no new episode (movie playing in place)
90210 - no new episode (movie playing in place)
Private Practice - NEW
Dirty Sexy Money - NEW (and there won't be many left)
Grey's Anatomy - re-run

These are my big shows for the rest of the week so let me know if there is another show you are interested in and I will try to find out the dirt :)

Oh and if you are curious why I didn't write anything about the 24 movie, well I haven't watched it yet. I have a few episodes to watch to catch up before I watch it. Hope it was great!!!

Also on the AMA last night did anyone else LOVE pink???

Happy Watching


Shelley said...

Heidi and Spencer....ugh. Nothing surprises me. I would love him to prove me wrong and show me that he really is a good person off the show...but how he acts on the show makes me think that is not possible.

What is it with all the reruns!? Some of us have to go to our hometowns and count on TV entertainment while we are there!nt on TV.

TBG said...

ughhhh Speidi... I really don't mind Heidi on her own so much... but Spencer? Gosh, he is such a tool and a jerk... or at least that's how he acts on tv, of course. I'd venture to say reality is not far off. Sigh... Oh Heidi... what did you do?